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Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Original

20 reviews
Baby Carrier Original
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Parent Reviews and Comments

i was given this from my sister to borrow, i found it easy to use, but after one use my back was killing me there is no back support so all the babies weight is pulled through you sholders i found it terrrible


We were given the baby bjorn carrier original from a friend, second hand, when we had our baby.  It was great while our bub was small.  Once dd started to gain weight I found that it was quite uncomfortable as there isn't much back support.  Most of the weight is cariied through the shoulders and puts pressure on the lower back.  I do love how easy it is to use, getting baby in and out on my own.  When we have a second bub, I will be upgrading to the baby bjorn air. 


I really like my baby bjorn, and have got a lot of use out of it with 2 kids.   If adjusted and worn correctly, there shouldn't be discomfort.  I found it great for my kids up to about 8kg when their enthusiasm put strain on my shoulders, I think more recent models of the baby bjorns have addressed this issue by putting in supportive panels.

It is a great carrier for newborns, but not so great when they get older. Very easy to use unlike a lot of slings.


I choose the Baby Bjorn because of its good looks, and it was the only brand my DH was willing to wear. I love the fact that it is easy to wash and bub is quite comfotable in it. I only just used it to travel overseas on my own and I liked the fact that it ws easy to get bub in and out again (which was requested when we went through customs). I must say I did get a little sore from wearing it buy it didnt take long to get used to. I am struggling to squeeze bub in at 7 kilos but think I will get a couple more months out of it.


This particular carrier is quite nice looking and comes in a couple of different colours. It is very easy to use, put on, take off and get bub into and out of easily.

Very easy to wash and can buy a bib cover (for forward facing) to catch drool and vomit that is easily removed for washing. You can also purchase separately a 'boot cover'' that goes over bub within carrier to keep them warm in cooler weather.

Advantage in that bub can face you or face the world (when a little bigger). it has multiple adjusting straps but I find that bub doesn't have very much head support when they are newborn.

One major downside to this carrier is the back ache that comes with wearing it for more than half hour or if bub weighs more than about five kg.


I bought mine second hand off ebay and it was in good nic (a year later still is) so 10/10 on durability.

I found at first i got a sorre back but I think that was owing to being generally unfit from the pregnancy, after long enough i enjoyed this sling for quick errands in and out of the car (and incidental exercise!) .

I have never tried other slings which I'm sure would be better for longer walks as this one would start to be a bit uncomfortable after a long trip. Still it was comfy for bubs and dad used it too and they can face in or out, once DD was a bit older she preferred to face out and interact with the world.

Overall I would recommend it but not for longer trips, just for running errands.


I was given a Baby Bjorn from my mother in law, and really enjoy using it. My son is a little clingy during the day and likes to nap on my chest. Using the Baby Bjorn means I can do things during the day without having to hold onto him.

I do find that my back is a little sore after using it, but after some adjustments (moving the diamond threaded thingo that the straps go through) as far down my back as possible and making sure I tighten the whole thing once my son is in it, the back pain is greatly reduced, although not completely gone.

My son seems to find it nice and comfy, and I find it easy to use. A great product, though I would not have purchased it myself.


I was given a couple of these while pregnant - I'm glad I didn't buy one.

I found the Bjorn uncomfortable and awkward, and having a sore back in any case I felt that it was making it significantly worse.

Not a fan - I have only tried the basic ones, the others may be better, but I certainly wouldn't recommend this one.

I moved on to a hugabub instead and found it much more to my liking.


I used this carrier for a few weeks but like other reviews my back started to hurt so I had to look at alternatives.

It is easy to use and put on and can easily be put in the washing machine to clean. 

Good for early days but in my opinion a more supportive carrier is better as your baby gets bigger and heavier.

Mrs Awesome
This baby carrier is easy and quick to put on, and looks quite nice in appearance. However, I could only carr my 3kg son in this carrier for about 10 minutes before my back was hurting. I tried adjusting the straps etc, but this made no difference.I have since upgraded to a different baby carrier and can quite comfortably carry the same son who is now 13kg for a few hours at a time if I need to. Do your research, there are better products available.

The original bjorn comes in at just over $100 so is well priced for a well known brand like bjorn. The carrier is good for little babies and out of all the carriers iv tried this is by far the quickest to put baby in and get going. Its ease of use makes it great for sitters to use and my family members are happy I have a carrier they can use when baby sitting my little one.

It easily adjusts between parents by simply pulling or loosening the straps located at your sides which makes it great for using by my husband and myself. It also doesnt need adjusting if being used by one parent and you can simply just put it on and go, theres no tieing and no additional inserts are needed for a newborn making it price friendly.

I can easily breastfeed in this fairly discreetly. There are other carriers that would be a little more descreet but i can do it hands free while walking around the shops and a blanket layed across my shoulder covers up more if you were worried. The addition of a hood would solve this so i hope to see in upcoming models something like that to improve this problem.

The downsides to this carrier is that it pulls on my shoulders and after 45 minutes with my 6kg baby I have to take it off. I cant imagine as he gets heavier ill get much use out of it but its still good to have to quickly pop into the post office etc.

I think if your only going to occasionally use a carrier and just want something quick and simple to use a bjorn like this would serve you well.

Some improvements that are not made with any bjorn model that I would of liked is a sun hood for summer. Babies dont tend to keep hats on and it would be nice for that. Also it would be good to use when breastfeeding my baby. 


I have borrowed my friends Bjorn and I love it, I tried DS in a peanut style sling before the Bjorn and I can honestly say for me that the Bjorn wins hands down.


DS is 10kgs now and I can still handle his weight although I think it won’t be long before I have to stop using it.


DS also loves to be faced out so he can have a chat to people too.


I bought a Bjorn second hand, so didn't spend much on it.  I used it quite a bit, especially for shopping or on rainy days. 

Unfortunately it  gave me such a sore back, I could only use it for maximum of about half an hour at a time. This could be because I already have lower back problems, but I felt that her weight wasn't very well distributed.

Once bub was about 5 months she was way too big for it and we had to sadly retire it. I really thought we'd get more wear out of it than that. 

Machine washable, light and easy to put together, which is a plus.

Will probably go with one of the other soft carriers next baby.


I bought one of these before my first daughter was born and used it twice - not comfortable at all.

I ended up giving it away and felt bad about it until the guy who took it told me that it was just for a prop for a fancy dress costume and he was only going to be carrying a teddy bear in it


I bought a Bjorn for cheap off ebay when my son was 4 weeks old. It was super comfy and convienent for him to sleep in for about a week. Then it got massively heavy on my shoulders (he was 7kgs at this point). After reading reviews and articles about it being bad for bub's spine I sold it. If you are going to spend top dollar for a carrier, do your research and try differen't brands out.


I got given the Baby Bjorn as a gift when my daughter my born and although I liked how easy it was to use and the fact you could face bubs in or out I found if I used it any longer than 15 mins at a time it would hurt my back and shoulders. Bubs felt really heavy in it, even as a newborn. I could only use it for 8 weeks until my daughter was too big and heavy and dreaded using it.

For the price these sell for, I found it really dissapointing that I could only get 8 weeks use out of it. I sold it and put the money towards an Ergo carrier that I now use for my son, he is almost 10kgs at 6 months old and he still feels as light as the day he was born when I put him into it!


I loved this carrier, is great for my curious boy who prefers to look around and can face him towards me when he needs a sleep!

Has been an absolute live saver with public transport!


I bought this carrier with my first and used it with my second child as well. Its still in perfect condition so it is durable. its quick and easy to put on but baby always felt awkward and uncomfortable in it and not very secure. The cotton is a beautiful quality and washes well, it keeps its colour very well.

My biggest issue is that i cannot wear it for a long time as all the pressure is placed on the shoulders, making baby feel very heavy. I have tried other carriers and the Baby Bjorn was the most painful to wear.


My second time around with a baby, I purchased a new original baby bjorn carrier. Compared to my previous one, it was a lot more comfortable for me and did not cut into my shoulders.

However, I found that it actually annoyed my bub's reflux, he was not comfortable and was slumped over in it, he would often get upset after short periods. So it was not so great for him.


Settles my bub straight away!

I have read reviews of people having trouble putting baby in it, but when i used it myself and followed the instructions on how to load baby in, it was soo easy!

You aren't trying to put bub into the carrier, rather you are attaching the carrier around bub as you hold them against ur chest. Really easy to do!

I found this product very comfy and have been able to use it for a good 3hours plus shopping (leaves the pram free as a good shopping trolley :D

I think it might get a lil too warm if it was worn outside during a hot day, but bub seems to like the warmth and the snugness anyway.

Defintely recommend this product!



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