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Johnson & Johnson Baby Bedtime Bath

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Baby Bedtime Bath
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Allison andrusyna

This wash got knocked over in my tub and went unnoticed until the next morning. When I went to rinse it off I realized it are thru the porcelain finish. I don't mean a little I mean A LOT!! Almost down to the cast iron! How can this be safe on Babies? I called the company and they wouldn't give me a dime. Not even a refund for the product! Horrible!!!


I use this on my daughter every night. 

We have never had any skin issues or anything so this is a really good product. 

I poor the bath water over her face and it doesn't irritate her eyes or anything at all. 

And it smells delicious!


I use this currently for my 7 month old. It smell divine, and makes bub smell so lovely after her bath. She hasn't had any adverse reactions and I would recommend this product.


I use Johnsons bedtime bath every night when bathing my baby and I love the fact that it is soft and gentle on her skin. I don't know if it helps put her to sleep but I do know that I never have a problem putting her to sleep after a bath using Bedtime bath.

It smells divine and a little goes a long way. It takes me about 6 months to use a whole 1 Litre bottle.


Admitidly I know the J&J products aren't always the best for little bubbys skin because of all the chemicals in them but I couldn't help myself buy this one for the lovely smell. My daughters skin is still nice and soft and she smells so delicious after her showers. We haven't had any problems at all with it :)


I use the bedtime baby bath at all bathtime regardless of the time of the day. It is not extremely soapy and is easy to rinse off.

It makes my baby smell so nice and cuddly.

I love it.


We used this as Johnson and Johnson is a reputable brand but found it was really harsh on our newborns skin. We used a couple of squirts in a full bath and thought that was too much which is why it was drying her skin, cut down on what we were using to half a squirt and still the same.

It does smell good and is priced well but i would recommend waiting until baby is a bit older before using it and not on sensitive skin.


Although I have heard bad things about what J&J put in their baby products, this baby bedtime wash seems so gentle on bubs skin. She has never had any irritation from it, and it leaves a beautiful subtle smell on her. Goes perfectly with the massage oil.


I find this product works wonders for my DD. she is one month old and she wasn't very good at sleeping in the night (little miss nocturnal) until I jumped in the bath with her. She slept like an angel! 


I assumed Johnsons and Johnsons knew what they were doing when it came to baby care and trusted they were the market leader - I think their marketing is better than the actual product in this case unfortunately.

Within a week of using this on my daughter her skin was very dry.

Within a couple of days of reverting to another brand it was back to normal.

Sorry, but not for us.

My mother in law has a big bottle sitting on her bath for when the grandkids come to stay. She uses bar soap instead of liquid hand soap so I admit I give the baby bedtime a pump whenever I am there and need to wash my hands. The smell is very good. Good enough for my hands, but perhaps not my baby girl ;)


we've tried a few other types of bath soaps and this one is certainly the best by far. My DS always smells gorgeous after his baths.


I love the smell of this product, but unfortunately it gives both me and my daughter a rash.  I used it a couple of times with the same result and then binned the rest.  It certainly didn't help anyone to sleep either!

We've since moved to an organic brand which smells even nicer and is much kinder to both of us.

So this was smells amazing. It really does. But apart from that its more of 'Just a wash'. Our daughters skin isn't too sensitive but she does have reactions to certain products.

I do find that to use this baby wash, you need to put some baby oil in the bath as well to keep their skin soft. Just the wash alone was causing my daughter to have quite dry skin.

However when used in conjunction with a baby oil her skin was fine.

I also didn't find any benefit regarding a better sleep from this wash either.

I would say its 1 thumb up. Its worth giving it a try and seeing if its right for your family.
Not a fan of this product for babies, it smells divine but seems so harsh on little bodies.

My son has sensitive skin and had a slight all over body rash after using this, definitely did not help him sleep at night either (unfortunately!),  after using it again it was clear the rash was from the baby bath and after speaking to my doctor he advised not to use Johnson and Johnson products anymore.

I think I have almost tried every baby bath product on the market searching for a good one and this is one I was less than impressed with.

I used this product as I was given it as a baby shower gift and the first time I used it, my daughter broke out in a rash :( Very unfortunate as it smells lovely and she did sleep very well that night! 
I was given this and absolutely love how it smells and how my baby smells after using it.  I just put some in the bath, and it foamed up a little but not a great deal.  Was perfect for a little baby.
This bath product smells great. As soon as I pour some in the water I can smell the scent throughout the bathroom. It foams up nicely (not quite as good as regular bubble bath). Seems to be gentle on my son's skin as it hasn't caused any rashes or dry, flaky skin. He always smells great after his bath too.



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