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Ryco Ryco 4 in one Baby Carrier

4 reviews
Ryco 4 in one Baby Carrier
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Parent Reviews and Comments

This carrier is okay.. I am not in love with it but it does what it says it does.  The Velcro leg hols are very small and I do have a tiny baby.  She seemed to like it and fell asleep. But I can't see myself using it when she is bigger.

For the price it is a good buy. 


i got one of these so i could wear my daughter when she was little as she rarely slept unless she was being held.  i found that when she finally fell asleep she woke the minute i put her dow as the sound of the velcro opening woke her.  it was fiddly to put on and i found it was more trouble than it was worth trying to adjust it and hold the baby safely.  i ended up using it a dozen times then it got put away and forgotten about.  with my second child i got a sling and it was so much better and easier to use.

i wouldn't bother buying one of these carriers.


We bought it at Target on special. What was tempting was the price compared to the more known brands.

At the beginning it was useful, when the baby was light and small. Now, he is 10 m.o. and really difficult to put him in and out of the carrier. Moreover, his legs are quite plump, so they are too tight even adjusting the velcro.

I had expected to use it while flying overseas when my baby was 6 m.o.. He didn't want to stay on it. So, I only carried with it the whole trip.

Also, he is now about 9.5 kg, so it's quite heavy for me to carry that weight on my back and shoulders using the carrier. His father, however, says it is not a problem for him :(

Overall, it is a good addition to the nursery when the baby is little, but the ones you use too much. 

I found this carrier at Target. My baby is currently 3 months and 7kg. So i have him facing towards me. At first it was tricky to put on and i needed some help. But now i can do it myself in under a minute! Very easy after a bit of practise. The only problem i have is that it is quite tight around baby's legs. Even on loosest velcro. He still has a bit of growing so it wont be very good soon.



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