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Baba Sling Sling

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I find that as far as slings go, its not overly complicated - but its hard to adjust the different sections of the sling, and when you're using it in the newborn cradle hold - you get the 'pouch/bag' effect (which means i won't use it in that hold anymore - there's a risk of their airways collapsing).

But its a very good starter sling, and i own two - because i was able to get them cheap.

They're good for a toddler , but again, not the best.

cleans easy and very durable - just didn't suit my needs.

Eleven Eleven

My Mum brought me my Baba Sling while it was at a baby store for a very good price, it was reduced becuase they were not selling slings anymore but was still a very good price.

I used this when DD was very young and would just sleep. I found it quite hard to get her into without a lot of effort and tugging, was better when there was two people but that didn't always happen.

I seen them for sale at a baby expo and asked the lady to help me with it and show me how they worked, she didn't seem to have much idea and when she put DD on my hip it did not seem very stable at all! thus would not rely on it to hold her.

Durability is wonderful, still looks brand new. Cleaning is super easy becuase you can just put it in the washing machine.  

I am quite a slight person and DD is very wiggly so this sling does not really suit us, I do not feel like i can go "hands free" and I might as just well carry her but it was wonderful to cradle her when she was a newborn and when use correctly was quite comfortable to wear. 



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