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Cherub Baby Colour Change Natribottle Glass Bottle

21 reviews
Colour Change Natribottle Glass Bottle
Parent Reviews and Comments
Beah Pamu

One reason I am quite hesitant getting glass bottles is the reason that it can break easily but after a few times of accidentally dropping it. After using it for 3 months now, I believe that it’s durable enough to handle drops. The color changing features is just a bomb. When I have many things going on (blame postpartum blues), I find this feature very useful, well especially for hubby . it indicates when the milk is too hot to serve or just enough for the baby to take.


I was hesitant to buy this because I am very clumsy in nature. But a friend  convinced me to buy a pair of these bottles to try. I was really careful at first but now, I think I’ve dropped it a few times but I was surprised that the bottle is still intact. Ive been running it through the dishwasher and so far so good. What i also love about this product is the colour-changing feature, its pretty cool watching the sleeve turn white and perfect for me as Im not great at detecting the correct temperature!

Angel Santibanez

These glass baby bottles are tough. It survived one fall from the table and a few minor bumps on the sink. I bought this one at an expo early this year and it has survived my clumsiness. I like that it is dishwasher safe and that it doesn't leave the smell of spoiled milk after washing. It makes me feel safe that glass is safer than plasticbottles as I get scared that chemicals get mixed into the milk especially when the milk is hot or when the bottle is sterilised.


The colour change bottles have been with me for eight months now and it has been proven to be tough even for a glass bottle. The shape in itself is very beautiful with the colours bold and modern. The silicone grip is soft and non-slip and protects well from bumps and low falls especially in the sink and in the baby table. I was also impressed with the colour change innovation. But what I value most is the safety of the glass bottles since compared to plastic bottles that would leech out dangerous and carcinogenic chemicals when exposed to heat into my baby's milk, the glass bottles are practically safe and have been proven to be the safest material in the planet. Just be careful though because I broke one bottle after my baby tossed one bottle from a high angle to our granite floor. As long as it is properly handled the bottles will survive any major breaking. 


I recently got hold of this glass bottle at the Brisbane Expo. I was attracted first at the colourful designs of the display but upon checking the bottle packs I was able to know of its safety features. It's my second week of using the bottle and I have not experienced any leaks at all. The teats are soft and has been comfortable for my baby. I have a four month old baby and so far despite being a glass bottle the Cherub ones are very light with the right grip made of a rubbery material that prevents it from slipping and prevents the bottle from being broken. I hope it will last for a year. But so far I am very impressed. Give it two thumbs up!!!


I really don't like the smell of old milk on baby bottles. So I searched for a good brand of baby bottle that is safe and doesn't leave that awful smell of spoiled milk after washing the bottles. A friend suggested to me to try glass bottles and the Cherub brand has been there to fill in that need. I bought six bottles and now I have five left as one of the bottles got broken when my baby tossed it.. but it is of course in no way the fault of the manufacturer since even if it says that it is shock-proof all glass bottles will eventually break once not handled properly. I also like the silicone sleeves design and colours that are really appealing. The lids and teats are durable and have not leaked so far since I have been using them. Just be careful with all glass bottles as I haven't seen any glass bottle that could really withstand heavy tosses on a granite floor.


The baby bottles was an impulse buy at an expo. I was attracted at the colourful display of the bottles. But after using them a few months later, I was more amazed at what it can do. After two months use, there were no leaks in the cap or the teats. My bub loves the silicone grips and it has never slipped over his hands. The colour change innovation is an added bonus but I hardly find it significant since I always make sure that milk is not too hot when serving to baby. I hope the glass does not break easily as when that happens, I will be greatly disappointed. Thankfully, on my third month of use now and I haven't experienced any break or scratch on the bottle.


I have been drawn to using glass bottles from my gym water flask to my juice jars. But this time around that I have become a mum, I had finally decided to shift from my popular bottle brand made of plastic into a glass bottle. After a few months of using this product, I was able to convince myself that I have made the right choice. Here are my reasons for choosing these bottles:

1. Durability. It has survived a few slips and bumps during washing and the silicone covers are thick enough to keep the glass from shattering into pieces. So far no leaks on my second bottle.
2. Safety. Glass is always among the safest material on this planet and environment-friendly too. No chemicals such as lead, BPA, phalates that would mix in with my bub's milk.
3. Hygienic. This is a fully washable and no foul smell from long plastic usage and spoiled milk smell compared to my previous milk bottle.

Just a tip though, as in all glass bottles, my fellow mums should be careful when dropping the bottles at a higher elevation as it will likely break. But this particular baby bottle, in my experience, has survived a few slips while washing them and several more bumps on the table.

Daisy Quest

It's a smart glass baby bottle. It shows when milk and the bottle is too hot for my baby and prevents her from being hurt. The modern design is catchy with a silicone grip that doesn't slip in the hands easily. The teats provided are also soft and not rubbery compared to commercially available bottles that I have seen being sold in regular stores. It is also easy to sterilise and clean just by brushing them with dishwashing soap and water. I was at first fussy over my fears of having baby bottles broken specifically glass bottles. But when I tried the glass bottles it does not break unless probably handled carelessly. But for me, I have not broken a single one of the three bottles that I bought at a recent Baby Expo. 


This is my trusted baby bottle brand so far after trying almost every other brand for the past two months. The baby bottles are easy to clean and sterilise. Glass bottles are not actually my thing before but these glass bottles convinced me. Their colour change idea has been great since I often make the bottle to hot for baby enough for a scalding which is why the moment the silicone grip turns to pale white then I usually am alerted that I have time and again overheated the bottle.Thanks to this product for keeping my bub safe anytime. Flawless design anc colours too.

Liz Berkson

For months, I have been looking for glass bottles that are affordable but of good quality and it is only Cherub that I got to finally agree on. I had fears of using plastic bottles as it gets reheated and in constant contact with heat and may cause harmful toxins to be released in my bub's body. The glass bottles are great, they are easy to clean and doesn't smell bad compared to plastic bottles. I am just wary if the bottles will last for a longer period since glass usually breaks when dropped. So far, I haven't experienced that part and   the silicone grips has saved the glass from breaking whenever it slips off my hands when washing the bottles. There were no leaks experienced and the teats provided are soft and my bub loves them. 

I will recommend it for the following reasons:

- Safety

- Price

- Quality


The Natribottle baby glass bottles have soft silicone grips that have modern design and colours that are attractive to my little bub's eyes. The glass bottles are easy to clean and doesn't leave an odd milk scent once cleaned thoroughly. Even if it is made of glass, I have not encountered any breaks or scratches after buying three bottles. What troubles me are the teats cover as it often falls off. I need to lock it tight or else it will fall off the bottle. Thankfully, I haven't experienced leaks from these bottles. But all in all it is a reliable baby bottle that is best for baby's grip and has an innovative colour change technology which tells mums when milk is too hot for baby's consumption. 


These glass bottles are the best ones I have found in the market that uits my needs. First, I like the teat and the grips that is easy to hold for me and my bub. The wide neck glass bottles have not leaked since the first day I used it four months ago. The teats are comfrtable for my bub and the colour change technology tells mums when milk is too hot for drinking. I am clumsy when washing thes bottles and dropped them several times but I have not seen any cracks or dents on these bottles. 

Melinda Drake

The moment I got my order delivered at my doorstep, I know that it is of good quality. I ordered the glass bottles online and was shipped in a matter of days. The wide-neck botles are easy to clean and easy to assemble. The glass bottle sleeves are made of silicone and feels god when gripped by my bub. What I love about them is that they are fully washable and shock resistant that can withstand minor slips during manual washing and are dishwasher safe too. Also amazing is the colour change technology that changes the silicone sleeve into white when it's too hot and back to its vibrant colour when it is just right for drinking. I will order and ship this product as a gift to a cousin whose having her second bub soon.

Aubrey Jamesson

It was my first time last year using the glass bottles that are easy to clean and doesn’t leave any milk smell after washing them. I had a manual breast pump that makes it easier for transfer to the bottles. It’s easy to fit different teats as it comes in wide necks. The silicone lining also gives it protection from breaking after sudden slips in sink while washing it. I am now pregnant with my second child and I intend on using the same glass bottles as they are very durable. I wish though that it comes with extra screw caps as I often forget where I placed caps after washing the bottles.


I bought the bottle for my baby and I couldn't have been happier. It’s also easier to wash and sterilise. Very strong, my bub dropped one bottle and it did not break! I would recommend it.


I love these bottles!  We wanted to get away from plastic completely as a news story came out that said BPA isn't the only dangerous chemical found in plastics. They are durable, easy to clean, and work best with babies that are transitioning from breast to bottle feedings. The silicone sleeve makes them easy for a toddler to pick up, and protects them well when dropped. I highly recommend Cherub Baby glass bottles.


My breastfed-only baby is now 7 months old. We gave her first bottle when she was 8 weeks old. Since then she's had about 2-3 bottles per week. These glass bottles have been great and she has had no nipple confusion, which was my biggest concern with using bottles. These bottles are very easy to clean and they turned out like new bottles. We are very happy with these bottles. Highly recommended!


I bought two of these bottles for a great price. At that time, I didn't read any reviews. I just liked the colour change sleeve and the bpa free glass concept. Now after 7 months of using them, I must say that my baby and I love these bottles! They are glass so you can clean them easily and no after smell. They look new all the time unlike plastic bottles that gets dull after few uses. This is also the perfect bottle for storing milk since they are very durable. You can freeze, sterilize or I even put them on the microwave to reheat milk. I would definitely buy more!

Ramae S

My Bub and I love these glass bottles. I’m a first time mum and not sure if I'm giving my bub the right temperature of his milk or any liquid. I’m happy that these glass bottles have a colour changing warning sleeves. The bottles are durable and easy to clean too! Great buy! 

Lesley Stahl

I have been looking for glass bottles and saw these brand. I absolutely love these bottles for my baby instead of plastic, so she isn't exposed to unnecessary chemicals. I use them everyday without any problem. The glass is thick and feels durable. Just have to little careful while washing. I would recommend this bottles. 



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