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Libra Baby

The child of Libra is sweet, soft and charming. His features are delicate and he conquers everybody with his beautiful smile. He is sociable and he enjoys being with people. At a young age he starts seeking inner balance through harmony. Aggressiveness makes him very uncomfortable; he cannot stand arguments or quarrels; he will be always looking for peaceful places, warm colours, soft music. This is something to keep in mind when dealing with his own aggressiveness. He may lose control in an intense or harsh environment, so if his bedroom is decorated in a delicate and harmonic way, it will help his temper.

One of the worst problems he faces is making up his mind. His inner balance swings back and forth from one side of the issue to another, causing doubt. He hates to make decisions in a hurry because the pressure makes him even more confused. Parents should not shout at him, order him, or berate him. Otherwise, as an adult, he may show neurotic behaviour when making decisions. The point is to talk to him softly and patiently; he is obstinate only when confused. Caution is his best characteristic. He does not like to get involved in trouble or to be wrong. In discussions he will be impartial, and will be the peacemaker, soothing the opposing sides and finding equitable solutions. He knows what balance and justice mean, and this must be cultivated by his parents. The best way to teach this is by example: at home, treat brothers and sisters the same, and give responsibilities to everybody. He may have intense periods of activity, followed by times for relaxation. It is a very good idea not to bother him while he is doing nothing; his inner balance will soon drive him into motion. He is a little bit lazy, and he does not like physical effort. He is an expert at softening hearts, especially his parents'. He is very sweet and sympathetic and, because of this, he usually gets whatever he wants. The bad side of this is that he will be a spoiled child, so it is very important that his parents combine discipline with love.

Libra Baby will adjust well in school if he receives the right balance at home. Because he has a bright and logical mind, and is curious and likes to know about everything, he is a very good student. As he does not like disorder, he will help to keep the house clean. During adolescence his fondness for good grooming will become apparent and he will take over the bathroom for hours. His parents must remember that peace, beauty and comfort are part of his harmony. He will start early to show his skills as a charmer and he will always be surrounded by romance.

This child has multiple creative skills and he is very expressive artistically. He will be very happy learning how to sing or play a musical instrument, or taking classes in literature or arts and crafts. Regarding his dietary habits, he has a tendency to choose sweet things, which could cause future weight problems. If his parents give him a harmonious environment to grow in, this child will always be protective of his parents and their home.



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