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baby products to reviewWe are currently recruiting members to our Bub Hub Review Panel.

Check out what our reviewers are currently testing! It could be you!

How can I be part of the Reviewer Panel?

  1. Log in to the Bub Hub forum (if you're not a member, you must join first)
  2. Go to the User Panel, click 'Edit Profile' and then scroll down to the 'Additional Information (optional info)' section and check 'yes' next to 'Reviewer Panel'.
  3. And while you're there check that your email address, date of birth, state and postcode are all up to date. Or else we won't be able to contact you!

So how does the reviewer panel work?

There are many companies looking for people to review their products.

These companies will approach Bub Hub and we will match their needs to our Reviewer Panel.

For example: They might need parents of preschoolers to review an educational toy, or parents of babies under 12 months to review a new feeding product.

When there is a new reviewer opportunity, we'll post about it on our forum - keep an eye on that section (you can even subscribe) to make sure that you don't miss out on applying for any opportunities!

Based on these responses a final number of reviewers will be chosen. They will be sent the product and will be asked to complete an appropriately written review with a specific time frame.

Sign up now to make the most of this cool opportunity!!

The Bub Hub Team



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