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Little Frog Little Frog Ring Sling

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Little Frog Ring Sling
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I recently bought a Little Frog RS after using a couple of other carriers/wraps and realised I wanted something for when I just needed to pop into the shops, do school pickup etc without having pre-wrap at home or get the structured carrier on on my own.

I love my Little Frog RS. It's soft from the get go and doesn't require breaking in like a lot of wraps. I found I only had to thread it once and I just leave it and tweak when I need to tighten/losen to get DD out.

It's a comfortable hold, DD feels really secure and it's comfortable for both of us.


  • Lightweight, easily fits in a hangbag/baby bag
  • Doesn't require breaking in
  • Quick to put on/take off
  • Easy to adjust
  • Cheap for a woven RS
  • Comes in beautiful colours


  • Can't be worn for a long period of time comfortably (but also isn't designed or sold as such, so not really a con!)

Overall, I would happily recomend this RS to anyone!


My Little Frog Ring Sling is so simple to use and sooooooo comfortable. Whilst a ring sling is not a carrier you would use for a really long outing, I find it really comfortable to wear and very simple to use.

It is above all, one of my favourite style carriers. I've used it to go shopping, for a walk and just around the house.

I like that it's simple to put on and you can almost "pre-adjust it" so that you can slide bubs out and not have to do much tweaking for future wears.

It's very simple to breast feed in which is a bonus.



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