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Gaia Bath & Body Wash

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Bath & Body Wash

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I really liked the idea of the Gaia baby products as they have no nasties in them and they certainly smell nice.  However the body wash has left stains on the face washers we've used it with, which has left me less than impressed.

Mummy and T

After my daughter was born 2.5 years ago I decided to find the best products to use on her skin. I have very sensitive skin and she has inherited that.

I found Gaia products at a baby expo when she was 7 months old and have been using them ever since. The bath and body wash is perfect for us it smells great and I know there is nothing 'nasty' in it to cause a reaction on my daughters skin.

I have just had another baby and ensured I packed a small bottle of the bath and body wash for our hospital stay!.


we tried several products after my son was born and this was the only one that didnt dry his skin.

I also love that it doesnt have the nasty chemicals some products have.

highly recommend.


I was given this when my baby girl was born and found out quickly to wait until she was about 4 months old before using it regularly on her skin as her skin was a little sensitive to it at first.

But now its a regular in our bathtub! :) It smells lovely and you only need a very small amount to do the job, even when they get really grubby! ;)

As far as brands go, this one is a little more expensive than your average brand for kids and babies, but in saying that I believe this brand is really great quality and worth paying a little more for. 

They have a great range of other baby prods as well and come in mini sizes if you're not keen to fork out the big bucks on the larger bottles if you're trying them for the first time. 


I really love Gaia products, as we buy only chemical-free products and others on the market can be much more expensive than this.  It's easy to use a little much of this, as it has an oil component and suds up really well.  You literally only need a tiny squirt or a few drops, making the product a very resonable price per bath, as the bottle lasts for ages used in this way.

It has no 'nasties' ~ SLS, parabens, EDTA, etc, and is brimful of essential oils, leaving bub and the bathroom smelling fantastic.  It leaves bubby squeaky clean with well moisturised skin. Highly recommended.


I accidentially posted this review under the shampoo and cannot delete it but here it is again:

I have been using this baby wash for my daughter, and now my 5 week old son for over a year and I love it. She has never had irritated skin from using it and I love the smell it leaves behind, it doesnt mask the lovely baby smell but compliments it. I also use it in combination with the gaia natural oil and her skin has always been healthy with no peeling or cracks.  


I really liked this product. I bought a trial pack of 5 bottles of various Gaia products.

My Daughter is 12 weeks old and there is still some left in the little botlle! You only need to use a really small amount, it goes a long way!

Would recommend this, along with all of the Gaia products, to anyone who asks! 


This product  is really great and I use it along with some other Gaia favourates.

This product leaves my sons skin soft and moisturised.

My son tends to get really dry and I was so happy when my sister in law gave me this product to try and I couldn't believe that it actually worked!


We really like this product and use it together with Gaia's baby shampoo which I also love.

You can use this either as a bath oil/bubble bath (add to running bath water) or as a wash directly on baby's skin. I find it's soft, moisturising and I also like the scent (organic sweet orange!).

Soap & sulphate free and contains organic oils, so I  know it is nourishing for my baby's skin. Specially formulated to be eczema friendly and my DD1 (who had eczema) could use this without problems. Good value for money as you only need to use a little bit!

I love that this product is all organic, however it is expensive.

My son had no reaction to the bath and body wash, but the smell is awful, something resembling detergent.

After trialling a few different products I prefer to just use water but if you are looking for a wash that is organic with no nasties then maybe you can over look the dishwasher smell?
Was not to impressed with this product, it was quite expensive and claimed to be gentle on sensitive skin but caused rashes all over my son, not really keen on the smell either. All in all I would not buy it again.

Organic big tick, 

No laurel sodium sulphates big tick.

No nasties big tick

Completely natural excellent.

Has not irritated my daughters skin and smells so nice.  Foams up well.  Im so glad this is the first product I have tried on my daughter.  Im so happy with this I would highly recommend it to anyone.

These smell nice and I like that they are natural. The doctor warned against using anything but this never bothered my sons eczema. It was nice to have something with a scent that didnt bother him

While its not 100% organic, it contains organic oils and no nasties like Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

Foams up nicely in the bath and smells nice.

I only use it for baby's bubble bath and a body wash for myself and noticed that it doesn't DD eyes.


My baby girl started developing eczema shortly after birth from using the normal major baby branded washes and moisturisers.

I then started using samples of different baby products I'd collected during pregnancy and from first use, Gaia managed to drastically reduce the redness. They also smell nice, are certified organic (they only use organic ingredients in their products), the majority of the products are vegan friendly and are not tested on animals. So while I'm not usually one for organic stuff  (I generally think it's not worth paying more for organic and am happy to stick to the major brands) I'm very happy with Gaia baby products.

When I went to buy them from the local chemist, I was very surprised to find their products at a reasonable price, slightly more expensive than the major brands, but well worth the money.

I'll definitely continue using Gaia baby products as they are best for my baby's skin while being affordable.


Gaia Bath Wash is an excellent alternative to the usual chemical-ridden baby products on the market.

The bath wash is natural and organic, with a delicious scent derived from essential oils. It is fantastic for sensitive skin, very effective and we have not experienced any irritation at all.

It is a bit more expensive than the usual bath washes, however i'm willing to pay more for natural and organic products, as I don't wish to be placing chemicals on my baby's skin. Only a few drops at a time is needed, so we have found the wash to last for quite some time. Worth every cent!



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