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ERGOBaby Performance Carrier

9 reviews
Performance Carrier

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I got the Ergo Performance because we live in South East Queensland and wanted a carrier that DS1 wouldn't get too hot in. I have tried every carry position and really like the back carry best. I carried DS1 in the Ergo up until he was around 18 months (aprox 13kg) and found it really comfortable.

I have tried using it with DS2 (7 weeks) with the infant insert, but find the insert a bit hot (even in Autrumn/ Winter) and it feels a bit bulky with such a small baby in it. Definately prefer using it with a bigger bub and using the back carry option.


So very comfy for me, hubby and bub. Very easy to adjust by yourself. Great use of space and pockets. Sleeping hood an added bonus.

Infant insert gets pretty hot - even in autumn. Only available in dark colors - again, watch the heat from the sun. Well worth the money overall.


I did a lot of research and trying on of carriers before deciding on the performance decision ever! We use it several times a week, my DD goes in it quite happily and if we're out for a while will fall asleep in it no problems :)

Even my partner will put her in it and head out and about!

We haven't used it through a hot summer yet, so not sure how we'll go, but think provided I'm the one using it not my partner (he runs pretty hot!) it will be fine.

All in all I love it :)


We've been using the performance for 7 weeks now and love it!

The newborn insert can get a bit hot, but other than that I can't fault it.

Simple, quick and easy to use and fits both me and hubby easily. 

It is well made and worth the extra money! 


I've being using this carrier since bub was 3months old. My son is now 15months old and still using them happily.

This got to be one of the best carrier out in the market. 

Its stability and strength really show the quality and thought in design.

The only con for this product is how it can get a bit hot inside the carrier during middle of summer; and the newborn insert are not the most easiest or comfortable padding for my son. He never like being inside it so we had to use our Close Parent carrier instead during his newborn stage.

I would highly recommend this carrier to anyone.


Originally I was worried about spending so much on a baby carrier. However since buying it I haven't looked back, I love it.  Its so comfortable, bubs loves it.  Its great, as you can wear it either forward facing and then backward facing as the baby grows. Its very easy to use, I can put bubs in there by myself and clip up the back. Definitely worth the money!!


We bought an Original ERGObaby carrier when our second child was a baby, and although it was wonderful to carry him in I just found it too bulky particularly around the shoulders (due to the padded straps). When at the baby and toddler expo I had a look at the Ergo Performance, and bought one straight away as we were taking our two young children on an overseas holiday and wanted another alternative to prams/strollers for the trip over and waits in airports etc. I am so impressed with the Performance, it is just amazing. I am not a big person, and it amazes me that I can very comfortably carry  my huge 18kg+ son who is now 19 months old or my 17kg 3 year old daughter. I can move around, crouch down, and my back and shoulders don't hurt at all or even feel slightly uncomfortable. 

The Original carrier is still fantastic, my husband carried our daughter in it easily during our holiday. However I would buy the Performace over the Original any day. I love the straps because they are so slim and I don't have any bulk around my shoulders. I also really like how the back panel is slightly higher than the Original, which is great because my children are very tall and it supports their back better. 

Amazing carrier!!!! 


I bought the ergo when bub was 4 months old. I have had the Baby Bjorn with my first two and this has been a huge improvement. the weight is distributed really well and I can carry bub for a long time in it. I use to do the school pick up (getting older kids), shopping and getting work done around the house. I store it under the pram incase bub wants to be picked up and have even used it to carry my 4 year old (back carry) when he gets too tired to walk.

the fabric is very light weight, it takes seconds to put it on and is very easy to wash.


Ok, Ive had mine about a week now. It looks and feels like it's built to last, the fabric is nice and light weight and it's breathable too. My DS is 1 year old now and coming up to 11kgs and has never been a fan of the pram so it's really apreciated that he is very happy to sit back and relax in this carrier. I had a hard time figuring out how to use it - but think I have got it now.  Ive tried it in all three positions (front, back and side) and I think I will only bother using it on my back from now on. DS doesn't like the front and with side carrying u only use one strap, and it digs in a bit. I haven't cleaned it yet but the manual says u can machien wash it on delicate. I just really like it because it is really comfy and my DS obviously likes it and has fallen asleep in it so it must be comfy for him too.



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