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Baby Bjorn Miracle Baby carrier

4 reviews
Miracle Baby carrier
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Parent Reviews and Comments

After much research I decided that the miracle would be the best carrier for me. I'm so glad I purchased this one my daughter loves it she always falls straight asleep and I find it so easy to use on my own putting her in and out of it. The straps are super simple to adjust going from my husband to me and back again. One of the main selling points for me was the extra lower back strap for support. A little more expensive then others but so worth it I love it!!!

Jac Watson

As a mum of three I have used Baby Bjorn carriers for all my children from birth to a year and a half. With my first two I used the original and found it very useful and now with my third I have tried the Miracle. I have found this new version excellent and extremely comfortable. The additional waist/hip support is a real improvement – especially as your child increases in weight.

When you have a third child you seem to accumulate an enormous amount of baby related devises and hand me downs and I must have more than half a dozen carriers of various types. They are mainly the softer sling style and I must say not one of them has been of any use in comparison to the Baby Bjorn Miracle carrier.

The features that make a big difference include the fastening on and off – which is straightforward and feels very safe. The position of the baby to your body is correct and feels extremely natural from new born up until heavier, and the adjustment is simple.

I have found that as small babies all my children felt safe and comfortable enough to sleep in the carrier if need be, and this was extremely useful when travelling or going to an event where a pram was tricky.  Perhaps one of the most useful aspects is how easily adjustable the size is for the carrying adult. I’m only 5”2 but my husband is over 6” and we both found the Miracle carrier really comfortable and easy to use.

Its great too that it lasts for the whole period of being a baby. Quite a lot of carriers will work while your child is tiny but are soon defunct as the baby reaches 5-6 months. All my children have loved being turned around when their necks were strong enough to watch the outside world or turned back around when they were really little or tired.

From a mum who has tried many carriers the Baby Bjorn Miracle is by far the best.


Having tried a few other baby carriers, I found the Miracle to be a perfect fit for both myself and my partner. We are both larger sized people and wanted one carrier we could both use. The Miracle is easy to put on, adjust and we both found it comfortable to wear. Baby is also on the heavy side but he enjoys being carried, especially facing outwards and his extra weight is comfortably distributed either on the hips or shoulders depending on your preference, it's just a matter or adjusting the straps.


I know the Baby Bjorn is supposed to be top-of-the-line but this carrier just didn't work for me. The straps on the shoulders kept slipping no matter how tight we adjusted it and maybe it was just my baby, but he didn't seem comfortable in it. It is fantastic in terms of safety, but I couldn't see myself wearing it long-term at all. A bit disappointing.



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