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ERGOBaby Baby Carrier

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Baby Carrier
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my 6 week old and I both love this product. He is comfortable, supported, warm and close to his Mumma while allowing me to have the movement I require to get things done. It puts baby is a great position and is comfortable and supportive for my back. The only issue I found is the hip belt is not all that long. I am not a big person at all, only 5ft 6, and a size 10 and only have 8 inches or so extra on the belt. My hubby is 6 ft 3 and the belt would not fit around him comfortably.


All things aside, this product is great...except that little clip you have to do up at the back! I loosen the side straps before I put bub in to make sure I have maximum movement, but when you're flying solo, it can be a little tough, especially if you're not having a flexible day.

but once you get the Ergobaby on, it is extremely comfortable. My little man who is six months old, falls asleep in it every time. He loves sitting up in it, snug around my curves, looking out at the world. People always comment on how cute he looks in there.

i have invested in shoulder strap covers because his drooling, gummy mouth is at the exact spot for a little gnaw.

this carrier has great back support with the belly band a strap - something not a lot of carriers have. It is wide and thick and in all honesty, has encouraged me to sta d straighter than I normally would.

Renae Elsie Georg

My daughter  and I have been giving the Ergobaby Designer Embroidered carrier a good workout and I can see more babies in the future using it too. I suffer from severe back problems and have struggled with other baby carriers but this one is so comfortable and suits me brilliantly. Thank you Ergobaby


When I was pregnant with my second daughter I decided I really wanted to carry her, so started my research. I started off with a stretchy wrap which I just couldn't get the hang of... but I had a very impatient, clingy baby who needed to be held all the time! So after some BH research I decided to try the Ergo.

It was a lifesaver! Instantly. I used the infant insert from about 2.5kg (recomended 3kg but I kept a very close eye on her and followed TICKS) and still happily carry her at 8kg, for as long as 2-3 hours at a time with no issues. It is so comfortable for the wearer and baby.

The only issue I had with it originally was putting it on when I was on my own as I couldn't reach the shoulder clip, but since found out they're adjustable so I can easily do it on my own now.


  • Comfortable for both parents and bub
  • Good leg support for bub
  • Infant insert so you can use from newborn
  • Simple colours so my husband is ok wearing when need be
  • Sunshade which is great for when bub falls asleep  
  • Easily adjustable so can switch between parents/carers


  • Not quite as quick to put on as a RS, but quick enough
  • Bulky, so if you take it off when out you can't really throw it in your baby bag

Anytime anyone comments they're looking for a carrier I always recomend the Ergo, it's my go-to in every situation!

Lumpy Melon

The Ergo is amazing!

both myself and my husband can wear it comfortably and can adjust to our sizes without needing help.

it has been an absolute godsend with a clingy baby that is now a very large 16 month old who still loves to be carried.

so easy to clean and never had an issue with it.

i would highly recommend it to any mumma that asks :)


We have one of these & both me & my partner can wear it comfortable. Adjusting is quick & easy!

love how easy it is to use & how comfortable both parent & baby are using this! 

Only thing is I wouldn't buy with infant inset again as even though our baby was smaller than average it was never comfortable for us to use it.


I purchased and used this from 4 weeks with the performance infant insert. I have used the carrier in both front (with and without insert) and back carries. I am happy with the purchase. The carrier is comfortable and easy to use. The quality seems good. I would recommend this make/model to friends.


- Easy to fit and adjust

- Easy to use. Good instructional videos on You Tube supporting written instructions in the box

- I found it comfortable. I am 165cm tall and a size 12-14.

- Winter baby was snuggly when in the infant insert

- Easy to wash - comes up like new after machine wash

- Infant insert allows you to adjust height and neck support by using the cushion, the wrap or both together

- Baby seems comfortable and happy to sleep in carrier (front or back carry). Great for settling a grumpy baby.

- Great for hands-free shoppping trips, walking the dog etc.

- Once baby has outgrown the infant insert, can be used comfortably in warm weather

- Provides good knee-to-knee support and easy to position baby in position that satiisfies the TICKS guidelines

- Good quality materials and construction.


- Can take a few attempts to work out how to position baby comfortably whilst using the infant insert. This gets easier with practice

- Can be tricky to do up the joiner strap behind your back when doing a front carry. This gets easier with practice.

- Hot with the infant insert. Not suitable for a newborn in a hot climate. OK for older babies who don't need infant insert.

- Expensive if you purchase and then find that size/shape doesn't suit you. I got lucky in that I bought it not knowing much about carriers  and it has worked out well for baby and I, but it may not suit all sizes or shapes. It could be worth going to a baby wearing meeting to try before you buy.

- Not terribly flattering. Limited colour range in the performance model. Not very slimming!

- Watch out for fakes


I bought this carrier when pregnant with my now 3 year old, inspired by great reviews to make what is a fairly significant investment.  Those mums were so right!

The Ergo is so comfy and easy to use that it makes baby wearing a joy.  My baby loved being snuggled against my chest all cosy while we took daily walks along the river near home.  It also made it possible to get some housework done and was very handy at the shops.  I could wear him for ages without a back ache...and this has not been true for me with   all carriers.  The material is sturdy and stands up to being thrown in the wash, and the straps are so well padded it feels almost like you're not wearing your baby at all.  The strap set up distributes weight really well in this regard.

Some clever little details made it so much more practical - a privacy shade so the baby could be protected from the sun or have a peaceful nap, and a little zippered pocket handy for keys, etc, made my life easier.

The only negative I would mention is that when using the Ergo with a tiny baby (and ours was a bonsai baby for the longest time) you need to use an insert.  I tried both, the original and the heart to heart, and found getting the baby in the insert and then into the Ergo correctly took some practice, and some watching of Youtube clips.  But once in place, it was all just great.

My DH used our black Ergo very proudly...we were almost fighting over who got to wear the baby!  We used it travelling through Asia in places you couldn't take a pram, and eventually moved to putting him on our backs as he got bigger.

I just washed my Ergo ready for our new bub.  Almost wish they weren't so sturdy - I fancy one of the pretty new colours!


I got my ergo Original after weeks of reading reviews and comparisons. I was putting it off until the last minute (bought it a day before our 10 hour flight, baby's first at 9 weeks) cos the shop I went to didn't have the color I wanted. Had to settle for second choice which was black with khaki hood and got the infant insert as well. I had no plans of buying the insert but saw the difference in his comfort level and proper support, with and without the insert. 

I only had less than a day to master wearing my bub in the Ergo plus using the infant insert,  but it was very simple to learn, so no problem with that. This purchase saved my life at the airport. I couldn't imagine being able to travel alone with bub without it. He was able to sleep in it while waiting for boarding and upon arrival while waiting in line (super long line) for immigration. It folded up quite nicely and was able to pop it in the overhead bin.

My back has had no problems with this carrier so far! Been using it for 5 weeks now. I use it at home, too especially when bub is being a little fussy and clingy. We do the laundry together, dance, prepare meals (those that do not involve cooking), vacuum the floor and hang laundry out to dry.  Still struggling a bit as I have to do things sideways as his head sometimes gets in the way of my vision, especially when I'm doing the dishes.

We do not have a pram yet but for now, I do not feel the need for it as Ergo is enough for me and my husband. I like the idea of keeping bub close and being able to see his face and facial reactions.

I also love the little hood that goes with it. Shields his face and eyes from the sun and strong gusts.

The only thing I can't wait to stop using is the Heart to Heart infant insert. It seems such a hassle to use and store, especially when we are out and about. But bub still needs it for now since at 13 weeks the carrier seems to "swallow him up" without the infant insert. And it keeps his little sometimes wobbly head supported.


Like many others, I unfortunately bought a few baby slings before finally getting an ErgoBaby! It really is the best.

At first I needed help doing up the clasp around the back of my neck, but with practice, I could do it alone. Most importantly, it is easy to get baby in and out, as the sling attaches around the baby - (unlike other slings which you put on first, and then have to squish baby inside!)

Baby is fully supported and safe, yet not held too tightly like some other slings. It is comfortable to wear for hours, and no back pain! 

It is also better for baby as they face inwards (facing you) and they are not left dangling by their legs, which can be harmful to their spine.

It was the only sling that my daughter fell asleep in :) Very comfy for both mum & bub!  Highly recommended!

Isabella Chug

I have been trying out carriers in three different countries. While visiting Australia, I came across the Manduca baby carrier and decided to give it a go. After 4 hours of carrying my 18 month old, I was shocked at how good my back, shoulders and legs felt. The salesperson showed me how to cris-cross the straps in the back, which worked well with my small frame. The straps at the shoulders made all the difference in choosing this carrier, to adjust the fit perfectly. Also, I like that they use sustainable hemp with the basic line and that I can just stick the whole carrier in the washer.


I started out using those back breaking baby carriers as I didn't know any better.  I wish someone had told me not to waste my money on those and just to go out instead and buy an Ergo.

Best baby carrier I've ever used!  I absolutely love the Ergo.  It's easy to use and not to mention comfy.  I am presuming my babies were comfy as they'd fall asleep quite often when placed in it.  

My husband still felt manly wearing it - that's a positive of course, that way we could go shopping and he could wear baby too.

I recommend this carrier for everyone!


Even before bubs was born, my physio was telling me over and over that I needed an Ergo.  I resisted due to the price (and, in all honesty, stubborness) but finally caved when I found one on gumtree, brand new that was an unwanted baby shower gift cos they already had one.

I am now kicking myself for not getting one sooner.  The weight of my daughter is evenly distributed and I was wear her in it for hours on end without feeling it.  It is akin to the hugabub in this respect but it's a million times quicker and easier to put on (and I'm good at the wraps ;)) especially when it's wet out, there are no long tails to dip in puddles.  The head cover is also really useful as it provides shade as well as a little support for those essential naps while mum (or dad!) shops.

The ergo itself is lovely and adjustable, my husband can, and does, also wear it with it going between us with a minimum of fuss.  It can be worn on the front or back (and apparently sideways, but I've not seen that) and is very comfortable.  As is, the optimum weight range is 7-18kg, and there is a newborn insert for little bubs (which we have for the next one!).  There are also teething pads that can be added to the straps which appear to be good - my daughter loves to chew them anyway.

Cutting a long story short, I personally think this is a fantastic carrier.  It won't replace my hugabub when bubs are tiny, but as soon as they're bigger, it's my go-to.  It's amazingly comfortable for me and for her, and easily enough adjustable to be swappable between wearers quickly.  My extremely buggered back has no problems with it either.  The safety loops on the buckles are a great idea too.

Only possibly con (literally) - be very careful when buying - especially privately as there are a lot of fakes out there.   Check out websites that can tell you what to look for e.g. in and on the buckles to make sure you're getting a genuine one as the fakes can have buckles go.


We bought the original Ergo when I was 6 months pregnant along with the insert after I had heard good things about them. I have to say that the Ergo was one of our best baby buys. We pretty much used it from when DS was a week old. It makes food shopping so much easier and DS sleeps really easy in it. It can take a bit of mucking about to get used to it initially but once you are it is so easy to use. 

Lucy in the Sky

Our ergo is currently 6 months into it's relationship with our second child. We used it with our first born up until about 14kg (wearing on the back) and even carried him around comfortably on a 2 week o/s holiday with the ergo. Now we are doing it all again with our second and the ergo is still in great condition and will def last another 18 months.

Easy to wear. Folds up easy to throw in a suitcase or under a pram. Easy to wash. I love my ergo!


I got given an ERGObaby carrier for Mother's Day, and so far it has been a life saver! My son is definitely a cuddly baby, and the arsenic hour can be difficult with my toddler playing up as well. The ergo allows me to keep both of them happy! It has also come in handy for making the daycare run easier.

Only reason I'm giving this a 9/10 is that if we're both fully dressed and its above 18 degrees, my son gets a bad heat rash, but thats not the fault of the ergo, it just reduces my usability of it. 


We took this carrier around europe with us and it was the only thing for the first week or so that my baby would nap in. He loved being in it and would easily fall asleep snuggled on my back comfortable which meant we could go out during his nap times rather than being stuck in the hotel. It was a life saver.

It is comfortable and you can carry a decent weight toddler in it without too many issues. I do find that wearing them on your back is only possible when there is someone to help put them in the carrier, it seems too unsafe to try and place them in there on your own.


I purchased a second hand Ergo baby carrier after hearing about how wonderful it was... and it hasn't let us down!  We've used the Ergo since DS was born.  I prefer to use it than the stroller and my favourite time of the week is the grocery shop - because I get to wear DS!

I did find it difficult to put on at first and could only get it on and DS in it with the help of my husband, however once I forced myself to put it on alone it clicked and now it's so simple.  We used the infant insert until DS was nearlt four months and the only issue I had with it was that you need somewhere flat to lie your baby on the insert - we would use the boot of the car, or a bed.  Now that we don't need the insert it's very easy. 

I could quite happily carry DS in the Ergo for hours, I've never had any back pain using it.  I'm guaranteed some peace and quiet as DS will snuggle in and go to sleep, or else he is very happy to look around at the world.

Apparently you can breastfeed using the Ergo however I can't figure it out!

As I mentioned above, our Ergo was purchased second hand.  I have no idea how old it is, and whilst it's a little faded it's in great condition and I expect it will outlast DS and any brothers or sisters he might have.

I would recommend the Ergo to anyone. 

This carrier has been fantastic for us. Definetly worth the money. Its very comfortable to wear, even my husband wears it ( we had to buy a black on though, more manly colour!!). I was using it up till I fell preggers again, and shouldnt be carrying the toddle too much. Cant wait to try it on our new bubba when he arrives, we didnt purchase it till our first was about 6 mths. Easy to clean too, just through it in the wash :)

we have used this carrier for 3 children and it is still as new, and i mean USED.

My 4 year old still askes to go in it when we are going for a long walk and it is actually not to heavy to carry her 19kg on my back with that carrier as it supports you from the hips. My baby loves to sleep in it when i carry him on the front, i also love the fact that it has the head support for when a achild falls asleep, which has happend many times.

This carrier is amazing!!! front or back carry, you can even hip carry!! bubs from birth (with the infant insert) up to 3-4 can go in this.

my toddler loves going in our ergo when we go shopping, it means he gets to sit up and watch everything while still being close to me, I don't have to worry about getting a pram in and out of small shops and I have both hands free!

Super comfortable I can babywear for hours and bu bfalls asleep so he's obviously comfortable too!

Reasonably priced, fantastic quality, can't go past an ergo!

I bought the ergo baby carrier upon lots of research on the net and bub hub. I am so happy with the ergo, as I feel great knowing that my child is being supported properly and not just dangling.

I have a lot of problems with back and shoulder pain and found the ergo to be really comfortable, even now that my child weighs 13kg. My child is happy to sit in the ergo. 

I was recently asked to try one of the 'crotch dangler' type baby carriers but it was so uncomfortable for both myself and my child. He was crying after only being in it for a minute so that was the first and last time we used that one.

I find the ergo is really easy to put on and put my child in. The little hood is a great idea to protect my child from the sun and the pocket is very handy to put keys/phone/wallet in.

The only complaint that I would have about it is the fabric of this original ergo, as it is very hot during summer in the qld climate although I have heard that the sport and/or performance have more breathable material.

I also purchased the infant insert to use when my child was < 6months, but  it was the middle of summer and it was far too hot to wrap a baby in it. So we had to wait until bub was a little older and could sit properly.

Overall I absolutely love the ergo and would recommend it to anyone! It is definitely worth every cent! 


We have used this carrier from when our second child was a newborn.  I can not recommend it highly enough!

With our first baby we tried another brand of baby carrier, where all the weight is on the front and carried by the users shoulders only.  Needless to say, we hardly used it.

With the Ergo carriers, the wearer has the weight of baby or toddler distributed evenly between hips and shoulders, it is so comfortable to wear, especially when baby is little.

Our daughter fit comfortably from newborn, with the use of the newborn insert and would fall asleep almost every time we put her in it!  Bliss!

She is around 16kg now and while she's gotten a little heavy for me to carry around, my husband can still use the Ergo and carry her on the back or front (can also be used on the hip but we have not felt the need for this option).

The hood can clip up over baby's head too so that your little one is protected from the sun/rain/wind and when they're a bit bigger it acts as a head support.

I'm so glad we have this carrier now, baby number three is due in September and I'm excited to carry our new baby in the Ergo wherever we decide to go!

This carrier gives me piece of mind that I am carrying my daughter in a safe position for her spine, whilst giving me some time to do those two handed jobs.  She was so comfortable the first time I carried her in there that she fell asleep!  I like the original carrier as it is 100% cotton and it's very comfortable to wear.  Cons are that the belt buckle seems to slide up over my hips and it's a little tricky to put on, but for the comfort for both bubs and I, it's worth it.

I am an Ergo convert. 

Prior to purchasing my Ergo, I owned a couple of other baby carriers. I'd heard the hype surrounding the Ergo, but figured that it was just another baby carrier and my current ones would be suitable for us. However, when I saw an Ergo secondhand at a market, I thought I'd give it a go. Little did I know it was one of the best purchases for my baby so far. 

The Ergo is quite comfortable when worn correctly. A lot of the baby's weight is carried on the wearer's hips and shoulders so is not so hard on the back. I can wear my baby for hours without too much trouble. 

It's also comfortable my baby. As she's sitting in it as opposed to hanging there, it's better for her. She easily sleeps in it for hours which is great considering she's a catnapper!

The sun hood is a great part of the Ergo. I just pop it over my daughter's head and it's easy for her to go to sleep as it blocks out most of the light. It's also comforting to know.  

It's also very easy to get the baby in and out by myself.  

The only downside is that she can't look outwards, but it's only a small downside.  

I recommend my Ergo to everyone whose about to have a baby and interested in a structured carrier.  


I've tried a multitude of different baby carriers since the birth of my 4 month old DD: Baby Bjorn, Hug a Bub, Bubba Moe and a generic ring sling.  The Ergo is my absolute favourite carrier as it's the kindest to my back (I suffered from pelvic instability during late pregnancy and post birth).  


-  very good lower back support with the option to extend the belt clip (I have larger than 'normal' sized hips, lol)

-  easily adjustable arm and back straps

-  easy to "strap and go" - no fiddling around with baby and carrier.  Some carriers are frighteningly fiddly and run the risk of dropping baby while being tied/clipped up

-  comes in a variety of colours and styles

-  handy pockets and zips to store money, cards, phone, etc

-  baby very comfortably sits facing you

-  can be washed in the washing machine on a regular cycle

-  soft and lightweight


-  costly for new models (upwards of $150) - however the re-sale value is good (second hand on E-Bay can still fetch $90+) and to be honest I'd rather pay more for a better quality carrier

Overall I'd highly recommend the Ergo for anyone needing a simple, safe and easy to clean carrier.  


I won the Ergo Sport during Bub Hub's October give away month!!!

*Please note this review is for the SPORT model*

I have since fallen head over heels in love, and cannot recommend ther ergo higher to anyone and everyone who will listen.

It does take a bit of practice to work out how to get it on properly, but once its worked out its fab. Its very supportive and comfortable to wear, and so far has proved to be very durable.

I purchased the ergo infant insert for a very reasonable $35, and as soon as I put the baby in there (without even needing to put it on) she instantly calms down and goes to sleep.

The only downside I can possibly think of is that the infant insert does make it very warm for bubs, and as we live in a very very hot QLD climate, I generally stick to using the infant insert at night until it cools down a bit.

The actual carrier is very light weight and not bulky or heavy to wear, it is very comfortable and easy to navigate.

This thing is a god send. Leila instantly goes to sleep as soon as she gets in, and for me, thats a winner in my books!

Mrs Awesome

I purchased my ergo carrier before having DS2, as I had heard so much about them from friends. I have an active 2.5yo DS1 who I needed to still be able to chase after at the park, and the Baby Bjorn I had used for DS1 just wasn't cutting it.

After a bit of practice with DS1, I found it quite easy to get on and get bubs settled in. Once in it, there was no discomfort in my back at all (a problem I had found with the Baby Bjorn. I was able to happily carry DS2 around the zoo all day and was able to breast feed whilst keeping him in the carrier....awesome!

I love that I can carry DS2 on my back in this carrier also once he is bigger, and can still now carry my 13kg DS1 on my back in complete comfort.

The only thing I don't like about this carrier is the Heart2Heart infant insert was too hot for my newborn in summer, but after a few weeks we stopped using it and started using a rolled up nappy under his bum instead to ESP his legs in the correct position until he is big enough to have them hanging out of the carrier.  

I should also mention that I purchased this carrier second hand, and they have an excellent resale value. :-) 

Mamma Duck

I cannot rave on about my Ergo enough! I purchased the Ergo Carrier and Newborn Insert when my first child was only a few weeks old, and the money I spent on it has been by far the best money spent on any of my baby purchases.

In the beginning, when my firstborn was going through a bit of a 'precious' stage and just wanted to be held, The Ergo allowed me to give her the close contact she needed while I was busy cooking dinner, doing dishes or other odds and ends around the house. The Ergo was also great for shopping trips, walks with friends, outdoor concerts, and even breastfeeding on the go! The Ergo was one of the first things that I thought to pack when my firstborn and I ventured on a trip to Cairns when she was only 6 weeks old, and again when we took a family trip to Fiji when she was 10 months old.

PROS: My goodness! I could go on and on! Simple to use, very comfortable for bubs and for the wearer, lots of different ways to use/wear the ergo, the adaptability of the Ergo means that it can be used from birth, into toddlerhood and beyond! It allows you some hands free cuddle/housework time, lightweight, good quality materials and craftsmanship, AND you can just throw it in the washing machine... need I go on?! :P

CONS: I have had my Ergo for 18 months now, and the only con that I can come up with is bubs can get quite warm in the Ergo during Summer (as you are sharing your body heat).


I have quite a few carriers, and this is definitely my main one.

The toddler still loves it, and i frequently use it with friends children to demonstrate why i think its awesome. I've worn kids from <3months up to 4-5years in it, with no issues.

Its easy to clean - just throw it in the washing machine, and it comes out just fine. It does discolour a little bit (mines black; i know the cranberry goes much lighter over time) but this has never concerned me. Mines two years old, and only lightly starting to fade.

And i can just wear it for long stretches of time. At 24months old the toddler is still more than happy to sleep in it.

Its not quite as light as some of my other carriers (so it can't live in the bottom of my handbag), but its definitely not heavy. and the longer you use it for, the smaller it packs up, since it starts off quite stiff.

My only issue is that i am not co-ordinated enough to put the sleeping hood over her head when she's on my back. and i'm usually wearing her in the supermarket so its easy to find someone (at home, i just stand infront of a mirror till i finally manage to wiggle it up and over).

I found this wasn't the right carrier for us, my son was very small and the insert squashed him up and without the insert his legs were spread out and uncomfortable.

Attempted wearing it on my back but get so awkward and risky trying to get him in i gave up as was worried about dropping him!

Other than that the quality was great and have had lots of other people rave about them!

Hi y'all

So i got an Ergo when my son was 5 months old, i am using it in every way, SIDE, FRONT, BACK and it seems more you wear it more it become comfortable. It HELPS a lot with chores, especially i have a very needy bub who need his mommy close to his heart. 

It's great for; ON THE GO, BREASTFEEDING, DOING CHORES around the house and once you are done with it the Ergo doesn't take lots of space in my bag. I also like the head rest when bub fell asleep. i strongly advice to watch the dvd on how to use it cause it can be tricky to put it on the first times.


Value; not a cheap product, but in my case i got few carrier before  giving in for an Ergo, and they were more expensive that the Ergo by itself. great value/quality

i'll recommend it  ;)

i love love LOVE my ergo i would be so lost without it i wish i had of got one with my dd when she was a baby but i did get one with my ds and it saved my dd starving alot when my ds was younger why trying to cook dinner etc as it was his witching hour. From a newborn to a toddler they are fantastic i back carry both my baby boy 11 months and 13 kg and also my 2.5 year old who is 12 kg :) i carry them with ease without causing any sort of back pain or discomfort it is so easy to get onto your back and also to remove.
I found the Ergo a bit tricky to begin with, but once I had some help from an experienced user I have never looked back. The infant insert is great to use for small babies and provides ample head support. The Ergo is not cheap so shop around for a great deal (you can often find it on sale)
The best carrier ever! Very comfortable, easy to use would reccommend to everyone.

By far the best and most comfortable carrier I have used and I have used many.  Once I purchased my ergo I sold all the others on ebay.

My daughter is 4 now and I have only just sold it (great resale value).  We used it every single day, more than I can say for the pram. I found the back pack feature the best for me and my daughter loved it.  I can honestly say I got my moneys worth from it and used it for 3  good years.

There is also an belt extentision clip available for purchase to allow for those with a wider wasteline as is often the case for the first few months.

It's lightweigh soft and comfortable. Easy to wash in the machine.

If I were to have another child this carrier would be on my list of baby essentials.

Shop around but beware of fakes. Reputable online baby stores are great.  Check ergo baby website for list of stockists  to ensure your getting what you paid for.


Best carrier I have used by far!
So comfortable, looks good, easy to use.
Not much more I can say other than, amazing.

This is my favourite baby carrier.  It is realitively easy to wear (it did take me a little while to get it just right for me.

I can carry on the front or the back or on the side which makes it ideal.

The biggest drawback is that it takes a bit of practice to put on by myself but once on his very comfortable but it is  so versatile.

It is great for when travelling - we found it gave me piece of mind when travelling in the taxi's in Asia as there weren't seatbelts in most of them.  being a soft carrier - ie no metal structure involved it is easy to pack and is lightweight.  And is great in the hotter weather.


I brought my Ergo Baby carrier before I even had my daughter. I had heard so many good things about it, and thought if I didnt like it then at least the resell value on eBay was good! Well I wasnt disappointed!

I didnt realise the magic that is the Ergo till 1 day my darling 3 week old would not stop crying. No amount of feeds, cuddles and rocking would work. I remembered the Ergo that I hadnt tried out yet. It seemed complicated but I got it on by myself, put baby in and MAGIC she stopped crying and slept instantly. For the first 4 months of my babies life she had almost all her naps in the Ergo, and I managed to get alot of housework & walking done!

The Ergo is comfortable for mum & bub. It is designed to be very friendly for a babies developing body. Even after wearing it for 8 hours straight my back was not sore.

One of the best things about the ergo in my opinion, is the VERY handy pocket and cover on the front. The cover is great when bubs falls asleep or for some discreetness when feeding (It is super easy to breastfeed in!) and the pocket is perfect for phone, money & keys.

Normally I would now say the negatives. But there isnt any! I have recommended Ergo to so many friends, and although they think its a bit expensive (I thought it was too!) it definitely pays for itself in usefullness! My 11 month old daughter still loves it! 


I bought the Ergo out of desperation to help save my back when carrying my reflux son. I can not reccomened it enough, not only did it save my back but it also saved my sanity. As soon as my son was placed into it, he would fall asleep instantly, my baby that screamed 24/7 before buying this because a very content happy boy 9as long as he was being carried in the Ergo!)

It was a bit awkward to begin with because he was a big newborn so was too big for the insert but couldn't support his head so I had to improvise and I made something I could just slip into the top to support his head and after that we didn' take it off! Food shopping became a breeze and I actually stopped dreading taking him out anywhere for fear he would scream the whole time. 

He is now 6 months old and almost 10kgs and it is still SO easy to use and carry him without my back aching....I plan on using it for a while yet, especially for those sooky days!!!


I love this baby carrier

This carrier has got to be the most comfortable carrier I have tried. 

The baby bjorn was great yet every time I wore it the weight of my baby would start to drag on my shoulders and I couldn't carry her for long periods. 

This carrier we bought when she was almost 10 months old and I can carry her around on my back or front for ages. I guess it is because it has the padded waist hip strap that can take some of the babies weight.

You can also just toss it in the washing machine if it gets dirty which I love

It does take a bit of practice to get your baby on your back by yourself but it does get easier

I will be buying the newborn insert for when number 2 comes along

I've had my ergo for over 3 years now, and I still love it - and plan to use it for baby #3.  Whilst it was a little fiddly for the newborn stage, once bub can go without the infant insert it is so simple and comfortable.  It easily fits in the bottom of the pram when needed, and is easily cleaned as well (although I found the black attracted a lot of cat hair).  My 2 year old screams in delight when she sees me get it out - she is still comfortable to carry with it on!


I can put on the baby carrier and carry my 4 month old for a long period of time as it doesn't put pressure on my shoulders but is evenly distributed. It sure does support the back. It is easy to use and very light. I sometimes even put it on while vacuuming and doing day to day jobs as my baby always wants to be held. CONS:My opinion it seems very dull and come in really ugly colours. It looks quite boring. It is more useful than fashionable. I also think that when you use it for 2-5 month olds you have to keep their feet in as you cannot put their legs on either side as their legs are not long enough

I cannot express how awesome my Ergo is. If you love to travel, if you get fed up being stuck in crowds, if you long for the freedom of two hands and if you're accustomed to travelling light then get yourself an Ergo!

We've done a number of flights with our bub, when he was young he just slept, now that he's older we throw him on the back and then we've both got two hands for passports, luggage etc and he's entertained looking around and feeling part of the action. When he gets tired on the plane, just strap him in the front position, hood up and walk the isles once or twice and he's fast asleep. The hood gives some important sensory deprivation which you want for active, alert babies in particular. 

My little man is also an exceedingly lazy child. At almost 19mths he makes no effort whatsoever to hold on when I'm carrying him. He's just a big fat, smiley lug of a kid - who I adore, but who can easily ruin my back and arm muscles carrying anywhere for any period of time. I'm pretty strong and fit too. The Ergo side carry position means I'm still hands free, he can still sit back like he's lord & master and my back isn't ruined.  

I could naff on for longer, but I've tried other major carriers. All the others kids grow out of quickly and without a hip belt they WILL pull on your neck and shoulders.  

BTW -  Some might question the "10" for easy to use. A small investment in time (maybe a few hours of playing with your kid) to master the back position will reward you for 3 or more years. I call that easy.

I love my ergo and take it every where with me. when my little one was still needing to be held constantly( the 4th trimester) I used it all day and now that she is 10kg I wear her on my back while I push the pram for the toddler and can even swap them over to give the older one a piggy back ride.

I have had LOTS of pre and post pregnancy back pain! Real fun....

I went on a fruit-less search buying loads of baby carriers, even the Baby Bjorn Active model, but nothing helped me carry my child comfortably for more than 10 mins. My life with baby got pretty stressful trying to get things done with DDin a pram beside me screaming to have a cuddle. I used to end up in tears some days!!

Move forward a couple of months and my friend suggested I try her ERGO baby carrier. I was skeptical having tried such a fleet of carriers in the past...but I instantly could feel how good this carrier was. The way it distributed my baby's weight to my hips instead of hanging from my shoudlers, was phenomenal!! I carried my baby for about 30 mins that day and was truly amazed how good my back felt. It actually felt that I had been standing in a better position with the ERGO on than off. I was so excited!!

My DH was less excited though. Having already spent hundreds of $$ on other carriers, he wasn't in the mood to go down that route again. After a couple of days of my waxing lyrical about the ERGO, he eventually tried the carrier and was pleasantly suprised.

From then on, my life with DD in an ERGO got so much easier and happier. The everyday freedom was so amazing. These days DH and I have little play-spats about who will wear DD in the ERGO! We now use the ERGO everyday, sometimes for upt o 2-3 hours straight...and still NO back pain. We use the ERGO going to the park, on public transport, hanging out the washing, at the supermarket, cooking dinner and have enjoyed many holidays with it too. It has been fantasitc to leave the bulky pram at home. My chubba bubba feels feather light the whole time...and oh-so-happy!!

I get emotional just thinking about how many cuddles and kisses I would have missed out on with DD if I hadn't found the ERGO!!

The ERGO truly saved me as a mum and changed my whole perspective on parenting. It is now much much more enjoyable than I could have imagined and so much less a battle of wills!



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