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Hug-a-Bub Pocketless Carrier

7 reviews
Pocketless Carrier

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Parent Reviews and Comments
i first used my hug a bub pocketless carrier when my son was approx a week or two old. I found the DVD video instructions helpful to work out how to put the wrap on and tie it up and it was very comfortable to wear, but it was a pain to have to get the DVD out everytime I wanted to use the carrier to refresh my memory on how to put it on (As I didnt use it all the time)

Next time I would probable buy something that is a little easier to use and that I dont need to watch a DVD each time just to figure out how to use it

I bought a Hug-a-bub pocketless carrier when my daughter was approximately 8 weeks. My daughter slept best and longer when she was on me, and I needed something that would allow me to keep going about my day while she slept. 

I bought the pocketless version as I couldn't really see the need for a pocket (especially as the pocket version usually costs quite a bit more) as I have pockets on my pants and I usually take a bag.  

Like most wraps it is a bit complicated to tie at first, and it took me a couple of attempts to get it right. But like most things, the more you do it the better you get at it and becomes easier. 

It's extremely comfortable to wear, it is quite supportive and is a nice fabric. It's also nice for bubs to snuggle in.

However, as my daughter has gotten bigger, it's gotten harder to wrap, as it has to be firmer to hold her weight (she's a big baby) and if wearing it for a long period of time, she starts to sag in it. To be honest, I haven't used it much since I bought a structured carrier which is easier and quicker to put on. Though, I'm thinking I should get it out and use it again as I really did love it.


I was a little hesitant to try this because all the tieing seemed complicated and I wasnt sure i would beable to do it. How ever I decided when i saw one on sale to give it a go and im so glad i did!

The first time i put this on i watched a youtube video on how to as i was doing it. This helped alot in mastering the carrier quickly.

It took me 2 times of tying it to know how to do it and now its very simple and quick. Just tye it firmly because the fabric stretches around bubs to keep him firmly there. I love this carrier to clean the house in because bub falls asleep and i can tuck his head under the fabric so when i bend over to pick things up he doesnt startle and stays asleep and happy.

The fabric keeps you quite warm so wouldnt be that great in the middle of summer but will be great in winter to keep baby warm and toasty.

Overall i love this carrier and its very comfortable for both me and baby. I can wear this for hours without discomfort.

I was excited to use my HAB from birth but ended up only wearing it a few times. It's very fiddly and getting it right takes practice. Once bub is in right however, it's a lovely close feeling and my son used to fall asleep instantly. 
I LOOOOVVVEEEE my Hug-a-bub. As a newborn my 2nd daughter suffered from very bad wind and reflux and so a friend recommended it try out a hug-a-bub. I found it really helped out with her condition to be upright and she loved being close and snug to me. I uesd it while i was out and sbout and also at home as it still allowed me to do things while wearing it. It didn't take me long to get the hang of putting it on myself and I found it really handy that if I needed to go out I could put it on before I left home and wear it in the car without it being too bulky, then put bub in it when I arrived. This also made Kinder drop off and pick up of my older son alot easier rather than pulling the pram out of the car just to have to put it back away again 5 minutes later (as I see alot of other mums doing this). Now she's old enough to hold her head up by herself I use it in the forward facing position when we're go for walks and when I'm out somewhere where it's easier not to take the pram. I find it alot more comfortable to wear compared to other carriers i've tried and it's very gentle on my back even as my baby gets heavier. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a baby carrier.
I have tried many types of carriers and this is by far the most comfortable for me and for bubs. the limitations that other carriers suffer are made up by the Hug-a-bub.

The concept of this carrier is fantastic, although even after watching the dvd numerous times I still could not figure out how to tie the carrier up on my own secure enough that I would feel safe with bub in it. DD always felt like she was free hanging with little support.

I did try and practice many times with putting this carrier on as it did state in the dvd it does take time and patience.... What mum has this? lol

My DD was born in the midst of our hot summer, this fabric was a tad to heavy for this time of year, which made it hot trying to put it on whilst getting the gym workout from trying to tie it on my own. When un done it does look like metres of plain fabric, and the task of tying feels a tad daunting. Although it would be fantastic to clean by throwing straight in the machine.

For the cost I really feel there are better products on the market in this catogory.



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