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Mustela Dermo-cleansing

3 reviews

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I love this product! When my little guy was first born I was told by a lady in the chemist not to buy it as it was a waste of money and other products were cheaper and just as good. I bought what she recommended but one of my gorgeous friends bought it as part of my baby shower gift. It is so much better than the others a totally worth the money. I love snuggling my little one in after his bath - he smells adorable. He has sensitive skin and we have had no issues. Couldn't recommend higher.


This has been one of the only cleansers that doesn't seem to dry out my baby's skin and leave her smelling so good!

The maternity hospital had this and a nurse rolled her eyes about the fancy French shampoos beeing so unnecessary and so thinking it was a little over the top came home and bought another leading brand. Within a week I was scouting stores to buy the Mustella.

The outlay is a bit expensive but my daughter will have a bath every night as part of her bedtime routine and we are only half way through the second bottle. She is now 13 months old. $20 - $25 depending on where you buy it for 9 months worth of baths isn't so expensive when you consider it that way.

I won't use anything else now. In fact we have started using some of their other products and are loving them also.


I got a little sample bottle of this in the new Mum pack from the Maternity Hospital and used it while in hospital and then at home. It worked wonders on my new arrival's cradle cap and has continued to work well when she has dandruff. It smells nice... it doesn't have that stereotypical "baby shampoo" smell and it's very gentle on the skin (I used some on myself as I have a mild reaction to standard soaps). The only down side would be the cost. I picked up a 500mL bottle for $24.95 which is a lot more than say the J&J shampoos and body washes - but they dried my baby's skin quite badly. So in short:


  • Works well on cradle cap
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Smells nice 
  • Can use on the hair and body - no need for separate washes/shampoos
  • pH neutral


  • A bit expensive (but worth it if your little one has sensitive skin)



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