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Kapoochi Classic Carry Pouch

5 reviews
Classic Carry Pouch
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Parent Reviews and Comments

We had no idea what to do with this item when our first little one arrived 15 years ago, and this was a product which took a lot of getting used to.

It was not easy to figure out exactly how it worked, but boy, once we figured it out it became the one single item which we found the most useful baby care item we ever owned. It was used and reused three times for our three children, and an extra two were bought to make sure we were never left in a situation without one.

We would truly be lost if we had to parent new children again without a Kapoochi today and it remains the only baby care product we became so grateful for that we have never allowed it to go to a new home, we still own all three!!  every other baby care item has been given away.


Easily the best baby care product we have ever owned, but only once you figure out how to use it!!

Thrifty Mama
I used one of these Kapoochis and I see them online second hand and occasionally in Op-shops too. I didn't like this at all, I have since found that this style of carrier is bad for baby's pelvis but even before I knew that I had gotten rid of ours and moved on, it has so hard on my back and after bubby was 6 months old I couldn't carry him for long in the carrier without searing pain across my muscles in the upper back and neck, no matter how it was adjusted. My husband found the same so we moved on to a soft carrier and will use it for our third baby (when she arrives and has outgrown her sling a bit). Don't be tempted by this or other carriers of this style, just holding bub is easier on your back in my experience!

I tried this carrier for around a month, but it was really painful when carrying my newborn DD. She was only in the 3rd percentile for weight, so I dread to think how much a bigger baby would hurt!

I also had difficulty getting my bub in and out without help 

I was given mine as a hand me down, and they had the same issue. I gave the carrier away and the new owner seems to like it.

Not one I would try again or reccomend 

Overall not a bad carrier.  A little difficult to get the hang of, although I would assume all of them are this one has heaps of different clips that I find difficult to match to the right part.  Can be uncomfortable and bad on the back as bub gets heavier.  Bub seems to be quite comfortable in this and I like the head support and bib attachement to protect my clothes from bub.  Good price too compared to others on the market.

Out off all the frount packs i've used, the kapoochi classic was by far the most uncomfortable, it was good for the first mth or so, but once bubs got to about 3mths of age, he was already too heavy for me to carry hiim for too long in it, I found the frount pack lacked in back support, which was most of the problem

Bubs looked really comfy inthe pouch, which was a plus, and the fabric was very easy to clean when he had his little spills, it was really light weight, took a while to get the hang of getting bubs in and out of it

Over all, its not a pouch I would use again or suggest to anyone,



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