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Scorpio Baby

The child of Scorpio is intense, emotional and dominant. As a little child, Scorpio Baby can communicate with only his deep look; he controls everybody in the family. As he grows he shows his liking for quarrels. You must remember that if he quarrels, he does it just to win, and if he steps aside, his real intention is to have time enough to start all over again from another front. He is very strong, full of energy and vitality, with an aggressive and decided character.

His parents must treat him with constant and firm discipline. They have to teach him to be considerate with weaker people. This child must know that he can lose; he has to know how to forgive, and to respect authority. His mentality is bright, and he has a magnetic personality. People cannot help noticing him, and may even make comments or stare. The little Scorpion learns from those who are stronger than himself. But his parents must not forget that besides discipline they have to show him love and tenderness. This is the sign of the passions, and he will always need lots of affection. Otherwise, as an adult, he may be cold, shy, and full of fears and phobias.

Scorpio Baby is frank, sincere and goes directly to the point, though in personal matters he will be reserved. He needs to keep his secrets safe and to feel that his room is his sanctuary. That is why no one should snoop into his things. He is very perceptive and nothing will escape his notice. His powerful intuition is remarkable and starting at a young age, he may have dreams or precognitive visions. He will also be strongly attracted to the mysteries of life, and will probably be a good investigator. He will discover the family secrets, even the most embarrassing ones. Parents might want to give him a magic game, a microscope, or a chemistry set, to help him develop these innate qualities. His sharp and penetrating mind has the capacity to grasp abstract concepts and make them his own.

He also needs physical activities, like sports, because through these, he will release his great energy potential. Otherwise he can be an annoying and aggressive person. He is very loyal to his friends and to the people he loves, though he can be rude and disinterested with others. It is very important to promise him only what you can deliver, otherwise he will be hurt and this may bring on one of his worst problems: revenge. Unfair and illogical reprimands as well as endless tolerance are very bad for him.

His parents do not have to impose rules on him, nor choose his career; he will do what he thinks is necessary to reach his goals. It is best to be supportive while he is young; then when he is on his own, he will return as a success. No matter what he chooses, he will be the best.



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