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Hug-a-Bub Hugabub Organic Pocket Wrap

12 reviews
Hugabub Organic Pocket Wrap
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Parent Reviews and Comments

We bought this too and are really excited to use it, from all the reviews it sounds super easy.


The hug a bub wrap was a perfect addition when we bought our daughter home. 

It was easy to get on and off, even though I was nervous about getting the hang of a wrap to begin with. 

The hardest part was making sure it was the correct tightness,  although it was easy to adjust if need be.

It meant I could continue to do things around the house and when we were out and about. 

I'll definitely be using it aagain for number 2


I love my hugabub wrap. We are an active family and I found it so easy to use and comfortable to wear down the beach or hiking. Will definitely be using for number 2!


I absolutely love my Hug A Bub! DS2 is 7 weeks old and I have used the Hug A Bub nearly every day so far. It took a few go's at the start to get the wrap tight enough, but once I found what was comfy for us I've found it a breeze to wrap since.

The only downside is that as DS2 gets heavier it is getting a bit more difficult to keep that nice tight wrap as it stretches a bit over the course of a couple of hours of wearing.


I used this once. For me it was a totaly waste of money. Overly priced, difficult to use and my son hated it.

You need a DVD to learn how to use it and even then it was a ridiculous song and dance to get it on.

More trouble than it's worth.


Like others have said put this on before you go out as the material is long and will drag on the ground. 

I have used a few different carriers and this is my favourite! I love wearing my baby in this. It is truly hands free as the legs are secure and you can pull the shoulder to support the baby's head. The fabric is breathable but strong at the same time.

It is also great for a windy Bub as it keeps them upright and the movement with your body helps move the wind.  Also when nubby is bigger you can change the positioning, very versatile!  Love love love it!! 


After using several other slings/carriers with my other children and finding them uncomfortable, i was so pleased to find this one which dosn't  dig in or hurt your shoulders or back .  I could carry my baby around in it all day .  After mastering how to put it on  (i watched the demo on u tube) the only minor downside would be that every so often i would have to tighten it up  as it would start to sag, but this was simple and didnt require baby to be moved. overall i felt my baby was secure and i would always recommend this over the more structured carriers on the market.


My number one tip for this product is to put it on before you go out as its long and can be difficult when your out. I loved it when bub was a newborn as it was very comfy and snug. It also kept me warm in winter, with or without bub. And covered my baby belly,plus

I watched Utube videos on how to put it on before I got it just to help me even though it comes with a disc.Once bub got a little bigger I lost my confidence to safely hold him in it so I stopped using it and got another brand.

I don't regret getting this one though. 

I loved this product when I first got it... except a bit difficult to put on. However, my little one became chubby fairly quickly and by 6months every time I put it on it would only last 20mins before it got too saggy and I had to redo it.... so for me it was a waste of money.

I love it!  My first daughter hated slings when I tried to use them so I wanted to get my second daughter into one early so she'd be used to it.  I did my research and decided on the hug-a-bub.  As a newborn she loved to cuddle in - I could to a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g.  One day I was washing all the car seats, jumping in and out of the boot of the car, hanging out the washing, making the beds occasionally stopping to feed her then she would doze right off again.  Now she refuses to face in and wants to see the world (she's only 3 months old!) so I wear her outwards and she is just the happiest little munchikin.  She smiles at everyone.  I only wish it came with a dangling mirror so I could see her happy little face!

I keep it on all day and just tighten it a little before I put her in each time.  It's light material so very comfy.  I just love the feeling of having her attached to me - it just feels right.


I LOVED it! Made my life so much easier. Suddenly I could do things about the house, fit through narrow aisles, have my hands free to carry things or do things, not have to unload the damn pram in and out of the car – this meant I could actually keep my tiny little hatchback and therefore save thousands on getting a bigger car (I stupidly bought a big pram that has since been collecting dust underneath the house).

The most ergonomic carrier I have ever tried. Absolutely no discomfort whatsoever. Carried my baby around in it for hours. Plus, the more I carried my baby in it, the more settled he was thereafter. He fed less, almost never cried... even my husband thought it was miraculous. This phenomenon encouraged me to take him for long walk every day if I hadn't had another reason to wear him for a significant period of time. This in turn meant that I was looking after my own health (and that of our dog too!).

Takes practice to wear, but persistence pays. Because you can wear it driving (without the baby, of course!) I put it on at home, and once at the shops I could just put the baby straight in. I could get in and out of the car multiple times and not have to retie it.

I wore him in the Hugabub until he was about 8kg (7months, I think?) and then I switched to Ergo carrier (performance model), which is the best carrier for older babies, IMO. Between these two, I have not used the pram once for the last 6 months.


I purchased this wrap 2 weeks before my last baby was born and I am loving it. After a couple of practises, I've got it down pat and it takes about 1 minute to get on and pop in bub, but then I can carry him for hours comfortably! There is no pressure on my shoulder , it's not bulky and I love the feeling of having Cain cuddled against me.

I find I am able to do more and be out more than with my other two babies.

This carrier is a sanity saver for sure and can't imagine using anything else for my newborn...not that i'm planning any more.



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