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Beco Beco Gemini

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Beco Gemini
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I got this for around $100 from ebay with a pretty print on the front. It does all the things that the ergo 360 does (which I tried to buy but was out of stock or way overpriced). It wasn't fantastic when my bub was a newborn, he seemed to disappear into it (and he was a big one at 3.9kgs), but by about 3 months he was much more comfy in it, and now I love it. He loves facing forward - however I'm told his legs hang at an awkward angle for those bubs who love to kick!


After a fair bit of research and some recommendations of bubhub I decided to go with the Beco Gemini.

It is a fantastic carrier and feels so much more supportive for bub than a bjorn.

I don't find it too complicated to use, the straps are quite long however there is elastic attached so that you can roll up the excess keeping it out of the way and looking neat/tidy at the same time.

Great designs and price on par with the other great carriers out there.


I purchased my Gemini when my daughter was about 5 weeks old and I realised that the Baby Bjorn that I was given wasn't going to supportmy back enough.

I quickly got to grips with how to put it on and off and started using it straight away with baby facing me.  It's really comfortable and puts no strain on my lower back which is a problem area for me.

I now use the carrier with my baby forward facing and it's still great, she can sleep easily in there and is nice and snug.

What I like most about this carrier is that the straps cross over at the back and you also have the strap around your hip which transfers weight there instead of your back.  At first it does look like there are a lot of straps as they are quite long but this means that my husband can also use the carrier easily.

There are safety catches on the clip so you need two hands to unclip - easy once you get the hang of it.  I also love the designs - more interesting that plain carriers.  Cost is on a par with other carriers on the market - I bought mine in the US and got it shipped over and was still at a comparable price.

I'm looking forward to using this carrier on my back and can also carry on the hip - lots of choices so I can see this lasting into toddlerhood.

Really happy with my purchase and can't recommend enough.


I got this carrier when my daughter was about 10 months old after my cheapie from target started hurting my back. I with I had gotten in sooner! My back felt 100 times better using this carrier thanks to all the extra support. 

My main consideration was ensuring that my carrier did front carry - and this is one of the few ones that does with this level of support. 

It is simple to use thanks to the clips hitch is another huge plus for clumsy people like me. 

It does get a bit hot in summer as it is quite thick but not moreso than

Any other non-cloth wrap.

Overall I am very happy with our purchase.  



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