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Boba Boba 3G Carrier

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Boba 3G Carrier
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I just wanted to say that I had my 1 year old son on my back the other day when I was shopping at Myer, and chanced upon our reflection in a mirror.

I loved how we both looked LOL.

Me: my posture was straight (normally I slouch a little), and looked absolutely at ease, carrying all my shopping. None of the straps looked like they were digging into my shoulders (of course they wouldn't, if not I would have felt it!!), nor did I have any fats (my rolls from giving birth) pushing out from the waistbelt etc lol. Everything seemed to sit nicely.

Little Man: was grinning in the mirror (a big plus, he was so happy), he was sitting absolutely straight, legs spread and in the saddle, posture perfectly straight, back supported all the way to his shoulders, the boba carrier wrapping him so snugly and close to me. His hands were by his side, holding on to my t-shirt! HOW CUTE!

I often cringe looking at some mums with their babies in some form of a carrier / sling - there are ones which are so similar to the boba, but somehow the panel looks so short that the child is sitting in there like a snake, in a C shape, because they are not well supported. Or the ones that dangle the sleeping baby facing forward, with what looks like no support for their neck whatsoever, or they are just dangling by the crotch. I never cringe when I carry my son in my Boba, he always looks so well supported, not sitting like a snake or dangling or whatever.

I have both the Boba 3G Carrier and the Boba Air. Love the Boba Air for short trips, love the 3G for longer hikes through the natural reserves and long walks by the beach. Absolute love, big babywearing convert!

Melissa Russell

The Boba 3G carrier is the new version brought out by Boba. I have recently purchased one in tweet. I have an 18 month old daughter that loves to be worn by me all the time, I have used quite a few different carriers in the past from other soft structure carriers, woven wraps and mei tai’s. I first looked at these Boba 3G carriers because I liked the idea of having the foot holders to help maintain a good position for my toddler.

 Features of the Boba 3G;

  • First soft structured baby carrier to promote both head and leg support for babies and toddlers.
  • Suitable for babies from 3kg up to toddlers of 20kg.
  •  Comfortably fits parents of heights 150cm – 190cm.
  • Waistband range 25″ – 58″.
  • The redefined 3G version allows the carrier to be used for newborns, without the need of an additional insert.
  • Comes with a removable sleeping hood that supports the child’s head, and provides protection from heat, cold, sun, rain, wind and snow.
  • Removable foot straps (patent pending) ensures baby’s hips, legs and spine and held in a most comfortable and natural frog-like manner, legs apart, knees bent.
  • Multiple pockets for convenient storage.
  • Re-shaped egronomic belt, designed with foam to ensure maximum support and comfort for the carrying adult.
  • Uniquely designed shoulder straps, to allow the ease of carrying a purse or a diaper bag.
  • Safety first – baby is always secure with a military-grade buckle used in the waist belt. No poking poles or metal parts.
  • Supports discreet breastfeeding.
  • Use as a front or a back carrier.
  • One size fits all – completely adjustable, lightweight (carrier weighs less than 1kg), fits adults of all shapes and sizes.












 My Experiences-

 I LOVE IT!!! From the first time I put it on, I knew it was different. It came all the way up my toddlers back making her feel very secure, she relaxed straight away. It was so light on my back, it felt like wearing an everyday back pack (that moves around). The foot rests are great and so easy to use. In fact one thing I love so much is how easy it is to use, no learning curve to work out the best way to tie up very long wraps to find a confortable tie for you. You just put it on, put in the baby, do up the fastening clips and adjust if required and you are done.

Comfort is something I was curious about, I did wonder how heavy it would feel not being able to spread the weight over my body and shoulders as I do with my other carriers. I was honestly surprised at how well it achieves this. If worn correctly, there is no strain at all on your back, even after a couple of hours of walking around it still felt good.

I gave the Boba 3G a 9 out of 10 in rating, the only thing that bothered me was I would have liked a bigger pocket, for a nappy and wipes to fit. Boba has put in some fantastic handbag holding straps though so this does help with my issue.

Would I recommend this carrier? ABSOLUTELY!! I already have and will continue to do so.

Thank you Boba!


I made a pre-order for the Boba 3G Carrier, upon learning that it was new in Australia and was arriving soon. I have since received it and tried it on with my 9 month old, and boy am I hooked!

It is SUPER comfy. Having tried the Ergo and the Baby Bjorn, the Boba is definitely my favourite. It is very well padded, and I don't feel any strain on my back at all (I have a lower back problem). My chunk of a baby is also very comfortable in it, and has no qualms on riding around with me all day, despite being a very wriggly and active 9 month old. She's also fallen asleep very easily in it, and when she does, I put the sleeping hood on and put it over her, which gives very good support amazingly, since she tends to sleep with her head dangling sideways alot. With the hood, I can have her sleeping mostly upright and close to my chest, without worrying that she'll have a neck strain!

And my latest discovery - is how WONDERFUL back carrying is!! It was a little tricky to manouvere at first, but once we both got the hang of it, it was a dream! Any mum of a 9 month old who's crawling, would find that she can't get much done, except for chasing the baby around the house. With the back carry, I can clean, cook, do the laundry etc, with her safely on my back. It's awesome. It has saved me lots of time and being able to bond with little miss as well - fabulous.

Hubby wears it without much problems as well, it is really easy to put on and take off, and it is comfortable for us both. Pockets for storage - we just go out with the carrier nowadays, no need for any bags or anything.

Can't praise it enough! We love this carrier even more than our Stokke pram - everytime we put her in the pram, she'd wail wanting to be carried! The 3G has solved all these problems, being able to hold little miss close, without having a back or arm strain. Love it, would highly recommend it.



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