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Gaia Sleeping Bath

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Sleeping Bath

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Parent Reviews and Comments

As with all the other gaia products, it smells gorgeous, is completely organic and is kind to horribly sensitive people (like me...).  I normall yjust have to look at "allergy free" products to break out in a rash but all of the Gaia stuff has been ok for both my daughter and I so far.

Although we didn't use very much, the sleepytime bath had a nice number of bubbles (a few on the top, enough to see and play with but not get in the way) and smelt lovely.  We were told it was a brand new product, just out by the people at the Expo this year (June 2012) so I don't know if they've changed it or not...

The biggest problem with it (apart from DH hating lavender) is that it made bubby *very* slippery so getting her out of the bath safely was a problem.  For that reason we probably won't be using it again.  It also seemed to leave a residue in her hair (she has lots) so it made rinsing it out a problem.


I purchased this product at the baby expo in brisbane in 2011, my son was a horrid sleper and i was trying everything i could.

sleepwise this product had no effect on my son, i know lavender etc is supposed to be soothing and calming but i didnt notice any change.

i also noticed this made my son's skin dry out on his back. it is supposed to be a natural product but it didnt agree with his skin. i stopped using this product and swithced to goats milk bars.

fragrence is very nice, i found it thick when trying to squeeze out

didnt bubble when poured into running bath

for $9.99 a bottle i would definatly not buy this again



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