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Jazsling Perfect Pouch

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Perfect Pouch
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I bought a perfect pouch sling in red when my baby was 4 months and it makes my life so much easier around the house and when I go shopping! It's very small and I always have it in my handbag if she decides not to sit in the pram or wants to have a cuddle. She easily falls asleep, even in a sitting position! It's definately worth the money and is cheaper than most other baby carriers!


I brought this pouch when my DD was born, as she was premmie and was too small for a frount pack, I brought this instead, and am glad I did, it was very comfortable to wear, great fabric, the customer service was wonderfull, they were very helpfull when figuring out what size I needed and what fabric, and also in showing me how to put bubs in the many positions you can use

I did find it hard to use at first, but after quite a few goes, became a pro at it, as my daughter got bigger and older, there were quite a variety of positions I could wear her in as well, the variety of positions came in very handy, and she was always happy and contented while in it. I did find that as my daughter got closer to about 10kgs, she did get a bit heavy for me to wear her, as the design of this pouch didn't allow me to distrubute her weight evenly over my shoulder, so I ended up buying another one that would allow me to do that

Overall, I loved the sling, was easy to use, small enought to carry around with me (I ended up keeping one in my glove box in the car)



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