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BabyHawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier

5 reviews
Mei Tai Baby Carrier
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I shopped around for a mei tai for a long time and this is the one I decided to get following the reviews. I think I had very high expectations of this carrier.

I love it for short carries around the home or just to go for a walk, but it's difficult to put it on without the straps dragging all over the ground so it's not idea to put on in the car park at the shopping centre. This is why I have rated the carrier 4/5 stars.

Once bubs is in properly - which took me some time practising in order to get it right, it's pretty comfortable. I do, however, wish the straps were wider, especially around where you cross the straps over the baby as I find they just bunch up and slip. Perhaps I just need more practise tying it still though.

When putting bubs in the carrier you need to make sure bubs is secure at all times - one hand on bubs and the other fishing for the straps. While you have both hands on the straps and tying, it can be a little nerve-racking, especially for a beginner with a mei tai. but you'll soon learn to tie bubs into the carrier quickly.

The carrier is extremely comfortable for my baby. He even had a great snooze in it. The head support is fantastic but my baby is one of the taller ones so I hope he doesn't outgrow the head support too quickly.

I am addicted to carriers and I do like this one, but it's honestly not my favourite of all the carriers I have simply because it's not user friendly when out of the house.

Mummy and T

I used the BabyHawk Mei Tai for my daughter from 8 months until 2years old (6kg-12kg) I only stopped due to being pregnant and it was no longer comfortable to wear her. I have been told by friends and seen via the BabyHawk website that the carrier can be used from birth however we only discovered baby wearing when my daughter was 6months old.

I love the convenience of baby wearing and the BabyHawk was perfect for us. The sterdiness and quality of the fabric made me feel like my daughter was secure at all times. I love that due to the tied waist and shoulders (no buckles) my husband could use the same carrier as me.

I chose a plainer style, black and white, but the BabyHawk comes in many different patterns and colours. There are some beautiful patterns available.

I have my BabyHawk here ready for our youngest daughter once she outgrows the carrier we are using for her at the moment.


I have baby worn with all 3 of my kids and wish i'd found this one earlier!!!!! I bought the cheapest kmart pouch-type one with my first because I could not "afford" a better one. But let me tell you, if i'd know the cost of a good quality one could've saved my back problems years down the track I would've saved up the first time around!!

I have tried many over the years, big long fiddly length of material that looked great but needed 2 people really to put on (especially when out and it dragged on the floor when trying to put on!) The Babyhawk carrier comes in lovely different colours and as I said before I really wish i'd found it for my first (not my third and final!) :) Youtube videous show how easy it is to put on and it did not hurt my back once in the 18 months I used it!!!


I had tried a few different carriers but the babyhawk is my favourite.

It found it very easy to put on by my self. It is comftable to wear and doesn't hurt my back (which is not in good shape). It looks great and comes in many different colours/patterns, something for every taste. It is easy to clean - just pop it in the washing machine and it's as good as new.

I like that it easy to swap between my husband and i - some carriers have adjaustble tabs/straps etc that need to be changed when worn by different people but because the mei tai just ties on it can fit all different sizes - very handy considering my husband is twice my size and we don't really want to be spending ages adjusting straps so we can use the same carrier.

Bub was always very relaxed in this carrier and it was a godsend during the first year.

I highly recommend this carrier.


I am an avid babywearer and have used various styles of quality carriers and my fave by far has to be the Babyhawk!

The colour/fabric combos are endless so you're sure to create one that suits your own style. 

I find it to be incredibly comfortable when wearing a newborn right through to a 4yo, despite having lower back issues and the fabric is soft, yet still sturdy, so it doesn't hurt/irritate my arms if wearing for long periods.

If it needs a wash, simply throw it in the machine, i've even chucked mine in the dryer with no problems (though wouldn't do that regularly). 

I simply love it and recommend it for anyone looking for a good mei tai! And if you're not sure on tying a mei tai, jump on youtube, watch some vids and *then* buy one :D



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