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Mamaway Baby Ring Sling

13 reviews
Baby Ring Sling

Mamaway's baby ring sling promotes the benefit of baby wearing. Newborn carry position is snug like the womb, listening to mother’s rhythmic walk (rocking movement) and heartbeat can help to settle your baby. You can use the sling to carry your baby comfortably in a cuddle, hip or back position.

Parent Reviews and Comments

I love my MAMAWAY baby sling. I did have a bit of trouble at first working out how to use it but I watched some YouTube videos and now I have it down.

I've used it since my baby was 3 weeks old and it has continually accomodated for her growing.

It is easy to put in the wash and doesn't shrink or loose shape. Made from light fabric, it is strong yets still provides good ventilation.

Recommend these to all mums that want to baby wear.


It took me a few trials to work out how to use the ring sling. Having never used one before I had no idea. The DVD was very helpful and I watched it a few times to learn.


  • Easy to set up
  • Useful instructions on DVD
  • Baby liked it/was comfortable
  • Small enough to carry in a bag when going out
  • Variety of colour choices


  • Hurt shoulder after long periods
  • Excess material was annoying
  • Had to readjust/tighten a few times whilst wearing
  • Material would bunch on shoulder
  • Son was able to lean away and almost out of the carrier when he wanted to look at things.

Overall I liked the sling for short periods of time. The first time I wore it my son fell asleep and stayed asleep in it for 3 hours. Whilst it became quite painful for me to carry him, he loved it and was very comfortable. I used it almost every day and found it very handy. Although I didn't master all of the different carries, I like that I can go to the store and get assistance.


I was thrilled to be chosen to review the Mamaway baby sling. I'd been wanting a sling of some sort from the very early days of this bub being born because I'd seen people using them with their newborns and thought it was great to not have to cart a pram everywhere you went. I had purchased a Petunia Picklebottom sling and found that as the cloth was stretchy it was difficult to place correctly and frustrating in that it wasn't at all adjustable. My hubby wasn't able to use it and as a result I was on the look out for something that was both adjustable and wouldn't stretch after a short time.

The Mamaway sling certainly filled both of those briefs. I received a sling with brown and blue stripes called 'Chocolate Truffle' on their site. To begin with I was a little leary as those colours are not colours I would have chosen given the choice. I soon realised that the somewhat drab colours were a huge benefit however, as my husband took one look and said "Oh, I'm ok with wearing that!".
Of course they have brighter and more eye-catching colour combos available but the option of having a darker and less obtrusive colour/pattern combo certainly is a benefit to those of us with less outgoing partners. And a big plus is that it's basically one size fits all. Larger mums and dads will find this sling a breath of fresh air compared to many slings with a small, medium and large restriction. Petite parents will find it equally as useful. I found that as I have a smaller ribcage I had a rather long 'tail' of cloth once I'd put the sling on, but that was solved with the simple expedient of tying it into a knot over the rings themselves. This only adds to the safety of the hitching rings although it is just as strong without the knot.


As for actually using the sling, it's surprisingly simple. There were 2 DVDs provided with the sling to show you several carrying methods depending on your child's size and comfort, however they also have instructions on Youtube or their site. The difference with this sling as opposed to some of the others that I have tried is that the cotton is a strong drill cotton with very little stretch. Once your bub is settled in place you can comfortably and confidently take your hands entirely off their body.

With the Mamaway sling it's almost like you have an extra set of arms firmly holding your bub to your side. Or front, should you choose that method.
For the first time I was able to make my lunch using both of my hands while bub was in the sling. Previously even though he was sitting in a sling I had to keep one arm around him to feel like he was safe. With the Mamaway sling I was able to move freely, and even bend forward slightly to see into the fridge which I certainly couldn't do in the past without feeling like bub was just going to slide right on out!

I LOVE this sling and would definitely recommend it to any mum. It's easy to use, easy to wash, easy on the eyes and comfortable for bubs of all sizes.


I was chosen to review the Mamaway sling and was very excited as I have a 12 week old son who has been diagnosed with reflux and likes to be held all day long. As much as I love cuddling him I find it so hard to get anything done throughout the day. I already have a hug a bub wrap and an ergo but found that the sling was the quickest and easiest to put on and get bub in and out if by far. I also found that it was comfortable to wear and he seemed very content cuddled in it as well! I would definitely recommend the Mamaway sling to mums whose babies like to be held all day so that you can still be out and about doing things with both hands for a change! 


As a mother of four, who has never mastered the art of easy folding and unfolding of prams, navigating aisles with them, or even having children who like to be in them, I LOVE SLINGS!

I have used a home made ring sling for 6 years, through three children from birth until toddlers, a mei tai for the older baby, and also an Ergo, so I have to say that Im a pretty experienced baby wearer.

Out of all the slings I have used, the Mamaway ring sling is now my fave. It has a lovely deep seat for the baby to fold up into, it folds in on itself into a neat little packet, it fits into any glove box, baby bag, or if you are like me, shoved down between the baby capsuel and the seat lol.

I carried my 4 month old baby in this ring sling for two full days during my elder children's sports carnival in complete comfort, and also carried my little girl in it for every outing we went on and I am completely sold on the comfort, ease, and style of this sling.

I tried out all of my usual baby positions such as the cradle carry, the hip carry, and even the joey carry which usually I am a bit nervy on, and my daughter was super happy in all positions. I even took her to the movies and out to dinner in it and nobody knew she was there as she simply curled up in it and went off to sleep.

The fabric was lovely and light, so great for both Summer and Winter, it's easy to wash, refold, and the tail was long enough to hide our very frequent public breastfeeding. The DVD was very informative and would definitely help the new user.

All in all, I love this sling and it will now become my main baby carrier. Highly recommended!


I am a person that finds anything too fiddly frustrating and when I first got the Mamaway sling I thought that this would be the case but I was wrong.

The instructional DVD that comes with the sling was fantastic in showing me how to fit the sling correctly in the all the positions. It was very easy and comfortable to do this.

I found this would be have been perfect for me when my daughter was a newborn as she only wanted to be held. She is now 15 weeks and is very alert and only wants to be held facing out. She was getting frustrated with being in the hip position. I have given it to another friend to test on her newborn and she has said it has been her life saver.

I would recommend this to any mum especially if they have older children so that your hands are free to do things.


I have a 4 month old son who already weighs 9.5kgs. I have a carrier for him, however every time I wear it my back really hurts. The ring sling carrier is an awesome product! It was relatively easy to use after watching the instructional DVD, my son loved being in it, and most importantly the weight is distributed better so I had no back pain while using it! I am now able to do some chores while carrying my son around with me! I would recommend this product to everyone!


I received the Mamaway Sling the day before travelling overseas, so I was unable to attend the store in person to make sure I was using it correctly.

I watched the DVD while DD was sleeping and popped her in it that afternoon for a test run. It was very comfortable for me, and she seemed to enjoy it as well. I didn't have any issues with using it, and found the DVD was enough.

I used it briefly on the plane, she loves being held like a koala, so the sling was ideal so I could also use my hands. I also used it walking around, and to my surprise she fell asleep in it on our first outing. I then planned subsequent outings factoring in her napping in the sling, which she did.

I will go into the store to make sure I am using it correctly, but so far, we have both really enjoyed it. It's also really easy to wash!


I have been using this sling for a few weeks now and find that I have come to use it at some point most days.

It did take me a while to get used to which I was surprised - I thought that it would be simple but I did find watching the DVD that was included useful. I also suggest watching the part at the end of the DVD about how to properly set up the sling first, before watching the rest, as I found I had the material threaded incorrectly and it meant I could not do the carries right until I corrected it.

My main reason for trying this sling was for breastfeeding whilst baby wearing, but after multiple attempts we still haven't got the hang of this, but we will keep trying!

My very long 4 month old fits well in it and sits happily in the koala position. I do find that although he likes it - he also likes to lean forward, so for long trips while he is awake I would probably favour our manduca, however he loves to sleep in it and it came in very handy on our camping trip last weekend where he wouldn't sleep anywhere until I put him in there!

I do find that the material gets tangled in the rings easily and I have to re-thread it most times I put it on otherwise I can't adjust it properly.

So I would definitely recommend this sling, I now find it quick and easy to use. My long baby loves going in there and when he doesn't want to lean forward to much, we find it very comfortable.


I got the mamaway sling when bubs was already about 7months old, as he wasn't enjoying being in his pram when we were out and about anymore, and was becoming a bit of a handful. I straight away used it in the hip carry position, as he was old enough for this, but i know that it says you can use it from newborn, in different positions. DS is now 21 months, and i still take it with me when i go shopping, as he definately does not even want to look at the stroller let alone be in it!! im now pregnant again with my second child, so am looking forward to using it with a newborn!

definately have already recommended and will continue to recommend to friends!

and at the moment i just saw they are having a lucky dip thing, on their website, where you have a chance of winning one, and other stuff like the breastfeeding pillow! so im gonna go on there everyday til that ends so i can try and win a different colour one!


My husband actually chose our sling, he loved the colours (manly apparently). The mamaway sling has grown on me and with me since I started to use it when DB was a few weeks old.

Before bub can hold his head  up, he goes in a lying down position, which is great because you can adapt the height etc to fit your and baby's body. Babies head is right beside your heart (which hubby loved) This makes discreet breastfeeding very easy. I was grateful for this when our first outing to the Biennalle on Cockatoo Island overran and we had to wait hours for a ferry home in a busy queue with lots of grumpy people :). DB was only a few weeks old at the time and was no problem snuggling in cosy and fed in his sling. The extra material on the sling makes a great breastfeeding cover and sunshield !!!

Now he is 9 months, I carry him on my hip on the side, he can still feed in this position although i use the sling for feeding less now as he is getting bigger.

I had no experience of using this style of sling, and found it a bit tricky to begin with. I visited my local branch of Mamaway and was shown in great detail how to use the sling, I also left with an instruction DVD, which is really easy to follow.

Love it! This sling replaced an unhappy relationship with another sling I had bought which hurt my shoulders and made brestfeeding impossible. I smile when I see other parents with their little ones tucked inside this sling, and they smile back



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