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Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Air

5 reviews
Baby Carrier Air
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Parent Reviews and Comments

Really handy for when they are little but once they get bigger (6kg +) it starts to really hurt my shoulders, but my husband still uses it comfortably.


I was given this by a work friend who loves to share her no longer needed baby items.

At first I was hesitant, but after DD could hold her head up, I was whisking her around in this. She absolutely loved being in it and being close to me while I could do my shopping.

She is 10 months now and is JUST managing to still fit in it, and still loves it so much that she gets super excited when she's in it and thrashes her legs about in glee!

It's sturdy, strong, easy to put on and is very well designed for the carrier (and person being carried!).

5 Stars!


I was given this as a gift and it is awesome.  I have had lots of use out of it with 2 DDs.  I would definitaly recommend!

the only negative I found was that if the cross at the back wasn't sitting right it got uncomfortable relatively quickly.  Though saying that it was easy to adjust.


We bought this carrier for our first baby which is now one she still actually fits into it but not so good for my shouders.

This was a lifesaver when she was a new born as she was very attached to mummy and needed to be carried everywhere in the sling, saved me having to carry her non stop during the day... as she got older this was great as she could be turned around and see the world around her.

We have used this for going travelling on the plane overseas and honestly i am glad we invested the money into it, i love the mesh as it seems to brethe more than some other models, got another model for my mums sister seemed more sturdy but not as airy.

Will definately use this for our second child. Also very easy to wash and great in shopping malls and grocery stores not as bulky as the pram :)


I bought one of these when I had my first child 3 years ago and have since used it for my second child also. I have to say that, although it's only really been useful when the kids were quite little and light, it has been a fantastic purchase for us. Due to having c-sections I was unable to use my other carrier with a waist strap right away as it hurt too much. However  my kids both had reflux and liked to be carried constantly, so my Baby Bjorn was a lifesaver for me as I would never have been able to get anything done without it.

I was able to use this carrier with my daughter until she was around 7 or so months old (she was much lighter than my son), and for my son until he was around 5 or 6 months. Having said that, I used it a lot in that time including doing all the shopping, and I liked the fact that I didn't have to put my newborn babies into the baby carriers on the shopping trolleys and expose them to millions of germs at such a young age. 

It is also very easy to use, and even my husband is able to put it on quite easily. I liked the fact that I didn't have to remove the whole carrier to get my babies out of it, and I was able to get them into it very quickly to get into the shops etc. I also liked that it was not a bulky carrier to wear, and I could wear it over my shirt and put a jacket or cardigan over the top without looking silly (so I was able to remove the jacket without taking off the carrier if I got too hot).

So all in all, it's a carrier that won't last until your kids are toddlers.. but it can be very useful in that short amount of time. Particularly if, like me, you are able to pick one up on sale and you use it for more than one child.  



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