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Gaia Hair and Body Wash

7 reviews
Hair and Body Wash

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I have used only this to bath my little one in. Its not harsh on her skin at all. We have never had a rash or irratated skin issues. Its smells so lovely and soft not over powering. It is a expensive but the bottle lasts ages as your only using a few drops per bath. so I think it definilty worth it.


We found this product to have a lovely smell that wasn't overpowering. It didn't react with my daughters skin which was fantastic and we liked how it made bubbles. 

All in all it is a great product that doesn't require a large amount to be used. The price could be an issue for someone looking for a lower cost product however overall it is a nice product. 


We use this in my daughters bath a lot.  She is going through a hating bathtime phase but this gets her in as it creates lots of her favourite things - bubbles!  It smells great and hasn't caused a skin reaction for either me or her (something of a miracle). 

The only negative about it (for me) is that it does leave a sticky / slippery residue on the bath afterwards that can be a pain to clean off.


I use this all the time with my 4 month old baby. It is a pleasant smelling product that makes lots of bubbles. I like how it is all natural, so I know what I am bathing her in. A little goes a long way. It is a bit expensive though, it would be good to be able to buy it in a bigger bottle for less $


I bought this just before my fourth baby was born as I wanted something specifically for her which is soft on her skin.  It was a little more expensive but not hugely so and really glad I did buy it.  It smells really nice and made my daughter's hair nice and soft. 

Her skin was nice and soft after a bath each time I used it.  Highly recommend.


We love the Gaia Hair and Body Wash!   The smell is delicious yet subtle enough to use on a young baby. I have peace of mind knowing the wash is free frrom any nasty chemicals and it does not burn or sting little eyes.

It is a little more expensive than other brands but it goes a long way as you only use a small amount. So it works out just as economical.

We love Gaia wash in our house and our whole family has been known to use as a shampoo or soap when away on holidays - so versatile!


I love, love, love the Gaia hair and body wash.  We've tried everything on the shelf at Coles and Safeway and this is by far the favourite.  It has a gorgeous relaxing smell, not too strong like some other products on the market.  You only need a tiny bit to go a long way, and it doesn't seem to irritate bub's eyes.

It is a little more expensive than other products (as all the Gaia range is) but knowing i'm not using petrochemicals on bub's skin makes the cost worth it.  Plus, it's often on sale for a dollar or two off at Coles.

Combined wiuth Gaia moisturiser this is a perfect addition to our bedtime routine.



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