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Goldbug Goldbug Sling and Hip Carrier

4 reviews
Goldbug Sling and Hip Carrier
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Parent Reviews and Comments
one of the worst purchases ever i got this when i was pregnant with my daughter as i was quite uninformed about carrying options then and it looked ok but after using it for a few weeks i realised it is uncomfortable to carry , my daughter got very squashed in there and it also got very sweaty


We were given the Goldbug Sling and Hip Carrier as a present. 

We used this carrier while our daughter was younger - it was perfect to put her in to get her to fall asleep as she would be laying down and all snuggled in.The strapping gave us first-time parents extra reassurance that she wouldn't fall out. 

Now at 4 months, our daughter is too big to lay down in the sling, but has other reviewers have found, my daughter is too small to be in the hip carrier. 

I found it hard to wear at first, but I attribute that to not wearing it properly - I wore the strap too low on my shoulder. Though, even wearing it properly, it is not very comfortable on my back or shoulders. My husband  found it much easier to wear which is because he is stronger in the shoulder and back. 

All in all, this carrier was handy while she was younger, but now it has really outgrown its usefulness. If you are planning to babywear for a long period, you would need another carrier in addition to this one.  

THis one was perfect for hubby to use but for me those few months after birth my back was in bad shape and I used this still but I knew I could have been more comfortable. Hubby loved this and found it awesome so I think in general guys are alot stronger and carrying around a little baby in a sling wont bother them as much. Me I found only short periods of time was fine if bubz was in there for awhile it would tend to get uncomfortable. Saying that my SIL had a harness and didnt like it one bit and I let her borrow my sling and she absolutely loved there must be def. worse products on the market and I guess as value for money this is great as it isnt too expensive and other have found it a dream.
Two Sweetpeas

At first I liked this sling, but there are two big things with it...

1. My daughter is too big to lay down, but too small to sit on my hip for too long in it. It may just be due to her size, but I wasn't comfortable taking my hands off her while on my hip, and she slid down.

2. I injured my shoulder after using this. A quick search online found no one else that this has happened to, so maybe it was something I did wrong.

I'm willing to give it another shot when my daughter is a bit older, but I'm wary of injuring my shoulder again. 



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