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Chibebe Snuggle Pod

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Snuggle Pod
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Anna Cross

What a great product. Not only is it versatile but it is so easy to clean. Just zip off the cover, pop it in the machine and it looks brand new again. 

I love the fact that it has two 'seats' - the one for infant is such a great idea and I only wish I had this for my first baby, what a lifesaver it would have been. It's a safe spot to put baby and I know the raised position would have been awesome when my baby had a bit of reflux. The optional rocker base would be awesome too and if I have another baby I will order itx

I think this is an item that is going to be used by every member of the family for a long time. 


Before having a baby I thought there were just so much 'stuff' on the baby market that I didn't need. Well, one thing is for sure, I wish I'd had a Chibebe Snuggle Pod much sooner! My now 7 month old has had silent reflux since birth and still chucks up now along with having severe tummy pain from wind. She would be fine in my arms but the moment I lay her down flat to sleep or play, she's scream in pain. This is where the snuggle pod had started to save my sanity and my baby's tears. The seat part of the pod is on an incline so when I lay her down in there, she's not in as much pain, in fact, she snuggles in for either a sleep or play. Miss 7mo is also at the stage where I can't be out of her sight or more than a step away (you know what I'm talking about!), so when I need to hang or fold washing, wash up, prepare bottles, prepare dinner etc, I pick up the pod (super light) and just put it down next to me...happy baby, happy mummy! I've even taken it to friends places and to grandma's house as it's so easy to throw in the car. another bonus is that the seat part zips off for easy washing plus there's a toddler 'top' (without the baby harness) which means this snuggle pod will be getting years of use!  Honestly, it's been a lifesaver lately! 


We were given a Chibebe Snuggle Pod and I bought another one to leave at the grandparents' place. My son is six months old and the Snuggle Pod the perfect place to leave him if I need to pop him down for a few minutes without worrying that he'll roll off it. He looks super cosy and zen in it. I love that you can mould it to the baby's shape, so if I'm cooking dinner I can sit him in it to watch, and if he's looking sleepy, I can lie it flatter. The top part is almost like memory foam, while the side material is sturdy and canvas-like. I'm confident that the product will last well past toddlerhood as it claims. I wish I'd heard about it earlier, as it would have been perfect for those newborn weeks as well, especially with the rocker base. We drag it everywhere around the house with us, since it's so light and portable - next to the table when we're having dinner, beside the sofa when we're watching TV and even into the bathroom when I'm having a shower!


A friend recommended Chibebe to us as their baby girl was so content when on her Slumber Pod. We immediately ordered ours as our cutie pie would only settle when held. As soon as she lay on it for the first time, she immediately settled and now is hardly ever off of it. We take it everywhere we go and have got another one for Gran and Grandads house! Best $$$ spent in our baby purchases BY FAR!


I have bought the chibebe bean bag for a number of friends as baby gifts and each one of them has been a huge success! My best friend just had her second baby girl and i thought "i can't get her the same thing again!" But she asked if it would be rude to ask for a specific gift - another chibebe as she can't get her 3 year old off the original one!! I was more than happy to oblige! As a childless "aunty" it's so tough to buy a useful gift for new mums so I'm so happy that these have been such a great and worthwhile present!


If l knew how beneficial the chibebe snuggle pod was with my first, l would have purchased it then. But i am grateful to have been gifted one for my 2nd and it is the best thing l could have ever received. DD was suffering from bad reflux until I got it, and l wasted money on other 'crap' until my Mum got me a cute polka design chibebe pod. WOW! Reflux gone. Baby happy and rested. Mummy happy and rested!  It's the best thing ever! Chibebe have managed to make a gorgeous product also useful. That is rare and appreciated by people like me, who like to design the bhouse around a theme. The polka goes lovely with my earthy tones...adds a pop to the room!


I was having alot of trouble getting her to sleep, until l got a snuggle pod from the chibebe  website. It is honestly the most useful item l have, and it allows me to move her around the house with me while she is sleeping. I am over the moon with this purchase, and i love that she gets to sleep on a safe surface, that also has benefits. 


Ok, so l still use the cot, of course, but if l could use the Chibebe snuggle pod all day, l would. It is the only thing my DD wil sleep in, and this means l get to actually have a life too. It isn't a gimmick, in case you were wondering. It is an actual must have for every new parent, as it really does stop babies getting flathead, and my child had reflux, but not when he is in his chibebe. I love this baby beanbag, and it is the single most used item in our household. I wish everyone l knew had one, so I don't have to take mine everywhere we go! I am super happy that l have one, and it was worth every cent.


Yes, l also have a Chibebe Pod, and it is the best thing I have received. I had no idea they existed until l got one, and now l am so grateful that my sister was so sluethy and found it. I highly recommend it as l can do my domestic duties as well as shower, do my hair and makeup and so on, with my child right there with me. It is portable and safe, and l have no worries as long as l have her in it. As mentioned, highly recommended.


I care about my child. that's why l chose Chibebe, and l would recommend the brand to everyone.

Yes, you can get baby beanbags for half the price on ebay etc, but theyr'e not safe, I've seen it with my own eyes. Ashamedly, l actually wrote and complained to Chibebe about their prices after seeing 'exactly' the same one on ebay for half the price, and they simply told me to check their website counterfiet page. I am so glad l did, as it was easy to tell the difference between the genuine one and the tacky one after l did more research. I don't think Chibebe care that much, as they told us they are 'not targeting the ones who want a cheap, nasty one. They make the best, and those who wnat the best will come to them direct'.

DO NOT get any other brand for your baby. It just isn't worth saving a few measly dollars in the end, when it comes to your babies safety. 


My mum gave me a snuggle pod. My son is 3 weeks old and already he loves it. I also have a valco rocker and there is no comparison. Tristan loves how he is nestled comfortably on his snugglebpod- the bean bag beans allow the snuggle pod to form around him instead of him having to try to make himself comfortable on a structured surface. The snuggle pod is also excellent as it cradles his head, thus preventing flat spots.  At the moment he only uses the snuggle pod for a little bit at a time, but I'm looking forward to using it for longer periods as he gets older and is awake longer. It will be great having a safe and comfortable spot for Tristan to join in our daily activities.  Another bonus is that its so light weight it's easy to move around with you baby in one arm, snuggle pod in the other with ease. And one last thing, the costumer service is also excellent. i was unsure how full to make my pad so I called and spoke to Dennis. He was very friendly and very willing to help. Chibebe, your snuggle pod rocks!

ps the best place to buy the beans is big w



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