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Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Active

6 reviews
Baby Carrier Active
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Parent Reviews and Comments
Lucy in the Sky

This was a good method for carrying our babies when they were young. For the first 3 months it was great. But as soon as they get a little heavier it gets uncomfortable very quickly.

For babies over 8kg I'd recommend an ergo over the bjorn. But I do think the bjorn is better and more practicle for young babies than the ergo infant insert.


Bub falls asleep everytime i put her it it, makes shopping so much easier! I love the added back support, even with a 8kg baby i have no aches or pains from it. Easy to put on and adjust with out help.

The only con i would say is that bubby gets a bit hot, i always dress her cooler than needed so she doesn't over heat.

Overall a very conveinent carrier that we both love, even hubby doesn't mind wearing it!!!

We have had it for 6 years now and it still looks like new, just wash it in the washing machine and line dry. So easy!


I loved this when my bub's were still small. 

Once I got used to it I found it easy to get on and off, even if they were asleep.  The extra lumbar support was excellent.

However once they started to grow I found I couldn't carry them for long periods and even with the extra back support I was getting pain.

So even though I couldn't have bub forward facing the Ergo carrier worked better for me, I carry for much longer periods comfortably.

It is much better than the original baby bjorn but I still found it to have a short lifespan for me and my girls.


My daughter is nearly 14 months old and I still use this carrier with her. Started from when she was about 4 months.

Love the extra lumber support.

Easy to get on and off. 

It did take me a bit to get used to and be able to position it properly the first few times it would hurt me back and neck, however once I got used to it and was able to get it in the right place it was great.


A real lifesaver. I used it all the time around the house when Chloe wouldn't settle. Useful for the supermarket, walks around the block. Would highly recommend it.


what a terrible carrier

please before you buy this research it!

it hurt my back very bad!

even with the 'back support'

this carry hangs all your babies weight on your shoulders

which for a baby carrier is not a good thing



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