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Hug-a-Bub Original Baby Carrier

11 reviews
Original Baby Carrier
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I love this wrap! I bought it when pregnant with my second as I really wanted to baby wear, as I have a very active 4yo. After a bit of research I decided at the time I wanted a wrap and not a structured carrier and the hug a bub had some great reviews.

It was a bit fiddly to figure out but after some practice I love this wrap. My DD was 2.2kg when born and loved the "froggy leg" position so this wrap suited her perfectly. 

It's been a life saver for me as my bub is very cuddly and hates to be put down, so I can wear her around the house and still get things done. It's probably the best wrap/carrier I've used for a cuddly baby. 

I do worry she isn't getting about support (I think that's more me being paranoid though) so I wear this wrap around the house and my ergo for when we're out and about. 

Mummy and T

I have a very busy 2.5yr old daughter and an almost 6week old daughter,, am so glad I found Hug a Bub before my daughter arrived. This carrier has been an absolute life saver at times. My baby girl falls asleep within 15 minutes of being wrapped onto my chest every time. I am able to play outside with my eldest daughter, to a grocery shop and prepare meals with two hand almyth isle enjoying having my baby close and calm. 

It only took a couple of views of the instructional video, and after attempting to wrap some minor adjustments, to get the carrier perfectly wrapped.

would recommend this carrier to every new mum. 


Out of my four wraps/slings (baby bjorn, ergo, maya ring & hug a bub) this is by far my favourite for the newborn as i feel it has the best head support, least risk of  baby slipping down and is the comfiest for me. Despite it looking difficult i actually had to only watch the video twice to figure out how to place bub in it and tie it so it really is quite a simple procedure.

Probably my only complaint is that is is warm to wear in summer , but i have winter bubs so that doesnt bother me.

They are reasonably priced compared to many of the other wraps and offer very good videos for all the different positions you can use it in.


I've found my hugabub to be one of the best purchases I've made for my daughter.  I wouldn't pay over $100 for it, but for $50 from ebay it has been worth every cent...

I struggle with a bad back and have found other carriers uncomfortable, and I cannot use a one shoulder sling of any kind.  The Hugabub however has been ace - I've carried her around for up to 5 hours and it's been comfortable all through.

I have a lot of comments saying that it looks comfy, but that people are scared it's too complicated to put on - my advice would be to hop on youtube.  There are a lot of videos on there and after 2 practises in front of one it had become easy.  It's well worth practising too - I can bend over and pick things up and she's still secure.

My daughter also loves it, all along it's been a fantastic and easy way to get her to sleep.  The one drawback is that here in Queensland, in summer, it can get quite hot so you end up stripping back as far as possible before putting it on :)


Our little man was a very colicy baby and needed to constantly be held! 
We had another baby carrier that we had been given but I was getting awful back pain after carrying him all day. 

A friend suggested the hug-a-bub so we bought one straight away. From the first time I popped it on I fell in love. The ability to have the straps wide and over your shoulders means much better support for your back.

Our little man loves being in it! And I was suprised by how lightweight and breathable it was as we live in far north queensland but still used it throughout summer! 

The only con I can think of is when your going out it can be time consuming to put on. We have now learnt to put it on before heading out! 


comfort: very comfortable for a newborn. The heaviest child i've tried to wear in it was 9kg (at 11months old), and by that point it was no longer enjoyable - and she would have easily been able to throw herself out. But for a newborn (or a toddler that's used to being in it) its very safe and absolutely no pain. i've worn her for 4-5hours+ without any issues.

ease: I find it really easy to put on, but it took some practice. its certainly not the most difficult carrier out there, but definitely practice at home a few times before trying in public.I actually practiced with our dolls, before i tried with a child - just to be on the safe side.

durability: very durable, had mine 2+ years as there's no real discoloration and no damage. I don't leave it near the toddler though ;-)

cleaning: chuck in the machine and then stick it in the sun? easy peasy - and since its just one length of fabric, it dries very quickly.

lightweight: very light, and quite compact (although i have a really long one - about 6m,built for someone many many sizes larger than i am - so i assume it would be even more compact and light if i had the right size).

$$: i bought mine off ebay for about $80-but all things considered, it was definitely worth it - and i'm looking at buying far more expensive ones (that do basically the same thing) so its definitely one of the cheaper wraps on the market.


A fantastic wrap for newborn bubbas for those newborn squishes, but a great wrap for older bubs too.  My 9 month old (10kg) bub is still as comfortable to wear now, as the day he was born.

I can also wear my 2.5 year old comfortably in the Hug a Bub too.

I just love it :)


I had a HAB and loved it for the newborn stage, the material is a little stretchy than my preference, but it certainly does the job and is very comfortable for both baby and wearer!

The pocket is handy for popping your keys in as well when you're ducking out quickly. 

I was given this carrier as a gift when my first baby was born. While it is extremely comforable, and is good for those with a bad back, i did find that it took me a long time to assemble, and usually had to get someone to put it on for me. I found that there are too many bits and pieces to string together- and if you have more than one child, is less than ideal if you have to go somewhere in a hurry.

Our hug a bub has certainly made life easier for my bub and me....  I wear it daily and although at first it seemed like a challenge to get it on - after a few goes it becomes second nature.  My bub smiles when she sees me put it on as she knows it is time to hop in - she sleeps peacefully whilst in it and it allows me to get on with doing what i need to do - knowing i can easily comfort her if i need to with simple movement....  It has made our lives so much easier..... Bubs is 6 months now - and we are still using it daily.... certainly value for money...


I did a lot of research about baby carriers before I made my choice with the HAB. It is just a long piece of material, so quite pricey for what it is, you could always get someone who's good at sewing to make one. Once you know how to put it on it's easy. I put it on before I go out so when I get there I can just pop DD straight in. She loves being in it, she feels safe and snug and always falls asleep, so great for settling. My husband also loves wearing it. You don't need to adjust any buckles or clips which is really good as hubby and I are different heights and builds. The width of the material means the baby's weight is distributed evenly, so no sore back or shoulders. Not too sure how it's going to be in summer, but at the moment I'm loving it.



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