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Philips Avent Natural Bottle

17 reviews
Natural Bottle

Developed with over 25 years of clinical collaboration with leading scientists and healthcare professionals, the Phillips AVENT Natural bottle has been designed to facilitate the baby’s natural suckling behaviour and make it easier to combine breast and bottle feeding.

Parent Reviews and Comments

I was actually given one of these bottles from my ob as a present for the birth of my daughter. I really must say I do like these bottles. They are easy to clean and assemble with minimal parts, nice clear measurement markings. The curved design is easy to hold and feels comfortable too. Only negative my daughter seems to leak out milk when drinking but it may just be that she has a small mouth.


Excellent product


The Avent Natural bottle is a great bottle. The anti colic system reduces the discomfort for babies by pushing the air back in to the bottle. The bottles are a little more expensive than most bottles on the market but this would be worthwhile if it assists to reduce colic.

Overall it is a great bottle but I wouldn't replace my existing bottles because I would have to buy new teats & a new steriliser. I will consider them for our next baby In a few months time.


I was sent an Avent Natural bottle to try on my 4 month old twins which was fitted with a teat suitable for 3 months+. These bottles are certainly worth a shot to see if they are compatible for you and your baby. The bottle didn't suit one of my twins. She vomited after every feed the bottle was used for I think it may have been because of the teat flow more than wind issues. I scoured my local shops for the newborn teat to trial on her but no one is stocking them yet including baby bunting!

My other daughter however had no issues besides some dribble but she does that with every bottle we have tried previously. She finished the bottle quickly with no issues and very little to no spit up.

I like the design of the bottle apart from the teat being a little hard to pull through the lid and I was a little worried about breaking the teat by pulling it through.  

Certainly worth a try.


Thank you for letting me review the new Avent bottles. I have been using the old style Avent bottles with my son who is now 5 months old since he was born to mix feed him. I really like the shape of the new bottles as they are easier to hold even when his hands are flying around often batting the bottle to the floor. I also liked that they no longer have a separate anti-colic ring (more washing, more things to fall on the ground when I am making up a bottle in a rush). Unfortunately I think my son is used to the old style teat and didn't respond very well to drinking from this bottle, I found he pushed it away more and we ended up with milk everywhere. I think if I had used these bottles from the start it may have helped me to mix feed for longer as we would have avoided breast refusal. 


My first impression of this bottle was I like the shape, it curves in the middle making it much easier to hold while feeding. The nipple also appears more breast feeding friendly.

I tried it out on my 6 month old breastfed baby and he wouldn't take it. He did show more interest in this bottle over the normal avent bottle and other brands but ultimately would not drink from it. Now I put this down to my child, not the bottle.

The quality appears to be quite good and the bottle is easy to clean. 

I would say worth a shot if you have a breastfed baby but it comes down to bubs whether they take it or not.


When we first used this bottle my son showed no issues latching on and sucked away comfortable. The wide teat meant it did not collapse like another brand of bottle we tried and allowed for the milk to flow freely.

I was unable to use this as much as I wished as we use thickener in our formula and due to living in a country town I was unable to purchase the next sized teat.

The wide lid was easy to get on and off (my grandmother with severe arthritis felt it was great for her) but the cap was a little tricky with nowhere to really grab on to pull it off. 

I would comfortably recommend this product to parents wishing to use bottles.


I have been using the Avent natural once per day for the last 2 weeks I with my breastfed baby.

Initially I thought it was going to be unsuccessful as my baby refused to take it, he had previously drank successfully from the older style Avent bottle. After a little persistence we finally succeeded and he now drinks easily from this bottle. The shape is closer to breast like and the contoured bottle allowed for easy grip.

The main differences I found between this and the older style bottle were  the cap being harder to remove along with having difficulty replacing the teat after sterilising as the teat is a bit firmer.

Overall I would recommend this bottle to someone wishing to mixed feed!


My son who is now 3 months was really struggling with the teats on the Tommee Tippee bottles, he wasn't ready for the number 2 (way too fast) or variable (again too fast) but the number 1 was too slow. I went out and got one of the Avent Natural bottles - which I was skeptical about given the history for me and Avent bottles (leaking issues with 1st son). I gave this a shot and WOW! I was surprised at how good it was. Perfect flow and a great bottle shape. My son was no longer fussing at the bottle and wind came out a lot easier. Am now changing over to Avent bottles again but hope for more stock to enter in local stores. Only downside so far I see is after about a month of using the bottle the numbers on the bottle are beginning to come off.


The Avent Natural bottle has a lot of positives. The shape of the bottle makes it easy to hold. The new advanced anti-colic system was fantastic. You could see the bubbles returning to the bottle. My daughter was also easier to burp after using this bottle compared to others and is less fussy whilst feeding due to being able to stay latched to the teat and pause for a breath whilst feeding. The only negative is that occasionally milk would spill out of the air holes in the teat.


These new Avent Natural bottles are great. I always steered clear of Avent bottles due to bad feedback but these new bottles are great. The bottle is a nice slim curve shape. Easy to hold by my daughter and myself with ease. The anti-colic teat is soft and my daughter took to it with ease. I did however have to purchase another teat as the one that came with the bottle wasn't a good flow for my daughter. I can't exactly say if the anti-colic system works for sure as I only reviewed one bottle and used it amongst our usual bottles. I will continue to use the Avent and I won't hesitate to recommend this new style to other people!


My bub is 13 months old and breastfed and we just tried these for the first time. She has been using a bottle  at childcare for 4 months of a different brand. I was surprised when she took this bottle straight away because she has rejected other 'natural' shaped teats in the past.

I think the best thing is the shape which made it easier for her to grip and she didn't seem to drop it as many times in her feed.

She did have some dribble from it but I think due to teething she was biting the teat. 

Overall a good bottle and definitely will be trying them with my next bub.


My DD is 7 months old and breastfed. Recently I have been trying to get her to take the odd bottle of formula, as it would give me more freedom.  I tried two or three different bottle types recommended to me as being good for breastfed babies - she was unable to suck the milk out and averaged 10ml in about an hour (was perfectly happy chewing on the teats though).

I was quite sceptical of the Avent bottle but so pleasantly surprised! DD drank 30ml in 10 minutes, and screamed at me when I took the bottle away as we were running out the door.  I could actually hear her gulping the milk down.  So pleased and will definitely give it another go soon.  I would definitely recommend this bottle over other popular brands to parents of breastfed babies hoping to get their little one to take a bottle.


My daughter is 6 months old and wouldn't drink formula out of the old style of Avent bottles. However she loves this new Avent bottle, she never leaves any milk when using this one, it is always drained. She also vomits MUCH less after being fed from this bottle. You can see the air bubbles flowing from the teat back into the bottle, rather than into babies tummy.

The only thing I don't like about this bottle is that it doesn't fit in my Avent microwave sterilizer or Avent bottle bags very well. I know those products were designed to suit the old bottles but I think they should have taken this into consideration when designing the new shapes bottles.


We have the Avent bottle with 1 month + teat for slow flow. My newborn took the Avent bottle well. She drank from it with no problem and did not reject it. The flow of the milk from the teat is also steady and did not choke her. The bottle feels a little big and heavy in my hand though. I am not quite used to the shape of the bottle.



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