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Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Synergy

12 reviews
Baby Carrier Synergy
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Parent Reviews and Comments
I've found this carrier really handy when my son was younger but now he is getting heavier, 7kg+, i tend to get a bad back and shoulders using it for long journeys.  My hubby uses it with no problems however and great breathable fabric for warmer days.
Eleven Eleven

LOVE this Baby Bjorn. 

DD loves to face outwards and squeal around the shops. 

It is very comfortable to wear and bub feels very safe and secure. 

Easy to put in bub by yourself andleave your hands free.


Pros of this carrier include: * Easy to put on & simple to adjust. * Quick & handy while bub was small (always kept it in the car for those quick trips into a shop). * Light weight & easy to clean. *Reasonably priced. * Still handy as she is getting heavier for SHORT trips. 

Cons for this product are just now she is getting up around 8kgs, can only be used for a short time as it carries her weight on my shoulders and upper back, rather than around your waist/hips like some of the more expensive carriers do. 


Great sling! It is quick and easy to put on by myself. It supports my back which was very important when I was looking for a sling. I use it to go on long walkswith bubs in it while pushing the toddler in the pram and find it still comfortable and leave me without a sore back. I would be lost without my sling I use it all the time. I love it!


Quick and easy to put on and very convenient for popping into the shops, down to the park etc.

Now my baby is 5 months and 7 kg though I can't wear it for walking or for more than 45 minutes without my shoulders really starting to ache.

Not designed for full time baby waering but definitealy a quick and easy alternative for getting around.

I bought this after my third child was born, as I needed a carrier that was quick and easy to use. After attempting to use the hug a bub carrier for my first two children (which I found so difficult to put on, and took forever), I needed something more practical. While it was expensive, it was money well spent. It took no time at all to put baby in, and must be exptremly comfortable as my baby would sleep in it. Now he is facing forward and loves taking in every moment of the world! Now that he is a bit bigger it does put some strain on my back if used for long periods, but is amazing if used for shopping or going to the park for example.


easy to put on and adjusts to a wide range of weights and shapes can be easily adjusted by wearer when bubs is inside

good head support for newborn

optional extra- dribble bib is a must have for outward facing dribbly bub

looks great

folds tiny inside its own built in pouch making it easy enough to throw in a nappy bag or under stroller

good re-sale


really only the fact that weight wise it only supported my little one till she was 5months before starting to hurt my back. not to bad if your using it all the time though.

and it doesnt convert to a back pack


We bought this carrier because it was a well known brand name, it had back support and it stated that it would carry up to a 12kg bab. I don't believe that it is suitable for babies at this weight

We used this carrier for my babies first 6 months and even by then it was only for short bursts of time

It was a nice carrier when they are little and don't weigh too much

I like that you can carry them facing you or have them facing out

I could not carry my baby for long periods as my shoulders would start to ache and cause me a lot of pain

I would choose a baby carrier that helps to distribute some of your babies weght to the hips

I really found this baby carrier a useful product. I used it from when my child was newborn to around 10 months. It was so easy to put on and off and put my son in and out. This carrier helped me so much because he had reflux and being in the upright position helped him alot. Easy to wash and dry which was good. I found that when he was around 10 kilos my husband wore it more as I don't have a great back. He prefers the pram now anyway. Hope this info helps. : )

I bought this sling online last year to use with my third baby and I was incredibly glad I did. I use it all the time to go grocery shopping and find that it is really comfortable. It leaves me completely hands free and baby is happy to be in it. I am used to it now so it takes me 15secs to put it in with her in it. Even after a few hours of shopping I don't find any discomfort and she is 9kgs. I throw it in the washing machine if it is dirty and I store it in my boot.

It is a bit big though so that is the only downside of storing it and I keep it in one of those green grocery bags. I love it though and can't live without it.

la la
I found the carrier very light and easy to put on, my baby loved it and I used it to carry her when she was upset whilst doing the house cleaning, I loved the versatility in the fact that she could use it from birth and that it could be used outwards or inwards facing. The only down fall was that it did cause backpain after wearing for while.

I have found this carrier to be a fantastic buy, well worth the $$$ that it costs.

DD was born two weeks early and loved the closness this carrier gave her to both her mummy and daddy.

Easy to put on and get bub into, compared to other brands we were given. DD would nod right off to sleep. Ahhhh blissss!!!!

The back support is fantastic for those long days, ensureing to keep your back from aching, I have found it was just perfect fit for under the pram for when I couldn't settle bub, especially in the big shopping centres, I could whip it on (very easy to adjust) and she was happy and settled in no time.

The light weight breatheable fabric makes it cool to wear whilst never looking filthy dirty it can be easily wiped over, to keep it always looking brand new.

I would reccommend this product to anyone who is looking for something to work in with a busy lifestyle, loved it so much just purchased another for a gift!!!



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