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Bubba-Moe Baby Sling

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Baby Sling
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Brissie 1st timer

This sling is great if you are new to babywearing and find the wraps and ring slings a bit daunting.

The rails are padded and there is limited adjustability however I found that with most carrys you are able to adjust it enough that the baby is held safe and it is comfortable.

My husband prefers it and I still get it out on occasion.


I loved this sling, an absolute life saver. Very easy to use, good quality material and safe for my heavy bubba and my back. My son was in this constantly and it was literally a life saver in my house!

I find the bubba moe great for a quick trip to the shops or if my 18 month old wants to be cuddled and I have things to do. It's really easy to put on, taking only a minute. One size fits all means that Daddy can use it too. Can be used until 17kg/3yrs, a lot of slings don't reach that limit. The video tutorials on the eebdite are easy to follow and a great help. Easy to wash, just straight in the machine. I don't have anything bad to say about the Bubba Moe sling, it's perfect!

After going through with my daughter an ergo (which I LOVED for my son) a stretchy wrap, mei tai style carrier, bjorn style carrier and a fitted sling I finally bought a bubba moe and we (me and bub) are both so happy with it.

I think the main thing with it with the adjustable strap I can easily change her position as I find she gets very wrestless and cranky VERY quickly in carriers that have her in the one position. She can squirm, look around, suck her fingers, look at me, look out, be on my hip, front, be side on or fully facing outwards with her feet tucked up in front of her, she can fall asleep, breast feed, play - we even have a toy or dolly in the sling with her for her to gnaw on and play with - and its all very easily to let the strap out, or put it in, to shift her position, which also means its changing the weight distribution for me across my back which helps my comfort too.

Also, when she falls asleep I can unclick her at the back and then gently place her in her swing at home or pram when we are out - I keep the straps at her feet and dont leave her unattended, but its really quite a lot easier to put her down without disturbing her than a structured carrier.

And if in doubt - YOUTUBE - they have great youtube videos. They do provide a dvd when buying new, but its just as easy to youtube it on a smart phone.

Cons - I dont see myself using it for as long as I used the ergo carrier. I still occasionally pop my 3.5 year old in the ergo and I really dont see myself using the bubba moe much after she's 10kgs. But its been fanastic so far (newborn-4 months & counting)


I do like this particular sling. It comes in a variety of different colours but the fabric is quite thick andub does tend to get warm in summer outdoors. Very easy to wash.

I found this sling most useful for babies from birth to about six months lying down or partially sitting then the baby would become to heavy and would give some back/shoulder pain if worn on front for extended periods of time (ie hour or so). 

I found the on your back position completely useless, awkward and uncomfortable.

The side sitting position on your hip was quite good for babies that were sitting. although this position didn't give much free use of your arm on that side as baby was in the way.

Overall I found it comfortable as long as bub was smallish and laying down or partially sitting and provided bub liked being in that position within the confines of a sling.


i love my bubba moe sling.  i love that its small enough that i can keep it in my bag or the bottom of the pram for those times its needed.  its easy to put on and use in various positions.  i love the front carry when my bubs were newborn and found that they slept really well in the sling.  i also love that i can slip out of the sling to lay them down once they are asleep without noisy clips or velcro to undo and wake them. 

i also like the way you can put it through the bars of the cot and use it like a baby hammock.  great for newborns without the need for a bassinette or cot insert. 

its very easy to wash and dries quite quickly.  its very comfortable to wear even for larger children - i used it up to about 15kgs on my toddler and i still sling my 1.5 year old who is about 11kgs for short trips.  its great for the slightly older child to sit in as it spreads the weight over your body instead of having to carry them and getting sore arms.

i would say that this is a must have for parents of children who are hard to settle as mine would drift off to sleep with just me moving around the house.


I bought one of these as I was travelling overseas with my 3 month old son, while he loves sitting in it, I was not comfortable moving around a lot with him as I just didnt feel he was secure enough. I now use it when we are making a quick trip to the shops and as he has gotten bigger he feels more secure, I would recommend these to someone with and older bubba.


I bought one of these second hand for my second son. It has been a lifesaver so far. I can go shopping easily (i have a 3yo in tow), and have two hands free to eat lunch. Its easy to put on and put bubba in it, its comfortable too. 

Its almost winter so its getting cold here and bubba is nice and snug in the sling. He sleeps really well in it and ive even breastfed him in it. I would definitely recommend the Bubba Moe sling. Ill be sad when he grows out of it. 


I love my Bubba-Moe. And so does my bubba.

From his birth, I found this sling so easy and quick to use. When I am at the shops I can take my crying bubba out of his pram and he loves being close to me. It always calms him and usually puts him to sleep.

I thought as he got older (and bigger) I would stop using it. But he just seems to sit up a little more in it now.

It is easy to stuff in a bag and take along. And easy to clean, just throw it in the wash.

All in all, I think the bubba-moe is a cheaper alternative but also a better alternative. It is a quick solution for a sad bubba that works well and keeps them close.

This sling has been my life saver. I've used it from day one with my little man who is now 1 and i still use it all the time. Its so easy and being adjustable my hubby can wear it too. We've got a baby bjorn also but we hated it compared to this and this never leaves you sore. I would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone and i do.



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