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Brauer Naturals Baby Bath & Body Wash

16 reviews
Naturals Baby Bath & Body Wash

Brauer Naturals Baby Skin Care range consists of products to help bathe, soothe & clean your bub! Selected Bub Hub reviewers will be able to review the Baby Bath + Body Wash. This is a great all in one wash for baby all over. Containing paw paw, shea butter, honey & carrot oil to leave your baby feeling clean & fresh!

Some of the great features of Brauer Naturals Baby range include:

  • No Nasties: free of petrochemicals!
  • Natural
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Rich in gentle, healing & soothing ingredients such as paw paw, honey & shea butter
Parent Reviews and Comments
Apple iPhart6

I bought this when I was pregnant because I was all "ooooh, look a rubber duck!". I wasn't prepared for how awesome it would be. I literally lather it up in my son's hair and put him under the spray and let it wash down his face. He doesn't even shed a tear so it obviously doesn't hurt his eyes at all!

On top of all that, it smells lovely and has lasted me well over a year (so to the person who complained about the price, it hopefully should've lasted you longer than you expected when you wrote your review!). Anyway, I'm off to buy some more now.


Thanks BH for giving me the chance to review this product! We used it every night for bath time and it's been lovely! It smells divine - citrusy and fresh. I especially love that it doesn't foam up a lot as my daughter adores eating bubbles which disconcerts me somewhat. The only con I could find was when you squirt it in the bath, even under the running water, it stays in clumps so you need to manually disperse it through the water. All in all I would definitely buy it again as I especially like that there is no Keep out of reach of children warning on the back like so many other kids bath products.


As far as products go, this doesn't go too badly. It took a few days to start seeing any results (as you would expect!), but then it started to take away the redness to my sons dry patches. Although it did reduce the inflammation, it didn't get rid of it. It's about on par with other similar products on the market.


My daughters and I loved this product. It was great to be able to pump this straight onto a washer and clean your body with it. My daughter wasn't so keen on it for in the bath as she loves bubbles and this product didn't make bubbles. I liked it as it's natural and is good for the skin. 


I loved it - like the rest of the Brauer products we've used it is gentle on the skin, lovely and natural (no nasty chemicals!) and also smells great!

I found it left my daughter's skin soft and supple, and cleared up the dry patch on her back. 

It worked best when used on a flannel, if I just put a dollop under the running water then it didn't all dissolve properly and there were little bits sitting on the bottom of the bath.

Loved the ducky!! My daughter has a duck obsession so this was a very pleasant add on :)

Only negative was the pump actually leaked a bit when being used.

Overall really happy with it and will continue to use it :)


I was lucky enough to be chosen to review this product with my children. The packaging was lovely, and it came with a little duck, although not sure if that is a usual extra. Easy to use being in a pump pack, which is great for the older children to use themselves.

I have four children, aged 1, 3, 6 and 8 and have used this product on all of them over the last couple of weeks. When bathing the youngest two I squirted some of this in the water while they played and then put a bit on a washer to clean them. I found that the smell was quite strong (honey) but other than that I love the product. Their skin was nice and soft after using this every day compared to our usual bath product. It didn't irritate them and didn't get any complaints when the water went in their eyes (accidentally).

The older two children used it in the shower when put straight onto a washer and thought that it had a nice smell and feel to it. I didn't really notice any difference in their skin after using the product. My oldest still has a few sensitive areas of skin on his arms but this certainly didn't make it any worse.

Overall, I think this is a great product and think for the price, it would be a good buy.


I have just discovered Brauer by luck and am so pleased I have!

First of all the most important thing about this product is that is all natural, no added 'nasties'. 

I love the smell of this product, it is sort of a citrusy/fruity smell and lathers on nicely.

My daughter's sometimes sensitive skin was not irritated by this product.


We were very lucky to be able to trial the Brauer Naturals baby bath and body wash. This body wash has a lovely silky thick texture, and an amazing smell of mandarine.  My sensitive skinned children did not react to any of the ingredients in this body wash.

My only dislikes of this product, was a personal preference that I like to be able to wash my children's hair with the same wash that I use on their body - especially my baby, as it saves having separate washes and fiddling around with two containers whilst holding the baby.  I couldn't use this on my children's hair as it did not give a lather, and was too thick, therefore took so long to wash out.  I also found it left a bit of a residue on my children's skin, which I think just came with the difficulty of getting it all off in the bath, as when I tried it on myself in the shower there was no residue.

I quite like the product, but found myself reaching for my original baby wash - I think I will keep this one for myself.


I have been very happy with the Bath and Body Wash. It smells just cake batter. With the honey and shea does make for a lovely smelling wash.

I was expecting it to foam when I used it but considering there are no nasties that is to be expected. Because it doesnt foam I probably used more then I should so considering the size of the bottle I would probably go through it quicker then a normal wash.

It cleaned bubs fine....didnt dry her skin out either. I used it on her hair and it worked a treat.

It didnt leave any rings around the bath that some natural baby washes do (as they have oils in them so they dont dry bubs skin) so that was a bonus.

All in all it was a great wash....I would happily buy it again!


I love the smell of this product-very fresh but not overpowering. Was a little disappointed that it doesn't foam up much in the bath (no matter how many pumps you put in) as my little one loves bubbles in his bath. The product also seemed to leave a filmy residue in the water which I thought was strange considering it's meant to be natural with no chemicals. Not some thing I would use again.


We were chosen to trial this product. My almost one year old has had eczema in patches since he was a few months old.

I also have dermatitis on my fingers. From washing my hands, doing dishes and housework, bathing and constantly keeping 2 grotty boys clean. 

First impressions as a bath wash, smells great, nice and thick. But not many bubbles, which is ok.

To get a more soapy feel a put a squirt and lathered it up on a flannel, and it felt lovely and soft washing my son's skin. 

For both of us, our skin has been maintained. My hands are better, and my son hasn't had any new flare ups.

The only down side is the price, I'm not sure I could afford to buy this regularly. 


I loved getting this product to review as I was recently looking for a new product for my daughter. 

I was really happy on receiving it that there were no added nasties that there can be in some other products that I see on the market (also the bonus duck was cute). 

After the bath my daughters skin was left feeling soft and beautifuly moisturised. 

I will totally recommend this product to other parents for their children. 


My eighteen month old son suffers with sensitive/dry skin, as well as mild eczema on his face. His skin dryness and eczema tend to flare up in the colder months and if we've used a non-natural formula body wash.

In the past eighteen months we have tried a number of different body washes and had the most success with Burts Bees, so I was really looking forward to trying out Brauer's Baby Bath + Body Wash and seeing how it compares.

My first impressions of the product was how cute the little rubber ducky was which you can collect with each bottle. My son absolutely adored it and couldn't wait to take it in the bath with him. The pump bottle was also a plus as I prefer pump bottles to normal bottles - much easier to use during bath time. I also liked the smell of the wash, it was sweet but very subtle. The wash itself was very mild on my son's skin and did not cause any dryness or irritation so a big thumbs up there! I also had a look at the RRP and it is reasonably priced for a natural baby wash too, it's a good size so would last quite some time and of course comes with a bonus rubber ducky!

The only downsides of the product for me (and only because I'm comparing it to our current wash - Burts Bees), is that it doesn't lather as well and it doesn't leave a lasting scent in my son's hair which is actually something I really love about Burts Bees.

Overall, I am very happy with this body wash and would recommend it to any and all skin types. I look forward to continue using this product and collecting some of those super cute rubber duckies!

Purple Lily

Firstly my son loved the duck that came with it he carries it everywhere! We have problems with our sons cheeks flaring up with bathing products so couldnt wait to try something nice and natural. I love the smell and it didn't feel overly soapy. We have used the wash for close to two weeks now and it hasn't made our sons cheeks flare up red at all. If anything his skin looks and feels nice and soft. All in all it was a great product!



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