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Baby star sign calculator

According to some ancient traditions, your baby’s personality can be influenced by the stars and the year and place of birth. Can knowing these traits influence the way you encourage your child’s development or how you discipline them? Once you have determined your baby’s zodiac and Chinese signs, click on the ‘personality traits’ buttons to read more about what the future may hold!

Enter your baby’s due date then click calculate to see the Zodiac and Chinese Horoscope* signs associated with this date.

Day Month Year
Zodiac Sign:
Chinese Sign:

* Please note that this software calculates the Chinese Sign based on a western calendar only and is not sophisticated enough to accommodate the changing date of the Chinese New Year. If your baby’s birthday, or due date, is between 1 January and the Chinese New Year (late Jan or early Feb), you will need to look at the personality traits for the preceeding chinese sign. – ie if your baby was born in 2001, they were born in the Year of the Snake. However, if the birth date was anywhere between 1 Jan 2001 and 24 Jan 2001, the Chinese Sign associated with that birth date is the Year of the Dragon. Detailed dates of Chinese New Years are given on the Chinese Sign Personality Traits page.

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