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Gaia Baby Shampoo

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Baby Shampoo

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Healthy Care All Natural Pawpaw Baby Shampoo And Body Wash

Best I have ever purchased highly recommend me and all my friends use it.


I used this product for my son for quite a while. It smells lovely, lathers really easily, and you only need the tiniest amount, so it lasts for ages!!!


I love this product! It smells delicious! Leaves bubba's hairs beautiful and soft. 

It also leaves the scalp moisturised! The best part is a bottle lasts forever as you only need a tiny amount. Great for babies with sensitive skin.


I have incredibly sensitive, allergy prone skin and was worried about using anything on my daughter.  The Gaia range has been fantastic though and gives neither of us any sort of reaction at all!

It smells amazing and washes out easily - both really good when you have a newborn with a mass of hair!

I've also found that this shampoo keeps the cradle cap away, if she starts getting it, it's invariably when I've just rinsed and not washed her hair for a couple of baths.  I then make sure I shampoo it, and it all goes away :)

I think it was about $9 for the larger bottle from a discount chemist. Its slightly more expensive than a lot of them, but it goes a long way and with the benefits mentioned above it's well worth it in my opinion.

I think this shampoo is great and would recommend it wholeheartedly.

This shampoo is lovely and gentle for washing a newborn's hair, and smells nice afterwards. It is quite viscous so you dont overuse or get through it too quickly so it ends up being good value for money as well. The bottle size is nice for travelling too.
I have been using this baby wash for my daughter, and now my 5 week old son for over a year and I love it. She has never had irritated skin from using it and I love the smell it leaves behind, it doesnt mask the lovely baby smell but compliments it. I also use it in combination with the gaia natural oil and her skin has always been healthy with no peeling or cracks. 

Love this baby wash, smells so lovely and is a natural product. No problems with tears when it gets in bubs eyes etc.

Great value for money too, the bottle is only small, but you really only need to use a tiny bit of it. 


I was originally a reviewer for the Aveeno products and I really loved them, and we used them for a little while but I was given a few of the smaller products by my sister in law and we started using them I was hooked. 

This product foams up really well and you don't need to use too much of it for this to happen and smells great! It doesn't bother my son if it runs down into his eyes, and as you don't need to use too much of the product it last for a long time.


My sister in law gave me a bottle of this for my baby shower, and I use it with my little girls baths now, and she loves it. If I put it in the bucket before I fill it with water, the water goes very bubbly/frothy, and she loves playing in the bubbles. Her skin feels very smooth afterwards, and she smells very pretty.

I'll definitely be buying more :)


We were given a couple of the Gaia bath products at our baby shower along with many other brands. I avoided using it at forst as a few people had told me it was no good. When i did use it i loved it, you only need a few drops and it lathers up nicely. It makes bubs hair look great and smell lovely without taking that baby smell away! We still have 3/4 of the bottle left and bub is 6mths.

I wouldn't have bothered to try this if hadn't have been given it but now i wont use anything else!

I found this to be the best to use on my daughter, she has extremely sensitive skin and she didn't have any issues with it, plus it didn't sting her eyes. I was shoked at the price but soon realised that it lasts for ages, we got our bottle when she was 2 days old and she is almost 11mths and we still have 3/4 of the bottle left.

I love this shampoo for my baby and toddler. Initially used a well-known baby brand but my first baby had really dry skin, eczema & cradle cap. This shampoo is really nourishing and eczema friendly. It also has a nice delicate scent. Best of all it's not tested on animals.

It may be a bit more expensive than other brands, but a little goes a long way, ons you just need a drop to get a nice foam. One of our favorite shampoos and highly recommended, especially if your little one has dry skin.


Love that this product is natural with no nasties or laurelsodium whatever ates.  

Foams up well and fixed my daughters craddle cap that another well known brand caused.  I was using GAIA products from the get go, and swapped to another well known brand.  This is when all the problems started.  I will never use the other brand again.  Will ALWAYS use GAIA.  

Leaves my daughters hair soft and shinny.  

This is a good natural product that did not flair up my sons eczema. I dont use it every bath but its nice to give my sons hair a wash with something that smells nice. It doesnt seem to bother his eyes either. Good value and lasts forever because you only need a little.



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