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Gaia Natural Baby Massage Oil

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Natural Baby Massage Oil

Infant massage is a wonderful way to encourage bonding between your family and your new baby and GAIA Natural Baby is just perfect to use.

A pure oil that has been formulated in consultation with therapists from Infant Massage Australia, who advise that pure sweet almond oil is all you need to massage your baby with.

Our sweet almond oil is combined with a hint of certified organic lavender and certified organic chamomile pure essential oils to provide you with a beautiful oil to use on your newborn, baby and toddler.

GAIA Natural Baby Massage Oil is mineral oil free so it will absorb beautifully into your baby's skin and won't clog pores or cause irritation.

Our beautiful massage oil can be used on your skin as well and will be completely absorbed, leaving you with a gorgeous glow and NO greasy residue.

Parent Reviews and Comments

Love the Gaia range, this massage oil worked perfect for my little ones cradle cap. Cleared in up almost instanly. Keeps her skin soft without the greasyness like other baby oils. It comes in a small bottle but you only need a tiny amount.I guess this teaches us not to over do it on babys skin.


I love this product and so does my son. When we brought him home from the hospital after each bath he has I always take the time to give him a massage.  

This product is amazing it dries fairly quickly and does not leave your hands feeling greasy.  You only need a little bit everytime and in my opinion I believe it is money worth spent and there are no nasty chemicals.

The smell is great and my son is always content after his massage.  Also it leaves his body feeling smooth.  However, he has always had a rash on his face and this has not been able to get rid of it (which I didn't think it would but anyway)

My son also suffers from cradle cap. I put this in his hair and got a comb and brushed his hair out and then used the Gaia shampoo and that worked to remove the cradle cap.

So you get two benefits from this lovely product :)


Baby massage has been part of our bedtime routine with our daughter since the day we brought her home. We were given a GAIA gift pack so I just started using the oil I had. The thought of making any more decisions at that time seemed impossible so I was grateful that we had the oil ready to go.

I get comments about how lovely my daughter's skin is all the time. The smell is light and soothing and it's not too heavy to apply either. It's easily absorbed and whilst I was originally worried that she might get pimples or irritation from using it so frequently there has never been as much as a spot of difference on her skin.

Beautiful product


The Gaia massage oil is an organic blend of sweet almond oil and a touch of chamomile and lavender to make it smell amazing.

It's lovely to use, it goes on beautifully and gets absorbed to leave baby skin strokably smooth.  I use it on my daughter and she seems to love it. Neither I nor she has had any reaction to it at all which is great :)

I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a massage oil - it's a bit more expensive than some - like the rest of the Gaia range, but in my opinion it's worth it and a little goes a long way.



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