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Johnson & Johnson Baby Bubble Bath & Wash

16 reviews
Baby Bubble Bath & Wash

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Parent Reviews and Comments

We were excited to try this product but found it wasn't good at all for sensitive skin. We found it to cause skin flare ups and as such we promptly ceased use of the product. I wouldn't purchase it again.

However, we do know a lot of people who haven't found this issue and this the product is great :)


I use this one when visiting my mothers house becase this is when we actually bath my daughter and she loves the bubbles it creates and I love how nice it smells.


I love this product for bath time fun!  It smells fantastic, leaves bub and my hands feeling very soft and makes plenty of bubbles.  I only need to use a little bit too.  Plus it doesn't leave my floor slippery and slimy after bub has splashed the majority of his bath all over the floor.


I tried this bubble bath and wash for my son couple of times. Even though it smells nice and we get lots of bubbles in water but i am not happy with it. It always cause irritation to my son's skin and its not gentle on the skin. Most of the time my son's eczema gets a flare up or he gets new rashes after using it. So i have totally stopped using it.

Even though it is well advertised brand which makes so many products  for babies and toddlers but it is defintely not suitable for sensitive skin and should not be used for sensitive skin.

This product flared up my childs skin really badly :( although the smell is quite nice thats about the only part i liked for a product filled with so many chemicals etc it is quite expensive and the few times i did use this the bubbles did not last long like they normally do
Both me and my girl love the Baby Bubble Bath and Wash. We love the smell and the bubbles it creates. Also i find that it lasts longer then the usual bubble bath and also that you only need to use a little. Great product for the price.
i love this product and so does my daughter - it smells so nice and she loves the bubbles. happy baby - happy mum!!!
My daughter loved this product in her bath. She loved the bubbles. Its made bath time so much fun at the sametime she is getting clean. Its been a great product in our household
A baby bath wash that has your baby giggling excited over the bubbles? This I had to try! My daughter LOVED it! It smells great, left her skin feeling soft and gotta love that it has the no tears formula that Johnson's is known for =)

My daughter loves this...  It bubbles up really well and is gentle on her eyes.

Johnsons no more tears produces are the only ones I'll use on my little one. I have tried a kids bubble bath of a different brand and she got the bubbles in her eyes and screamed, doens't happen with this though. :-)

Definately recommend it.

I love all the Johnsons bath time products, never had an issue with my sons skin while using them, they smell delicious and lather extremely well, great on little eyes too!
From the very start this irritated my sons skin. It does smell great and doesnt bother sensitive eyes but i cant use it because it flares up his eczema

with all the hype about the new product from johnsons i thought it was going to be great and i have been useing johnsons bedtime bath and johnsons top to toe since my baby girl was born.

when we tryed the product i thought it was great untill i got my daughter out of the bath and relised she had a rash all over her.

she does not have sensative skin so i was very supprised that she had such a bad reaction to this product and the fact that all the other johnsons products have been so great in the past realy puzzled me.

this is not a product that i will be buying again.. infact i have written to the company to tell them what ther product did

Oh what fun bath time is.  Lots of lovely bubbles that last and smell great.  No issue with sensitive skin, hardest part was getting them out of the bath.
Ernie Fowler
With 3 kids who like to spend a looooong time in the bath this is a great product.  Lots of long lasting and nice smelling bubbles.  My eldest has sensitive skin and had no issues with J&J Bubble Bath!
Angela Buys

What fun the kids had in the bath with the wonderful smelling Baby Bubble bath & wash.  It was gentle on the skin - the girls will react to many soaps.  It left them squeaky clean.  Unfortunately it was used up all too quickly.  A pump bottle would have been better perhaps so that i did not put too much in the bath.

I would recommend it for small children who love to have some bubbles in the bath.



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