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Moby Baby Carrier

7 reviews
Baby Carrier
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Parent Reviews and Comments
Dinky Doo

I was constantly having to hold my newborn - he literally would not settle unless he was in my arms. While I loved the cuddles, it really affected my ability to do any housework or shopping.

I did a bit of research and found the moby wraps. They were more affordable than other wraps, and due to some back issues I needed something that distributed weight relatively evenly. I had tried a ring sling and just found it uncomfortable on my neck and shoulders.

My wrap arrived (purchased online, shipped to my door) and after a few tries, I had nailed how to put it on and put my bub inside! I learnt very quickly that it was much easier to tie the wrap on before leaving home (which was really no inconvenience at all). I ended up purshasing a second one not long after, as I wanted to have a useable one available incase there were any accidents/spills on one.

I found it great, as I could put my little guy in, and hang out the washing, sweep the floors and could even prep dinner all without him fussing and causing me stress!

I used to also pop him in and jump on the treadmill for half an hour in the afternoons if he wouldnt sleep on his own.
When he was a little bigger, I used to go for a 10km walk on the beach every other day and found this an incredibly convenient way to carry him, and was never in pain afterwards.

Overall, I loved baby wearing. He still fits in comfortably at two years old and it allows me to go further on my walks as I can pop him in when he gets tired of walking and can be handsfree with him.

I never had a sore back after baby wearing using the moby wrap and it never pulled at my shoulders. The material was comfortable and I didnt find I got excessively hot while wearing it either.

Big advocate for the moby wraps - really loved them and will use again in the future!

Daydream Believer

I got a Moby at my baby shower, and may not have bought it if it hadn't been given to me. I'm so glad I did, this is one of my favourite things about having a baby!

It took me a few times to get it perfect, but I would say by the third use I felt like an "old hand". I love that you can tie it in so many different ways and you can wear older babies and even toddlers.

It is wonderful on the back, doesnt cut in anywhere and is perfect for us baby-wearers with a fuller figure.

I can only compare it to a baby bjorn, as I never tried anything else, but there's no way I would choose anything over this.

These are great for newborns my son loves to be snuggled up nice and close and u tube makes it easy to get the hang of wrapping 
I love this carrier. My baby had reflux and colic, and this wrap was a godsend. He'd always prefer to be held upright because of the reflux, and my arms were getting sore from holding him. After wrapping him in this, he'd fall asleep instantly (mothers of reflux babies would know that it's virtually impossible to stop them from crying and even worse, making them sleep with the pain of heartburn), and I was free to do my household chores, having two free hands. Now that he's 3 months and I am so glad that he still fits the wrap, as I can just tie it to suit his build, unlike some carriers that are "sized". My arms are still sore from carrying him (7kgs now), so wrapping him to myself is great! Once you get used to tying the wrap, everything else is a breeze! It washes well too, and goes into the dryer without any problems :) Love it.

I had a Moby D wrap (one with a satin front panel) and absolutely loved it when my 2nd was a newbie. The material has a slightly stretch and I found I much preferred this stretch wrap over the Hug-A-Bub as I found the fabric that little bit more supportive, though if you're in a warmer climate, the thinner fabric of the HAB might be preferable.

Wraps looks complicated to wear, but a few Youtube vids soon sorts that out and it becomes second nature and doable in no time! 


Once you have mastered how to use this sling it is AMAZING. I can wear my baby for hours and my back and shoulders never hurt like they do when I use a Bjorn.

It is tricky at first - but after watching the instructions on the website and a couple of days of practice i have not looked back.

Only down side is fabric is stretch and I think it may be a little warm in summer (same can be said for all such slings though)

I loved this wrap and so did my baby. By far the best carrier if you have neck strain/shoulder strain issues. It's a little tricky to learn, but practice does make perfect, and it's infinitely adjustable for you and your baby as they grow. All sorts of ways to wear your baby in just one, soft, durable carrier. Save yourself the money and but this one first - you'll never look back.



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