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Closer to Nature Easi Vent

6 reviews
Easi Vent

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I used these bottles with ds1 and he took to them no problem. I was mainly breastfeeding and had no issues with nipple confusion and he happily took both the breast and bottle. He did get trapped wind but this happened with breastfeeding also so not sure design if the bottle made much difference. Will be trying them again soon with my new baby who is 2 weeks old. 


I used these bottles for my first ds after I tried avent and he just got too windy. I combined fed him and he had no issues switching  from breast to bottle. My second ds took to these bottles straight away and had no issues.  I also love all the closer to nature bottle feeding accessories.


We picked these bottles as the set was on sale - very scientific method! But we've been really happy with them. The shape of the bottle is good for big and little hands. The only downside would be that sometimes I find it difficult to get the cap off, but that's a very minor quibble.

Lumpy Melon

I absolutely adore these bottles!

i read rave reviews about them and bought them in anticipation of our first baby's arrival and my dh being able to give ebm to bubba.

when our DS was two weeks old we tried and he took to it like a duck to water (thank goodness!)

we used them fully after weaning at 8 months and again we never had an issue!

when DS 2 arrived we used them again and it was easy as the first time.

now after weaning him at 7 months he hasn't had an issue either.

the only thing is that he is chewing through the teats quite easily and we have had to bleep replacing them for the last few weeks.

possibly time to upgrade to a sippy cup :)


I absolutely love these bottles. I began using them very early on with my newborn son and he has no issues switching between the bottle and the breast when I'm feeding him expressed breast milk with these bottles.


Love these bottles. I used them 3 years ago with my son and using them again with my 2 week old daughter. I am breast feeding and expressing milk and she has no problem switching between being on the breast or given a bottle. 



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