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Pisces Baby

The child of Pisces is extremely sensitive, intuitive and affectionate. He prefers to live in a world of fantasy, without timetables or routines. He eats only when he is hungry; he sleeps when he is sleepy; he plays when he feels inspired. His attitude is reasonable but his hunger, sleep and play patterns change day by day. The best way to teach him to be disciplined is with love. He is extremely emotional, and he will change his attitude if he feels he is hurting his parents with his behaviour. The adult world frightens him, and that is why he prefers to take refuge in his own world of fantasies. To avoid developing this innate escapist attitude, it is very important to assist and support him.

He has extraordinary intuition, and he will sometimes surprise you with dreams and visions which then become reality. He perceives, but does not understand, everything that is happening around him. It is important not to argue (this is especially for his parents) in front of him, because he could feel that he is the cause.

His extreme sensitivity makes him feel the financial or domestic tensions. A good way to help him is by taking him to places close to nature. His energy is renewed when he walks in the park, plays or stays at the beach, or just has fun in the backyard studying insects. It is important to let him have a dog or a cat. If he does not have one, he will create a pet within his imagination. His solitude must be respected; he travels very far with his mind. His inspiration makes him very good at music, dance, poetry and painting. Being so sensitive, any rough attitude hurts him quite easily, and it is common to see him crying. Sometimes he seems to be lying, but it is his imagination which makes him see things in an unreal context. Instead of repressing him, it is better to encourage him in writing or painting.

It will not be easy for Pisces Baby to adapt to the demands of school, but if he feels the love of his teachers, this will help him to fulfil his duties. His behaviour is very changeable, and sometimes it is contradictory. The little fish changes its course again and again, sometimes in enthusiasm for something new, but sometimes in order to avoid reality. Pisces Baby is very affectionate, and he will give love to all the people around him. He loves life itself, and he feels compassion for all human beings. His parents must understand this to avoid hurting his sensitive feelings. While an adolescent, he will be very romantic. His first loving experiences will be crucial, as they could mark his behaviour in the future. If these experiences are not very positive, this child could have deep fears and insecurities. Parents should not laugh at him; on the contrary, they must support him. He is easily influenced; almost anyone can convince him to do something. He is easily deluded. He tries to escape whenever he gets hurt or feels fear, and may sleep a lot when this happens. Parents must not worry about this because the only certainty in his destiny is change. Children of Pisces need huge amounts of love and then they can face life and make their dreams come true.



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