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Mini Monkey Sling

19 reviews

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Parent Reviews and Comments

Best on the market! Love it from the first time I used it. My daughter would fall asleep within no time. Love the fact you can use it unitl the age of 2 and that is is machine washable. Great value for money!


Tried using when baby was a newby but couldn't get him in a safe or comfortable position using this. 


I have this sling and have got very little use out of it. Tried it out various times with my newborn, but found his chin would often end up against his chest which is NOT safe.

I will try it out again with different holds when he gets older, but wouldnt recommend it as a carrier for a newborn.


Absolutely loved the sing especially the newborn position.

I did have to watch the instruction video to get the hang of it but once I did that it was actually really easy to use.

My little boy is now in the hip position which is great for pick ups and drop offs of the other 2.


Unfortunately I'm not a fan of this sling. I love babywearing, but I find this sling hurts my back after just half an hour (with a 4kg baby in it) and I find it really hard to get bub into a good position. I also don't feel like bub is secure enough it in - I'm constantly holding them against my body when I'm walking or bending over.


The Mini Monkey sling is a great and versatile product.  Yes it can be a bit tricky to get used to but my baby loved it when he was a new born. He was so settled in it and would be the only way I could get him to sleep some days.  Yes my shoulders hurt a little but they do with the Bjorn too.  I now love the hip position and it is great for doing a quick basket shop at Woolies.  Other reviewers have complained about having to have a hand holding the baby when in the sling but you should do this with any baby carrier just to be on the safe side.  


I own 3 carriers, and I found this one very difficult to use. Hoping when bub gets older it might work well as a hip carrier, but I have my doubts.

as other reviewers have mentioned, I found it didn't feel secure and ended up holding bubs while in it. Also, there's A LOT of material, and bubs seems to get lost in it all and I couldn't get her in a position where material didn't cover her face! 

My baby was 3.7kg when born. We also own a ring sling & a baby bjorn. The baby bjorn is the only one bubs is happy in.


Absolutely loved how it settled our newborn From day one. 

Loved the fact my husband could wear it as we'll.

loved that I had my hands free


Absolutely loved the sling. I watched the instruction video first and loved it in the newborn position and later on as a hip seat! Easy to put on and great hat is machine washable! Great online service delivered within 2 days.


I love "babywearing" and have tried all sorts of slings and carriers.  I have to say that this is my least favourite and it would be fair to say that I hated it.

I found it hard to get my daughter into it comfortably, and the few occasions I did manage, she'd slipped within minutes into the sort of position where you wonder if their necks should really bend like that.  It didn't feel secure, and I ended up holding her in it too - which isn't really the point.  I couldn't get it comfortable on me either, and had a sore shoulder and back whenever I tried using it.

That it's necessary to turn it inside out and twist it to make it fit newborns etc made it feel even less secure.

That said, my husband liked and wore it without issue a couple of times so perhaps it's just better for wider / broader shouldered people.

Apparently most shops that sell them are used to people coming back with these compaints and will normally help you by demonstrating how to wear it.  To be honest this puts me off as if it's that common, surely they should change the design.

The one good thing about it was that it's possible to clip it across a cot or whatever to use as a hammock.  We never tried this though as it seemed to close over her (and she was 4kg at birth) which made me nervous.


I found this incredibly difficult to use; I tried it in all wearing positions and did not feel my baby was supported at all. Like some other reviews, I would have to hold my child while in there completely losing the point of her being in there.

The sling also was EXTREMELY uncomfortable for me to use, it hurt my shoulders and neck after 5 minutes.

Don't bother wasting $80 on this terrible product.


we used this sling when son was a newborn, but he never fitted in the sling properly. My shoulders would get sore, and DS usually wasn't comfortable in it.


I really wanted to love this sling. I loved the idea, i loved the look but unfortunately it did not perform.

This sling is aimed at keeping babies close to parents in a lieing down position that would mimick the womb. It can also be used in hip position and can be used as a hammock attached to your cot. There are a few other positions but there a variation of the above.

For my newborn I hated it and so did he. It pulled on my shoulders so nearly isntantly upon putting it on I felt discomfort. I also found he wasnt supported enough and I would always hold him with one arm anyway, which destroyed the point of the sling for me. 

Its a bit tricky at first to get the baby in and I had to look at youtube videos to figure it out. Getting the baby IN wasnt actually hard but getting him in a position where breathing wasnt compromised, he was comfortable and safe was tricky. I dont know how you would feed in this hands free, it doesnt support the baby enough to bring them to you.

I think if you were to never have owned another sling and wanted a quick sling to pop baby into at fussy times this sling would be ok. My baby was quite big at birth so possibly already over that type of hold by the time i tried it at 2 weeks old


I found that I felt very insecure with my newborn in this sling and while it was OK to give my arms a break sitting down I was not comfirtable walking around with it and not convinced my baby wouldn't either fall out or be smothered.

I ended up using a Moby wrap and Bjorn and was much happier.

I found the mini monkey quite hard to use, it was a pain trying to get my newborn in and he hated it!
The product doesn't come with enough instruction and even after looking it up online I was still confused as my baby would just cry and cry.
They come in cool colours and I love the look of them, but my baby hated it and it was uncomfortable.

Ended up exchanging it and buying an ERGO.
~Lost In The Fifties~
I bought a mini monkey off ebay as i wasn't sure if my son would like it, well he loved it & so do i! I love the freedom to be able to do things around the house & still be able to comfort my baby. I haven't used it as a hip carrier yet, time will tell! Love this product!

I found the Mini monkey was fantastic especially when for when they are newborn.

Fantastic online service! Next day delivery.

Found it was a bit squishy for my newborn. He felt a bit too cramped in there, but definitely good for a smaller baby. I'm looking forward to giving it a go as a hip carrier. It's very versatile, and is supposed to last until the child is a toddler.

Our newborn hated it and I didn't feel secure with her in it.  We ended up with a Baby Bjorn.  I hoping we get some use out of the Mini Monkey when our baby is older

Also, don't purchase this product directly from Mini Monkey online.  They didn't actually mail the product the first time around and I had to follow up with them.  Also, they triggered a foreign exchange transaction charge on my credit card even though they sell from an Australian website.



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