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Dr Brown's Narrow Neck Bottle

1 review
Narrow Neck Bottle

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Parent Reviews and Comments

In a fit of colicky desperation I purchased a pack of these bottles for my little one. Surely this vent would save us from the hours of hell we were enduring every single night with a baby doubled up with tummy pain and reflux?! 

Afraid not. I sooo wanted these bottles to work (partly because I'd spent so much money on them), and partly the fault may have been that my baby by this stage was used to Miomee bottles which are quite short and stout with a very wide teat, but we had so much trouble feeding her with the Dr Browns range. Milk seemed to be streaming down her mouth which had never happened before and I tried every level of teat including premmie in another fit of desperation.  And after the feed I've never seen her chuck up so much it really was quite strange. So onto ebay they went. 

I've since gone on to discover the Closer to Nature vented range and that's been working a lot better for us. 

My advice is, if you're in a desperate sleep deprived state like I was and wanting to try anything to get you baby to feel better. Buy a single one second hand on ebay first and see if it is the answer to your prayers. 



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