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Hug-a-Bub Organic Carrier

3 reviews
Organic Carrier

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I bought this on recommendation from my GF that works in a baby store and she was right on the money. My baby was so comfortable in the hug a bub and it was often the only way I could get anything done :)

Unfortunately my husband did not like to wear it, he thought it was too hard to put on. Not that he ever tried it. I didn't mind, more snuggles for me.

It is very versatile and snuggly, especially in winter. I could go out wearing my boy and he could sleep through all tucked up, like he was still in the womb.

It can be a bit tricky to put on at first, but once you get used to it it's not too bad. You just have to be careful not to let it drop on the dirty carparks when you go to the shops etc as it's quite long.

It's easy to clean, just throw it in the washing machine and it's good to go. 

I still use it now, bub is 13mo and 10.5kg, and it's still a comfortable wear. He also doesn't mind crusing around attached to me :)

My husband and I have both been wearing our hugabub with our newborn son in it.  So far we have found it to be the easiest way to get him to sleep, he is so secure and comfortable that he just closes his eyes and snuggles in to our chest.  The hugabub has definitely converted us to baby-wearing.  We bought ours second hand off eBay, but if I would recommend buying one new as ours is stretched and is a little bit too loose around the pocket area.

I bought this item second hand (and wasn't fussed on the 'organic' label) off eBay and I must say it has been a fantastic investment. I love carrying my baby in this wrap. 

The wrap takes a bit of practice to get right, but the flexibility in the fit means I can share it with my husband (who is very broad shouldered), and I don't even feel the weight of my 6kg baby. I think my DD will enjoy it much more when she's able to be carried looking outward, she's a nosey little thing and doesn't like not being able to see the world. When she's tired and cranky though, this is a godsend. She goes straight to sleep! 

The pocket adds convenience, however I don't feel comfortable keeping my mobile phone in there (I'm probably being paranoid but I like to keep the phone away from her), but you can pop keys and a wallet in there for easy access at the shops.

The fabric is quite a thick knit so I'm wondering whether it will get too hot in summer for her, but I wear it most of the time at work in air conditioning (my boss is fantastic!) and in shopping centres so I think she's cool enough in there.

I love love love this wrap! 



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