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ERGOBaby Ergo Sport

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Ergo Sport

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Parent Reviews and Comments

We purchased the ergo sport in anticipation of a trip to the uk when my bub was 6 months old. 

Prior to the trip I had used it occasionally at home to help get her to sleep and it worked a treat

The ergo really came into its own on the trip, going though airports with 2 arms free made the trip so easy, beacuse of the ergo, I didn't need a pram, she was happy because she was sitting close to mumma, and I was happy because I knew she was safe with me!

She easily slept in it while everything was going on around her, and the fit was comfortable for me too! 


I got my Ergo Sport when DD was 18 months old.  I had thought that the sling that I had been using was fine but when I put her in the Ergo at the Ergo stall at a baby expo she was just weightless and I knew it was love.  At that time I was expecting (but miscarried shortly after) so I thought that it would be great for getting about with a newbie and wrangling a toddler, and even though I haven't needed to use it for this, I stand by it.  Despite not getting to use it for a new baby as planned, I have had plenty of use out of it.  DD (at almost 3) will still go to sleep in it and she actually really likes being in it.   It has come in so handy at times when I have had to move and collect big items when it is just me and DD (pop her on my back and then my hands are free).  


I purchased the Ergo Sport along with the infant insert. I had intended to purchase another popular carrier but after trying them both I felt more comfortable using the ergo. Benefits include; easy to put on, comfortable to wear & it can be used as bub grows. 

The only negative was that bub & mum can get very hot using the insert.

Overall I recommend this product.


I purchased this item because the baby bjorn was giving me some serious back pain, and had read some great reviews on bubhub for the ergoBaby, and it was 25% off! Hooray!

I love the sports model because it is breathable and I don't end up sticky sweaty when it's warm. It also has longer straps than any of the other ErgoBaby models which is great for my, and my hubby's, plus sized figure.

Baby is currently 3 months old and not so much a fan of the 'spread legs' that are required. He wil grizzle until we manage to get him into a nice spot.

On the bad side, the behind the shoulder strap can be really hard to do up if you're on your own. You can't face the baby outwards, only inwards. The instructions are quite hard to follow for the hip placement and I wouldn't want to try putting the baby on my back on my own, it looks like quite a balancing act.

Having said that, it does signifincantly reduce the backpain associated with baby wearing, and the position baby sits in is much more ergonomic and safer for him.


I bought the ergo baby after reading alot of fantastic reviews. My husband and I are around the same height and have quite a tall baby too. We decided on the sport for this reason.

It is quite versatile, we have used the ergo with our boy on the front, side and back. He loves it in there and has spent many a day shopping in it and he hasn't complained. Not once have I ever had a sore back or shoulders. It is wonderful.

I love the closeness of having him on the front and to me it's constant "forced hugs" :)

The ergo is light and breathable..even on hot days we don't overheat.

My husband also loves it and will often put it on before I can so that he can wear our boy.  

Whilst some people see the fact that bub can't face outwards is a negative, it doesn't bother me. It isn't a natural fit for bubs to sit that way anyway, so that's another plus for me. 

We didn't use it from birth as we had a hug a bub, but hubby refused to wear that :) If we decide to have another baby we will get the infant insert so daddy can wear bub from birth too.

Overall I cant recommend this product enough. I honestly don't have any negatives about it. 


I did a lot of reserach prior to buying a carrier. I wanted something that was comfortable for baby and I as he grew into a toddler.

We chose the Sport model mostly due to the longer straps and waist belt, as I'm a larger person especially after my pregnancy although all the walking with the Ergo will hopefully change that.

The Ergo Sport is very comfortable to wear as it has padded shoulder straps and unlike other carriers the weight is distributed on your hips, so there is no shoulder or back pain. It is made of a breathable material that feels really nice. It seems like it will be nice and cool in warm weather, and the the fabric is easy to clean but it does collect fluff and dog hair

It can be used in hip, back or front carrying positions, and can hold up to 18kg, so it will last longer than other baby carriers. I also liked the fact that the Ergo is better for my baby as he sits in the carrier instead of being held up at with legs dangling, as with some other brands of baby carriers.

It was a bit complicated to work out the instructions for the different positions to start with but it doesn't take long to get the hang of it. Also when looking at the website I noticed some of the other Ergo carriers have storage pockets that the Sport model doens't have. It would be handy to put small items such as keys in.

Recently purchased the Ergo Sport to wear while shopping as I have a 14 month old toddler and a 5 week old baby. First outing was to the shopping centre and I was amazed at how much easier it made shopping. My son stayed asleep the whole time as he was close to my chest, rather than in the cold trolly bassinet and I was able to get in and out quickly because of this. I am a size 16 and found the Ergo fits well and is very comfortable. 

I did find the infant insert is a bit hot and baby was sweating a little bit towards the end of the shop.

Overall, once you get the ergo sport adjusted correctly it is a really excellent carrier!  


I actually won my Ergo Sport in an online competition but boy am I glad I did.  I had been using a hand me down baby bjorn (original model) and found it not so great with older babies.

My husband and I are both very tall, and we can both use the Ergo Sport without any difficulties.  Even in the heat of summer we find we can wear it comfortably and it holds our daughter so that there is a space between her and our back, so it doesn't get too hot and sticky carrying her.  We've used it on 10km hikes and she loves it.

It is so much more comfortable than cheaper carriers as the weight is properly distributed to the hips.   I leave mine permanently in the car so it is ready to use if we don't want to use the stroller.

I've never really got the hang of the hip carrying position, but the front and back are great and easier than lugging a pram everywhere.  Now I'm about to have our second I have bought the newborn insert and expect to be able to use our existing pram without having to buy a toddler seat because I'll be carrying one or other of them at any time.  From my research it seems that the Ergo holds young babies much better than carriers like the baby bjorn because it doesn't force their legs apart.  So it is better for bubs, and much better for my back. 

Thoroughly recommended - particularly for taller or larger parents. 


I wanted to buy an ERGOBaby when my first baby was born, but received another brand of carrier as a hand-me-down so couldn't justify spending more money. As it turned out I didn't use that carrier very often and my son grew too big for it when he was still quite young.

This time around I was determined to buy an ERGOBaby and decided on the Sport - as it had extra long waistbands etc so my partner could carry the baby as well. 

The ERGOBaby paid for itself on our newborns very first trip out of the house. She was screaming her head off in Woolies and I could slightly change her position to feed her discreetly while walking around the store. I had a calm baby!! Yay. 

She's four months old now and still falls asleep in the ERGO. I will have to master the art of wearning her on my back soon though. 

The Ergo baby carrier is by far the best purchase I have made as a parent. I have tried other carriers, and this one is the most supportive and comfortable.  The fabric is light and breathable, straps are easy to adjust, shoulder straps are nicely padded and the design of the ergo ensures that weight is evenly distributed. It's very easy to carry a baby or toddler for long periods of time without feeling strain on the body. The Ergo allows for three different carrying positions - front, back and hip, as opposed to one or the other. However one of the best features is its weight limit - the ergo can carry up to18kg (about four years of age), which means that I can still easily carry my eldest son in the ergo, who is 27 months old.It's very discreet and easy to breastfeed in, and it's also fantastic for babies who are suffering from reflux, as it allows them to sit upright (close to Mummy/Daddy) after a feed. My youngest son suffered from reflux until he was four months old, so it was very easy to feed him in the ergo and let him fall asleep close to me - it assisted his reflux, helped him feel close and secure, and allowed me to be hands free to do other things. Last but not least is the fact that this awesome carrier is in fact machine washable, so it can be thrown in the machine on a normal cycle with no issues!  I highly recommend the Ergo, it's the best carrier on the market.

I took advantage of the ABA 20% off sale to invest in an ergo, after my physio forbade me from my old favourite sling.

I have a seperated pelvis and hyper mobile hips, which was causing pain when I used the ring sling.

Straightaway my hips/back/pelvis felt better, with the Ergos weight distribution. My DD fit well, and the privacy hood was great for naps.
At 7 months she was front carried, now at 18 months she goes on my back more often.

Ive never had trouble getting her in and out, I use the reflection from the car windows to see what Im doing and strap her in..

She LOVES having a 'horsey' ride now, plus my body feels so much better using this carrier.

The only problem we are having is that DDs height is off the charts for her age, and its getting hard to feed her, as she is so tall compared to my body length/

I suggest every new parent invests in an ergo! 


I've used the Ergo with my little boy from when he was 11 months until 3 years. Its so comfortable and reasonably easy to use once you get the hang of adjusting the straps to get the right balance. Its great for breast feeding on the go. Recently I've used it while 20 weeks pregnant so I could catch a flight with my toddler on my own, and was an absolute godsend and surprisingly still comfortable despite him weighing 18kgs and having my belly bump. I cannot recommend it enough, of everything I've bought as a mum its been the most valuable by far.


We bought an Ergo Sport at a baby show before DD had arrived and were not too sure how we would get on with it.  She is now 9 months old and we love it!  We used it from when she was a couple of weeks old to take her to various sporting events and it worked brilliantly.  She was has happily slept in it from a young age.

The infant insert was a bit of a pain to use initially but once we got used to it we were fine.  It is a shame that you have to purchase it as an extra though.

My DH and I are both tall and the longer straps work better for us - when we tried the Ergo on we didn't find it as comfortable as the Sport. 

A possible downside of the Ergo is that the baby cannot be forward facing but so far that doesn't seem to bother DD. We find it easy to put on and DD seems to be comfortable in it. We haven't tried putting her on our backs yet.

Overall, it is a great product.  DD is now nearly 10 kg and we can both carry her comfortably for long periods. 


I love my Ergo so much I could marry it.  It was absolutely brilliant with an unsettled baby who needed to be carried 24/7, and who would only sleep in the Ergo.

I initially borrowed an original Ergo from a friend, and then bought a sport which I much preferred.


  •  Bub loved it - for the first 4 months of his life it was the only place where he would sleep.
  • Very comfortable to wear.  I could wear it for quite a while and didn't feel any back strain.  DS is 8.5kg at the moment so I can't comment on carrying a heavier baby.
  • Very easy to use.  I often find it much more practical when heading to the shops, as it is much easier to have bub in the Ergo than try to negotiate a pram with shopping too.
  • Comfortable straps that are fairly wide
  • Ergonomic position for baby and the wearer
  • The newborn insert was great to use from birth
  • The Sport seemed more breathable than the Original Ergo.
  • Cleans and washes well


  • Newborn insert can be a bit fiddly to get bub into, but once you get used to it it's fairly easy.  I still found the newborn insert too difficult to use when going on outings.
  • The Sport has longer straps - being short with a small build, the straps dangle quie a bit and I need to tuck them into the waist band.
  • The Original has a small pocket which can be used for small items.  The Sport doesn't have this.
  • Can't face outwards, but I actually preferred having bub face me anyway.  I guess some people would see it as a negative.
Overall, I can't recommend the Ergo enough! 


When I had my son, I bought one of the original ergo baby carriers. I used it a bit. It was ok. My son didn't really seem to like it, and it was quite hot.

So being that I liked the ergo in terms of comfort to wear, I thought I would give the sport a go the with #2. WINNER!  It has had SO much use, its taken everywhere. It means that I can sit my 2 year old in the pram when his legs are tired. It means I can take him to the park, and classes, while I wear bub and she can have a little nap!

She is now 8 months and when she sees that she is going for a ride in the ergo, a big smile erupts across her face and she starts kicking her legs in excitement! 

I find the sport to be more comfortable than the original, much lighter. My husband and I are 'fuller figured' parents and we could just squeeze into the regular one, but the longer straps on the sport also make it much more comfortable.

I definately recommend this to anyone looking for a baby carrier


I bought the Ergo Sport model after hearing rave reviews from many friends. I wanted a good carrier for hikes/walks, travelling on public transport, holidays (especially airports!), crowded places such as markets or shops, anywhere you can't take a stroller really. I haven't tried the original Ergo, so I can't really compare the two. The only other carriers I have ever used are the Baby Bjorn and a wrap “Hug-a-Bub” style carrier when my kids were newborns. I couldn't use either of those once they got to be about 3 months old. I currently have an 18-month-old son, who weighs about 14kg.



• Long straps and waist belt, allows the carrier to fit people of all sizes and body shapes with easy adjustment. This means that both my husband and I can use it (I'm short and skinny and he's taller and bigger around the chest/hips). If it's adjusted for a smaller-framed person, the excess straps can be rolled up and secured out of the way.

• Lightweight and durable construction, with good quality double stitching. It's streamlined design means it's not as bulky as some carriers. The Ergo also feels very secure.

• The weight is distributed on your hips, so there is no shoulder or back pain. Comfortable padded shoulder straps also help when wearing it for long periods.

• Made of soft poly-cotton material that feels really nice. It also makes it more breathable and cooler in warm weather, and easy to clean (can be machine washed or wiped with a damp cloth).

• Very versatile with hip, back or front carrying positions, and can hold a child up to 18kg, so it lasts longer than many other baby carriers.

• Baby can snooze happily in the front or back positions – the sleeping hood gives head support and also protects from the elements to some extent, and can be tucked away in it's pocket when not in use. There's also an air vent at baby's back which helps prevent baby becoming hot and sweaty.

• The Ergo is more comfortable for my baby as he sits in the carrier instead of being held up at the crotch with legs dangling, as with some other brands of baby carriers. According to the literature, this position is ergonomically correct for baby, for proper spine and hip development.

• Takes up little space: it rolls up small to fit in luggage when travelling, and takes up a lot less space in the car too.

• I've never tried breastfeeding in the Ergo, but I'm told it's possible!



• There's no forward-facing position, some babies like to have more of a view.

• It can be a little complicated to work out the instructions for the different positions.

• I can't get baby into back carry position by myself, and neither can my husband, but it probably just takes practice. I usually help my husband and son get into it, and if I am by myself I sit on a bed or couch to get my son secured in properly.

• When I first tried the front carry position it was hard to do up the buckle at the back because it was right up between my shoulder blades, but I've since discovered it can actually moved up and down to where I can reach it.

• There's no storage pocket for carrying small items, although a backpack or pouch can be clipped on if you want to spend more on Ergobaby accessories!

• It currently only comes in blue or black with white stitching), it doesn't come in the pretty designs that the original Ergo now comes it. It's not overly stylish looking, and the fabric collects fluff/dust, though this doesn't particularly bother me.



I have a small frame so it is a little heavy/awkward for me to carry my baby at all. I personally find the Ergo Sport a bit uncomfortable to wear, because the weight on my hips actually aggravates my leg joints, especially at the top of the thigh. However I had the same problem carrying a heavy rucksack in my backpacking days so this might just be me. Everyone else seems to find the Ergo carriers so wonderful! At least my husband still likes to wear it. It's not perfect, but you could do a lot worse.



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