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Tula Tula Baby Carrier

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Tula Baby Carrier
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We have owned a Tula now for nearly 18 months and still use it several times a week. When bub was younger we used it several times a day. 

it is so comfortable and easy it use with adjustable straps to tighten and release shoulder straps and waist band.

When bub was small I regularly carried him on my front and he slept while I was able to complete household chores. It was able easy to adjust in order to breastfeed in. 

Now that bub is older I mostly use the Tula for back carries. It is a lifesaver at the markets so I can have my hands free to carry produce and my little man can still watch what is going on around and be close by. 

The Tula is available in two different sizes (standard and toddler) meaning there is something to fit nearly everyone and it comes in endless different patterns and designs. 

I would highly recommend a Tula to any mama. 


I used to have an Ergo but I found whilst the Ergo was great for front carrying, I couldn't get a comfy fit for back carry.

I was then introduced to the world of Tula's and I have never looked back! They are really great for back carries, getting a super tight and safe yet comfortable fit.  They are also perfect for front carries.  They are easily adjustable so both husband and I use the same one (although I do have a few!).  Their designs are really cute and can you can find the perfect pattern for your tastes.  There are even high-end wrap-conversion Tula's that are made out of the most lush and supportive woven wraps. 

Pros: Ease of use, comfy, fits well for me and hubby (so easily adjustable), well-priced for a SSC, gorgeous canvas designs, great resale value.  There is a huge online community for Tula lovers so you almost become part of a special little family if you get one :)

Cons:  Some of the canvas designs are limited edition so you can fall in love with one and find it hard to purchase.  You can fall in love with a wrap conversion but never afford one! 

Like all baby carriers I always suggest you try it out before you buy it as every carrier will fit differently on each person but I haven't found anyone I personally know of that hasn't liked trying mine. 


I've tried several baby carriers- ring slings, wraps, Ergo - but this is my favourite by far. It's comfortable, looks good and my baby loves being in it. It's so popular that my double pram is sitting there unused most of the time- I prefer to go out with my baby in the Tula and my toddler in the single pram!

I have the baby Tula (I think from 6kg up, although you can use it from newborn with the insert you can buy separately) I started using it without the insert from about 5.5 kg and she fit in there fine. At first it was a little stiff but after using it for a couple of weeks it became a lot more easier to use. Doing up the straps, particularly the back strap, was also a bit tricky at first but became easy after doing it several times.

My husband who is quite picky on carriers (he has a bad back and doesn't like a lot of them) is happy with this one as well.

The designs are absolutely gorgeous. These carriers hold their value well, some designs that are popular and/or not produced any more will sell for more than thier original value. Most well looked after Tulas will sell for as much or almost what they cost to buy new on some babywearing FB pages.

It's easy to wash too- just chuck it in the machine on a gentle cycle.

The only tricky thing with these carriers is that they can be hard to find. They're not stocked in mainstream baby shops so can only really be bought online or in some boutique baby shops. They are also a bit pricey for the inital purchase, but do hold their value well as written above.

Warning though: they are addictive especially when you grow to love yours and start looking at all the other cute prints they make as well!



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