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Leo Baby

The child of Leo is always happy and very playful. Leo Baby has the characteristic of being overqualified, and knowing it. He is always after everybody's attention, and he always gets it, willingly or not. He always needs to be flattered and treated with kindness and approval. You can easily hurt his pride with any disapproval or criticism, and then he may become stubborn and disobey authority on purpose. He will tend to control his friends, so he must learn to understand fairness and to respect everybody's space, no matter who is stronger. Of course he should never receive criticism when other people are present.

From birth, the child of Leo shows his nobility and dignity. Everybody will love him for his charisma and outgoing nature, and as he grows he will take advantage of this situation, allowing others to do things for him while he does not lift a finger. Parents should exercise their authority and should not feel they have to grant every wish of this child; he has to be taught that he must obey his parents and that he cannot treat people as servants. If there is something he wants, he must work for it. If not, he can be spoiled and can become a tyrant. He will always have respect for the parent who is more powerful at home.

Leo Baby is not a quiet child, but is full of energy and always looking for challenges and risks. He usually proves to be talented in sports and arts. If he seems to be shy, this may be due to a blow to his vanity, maybe by an excessively dominant parent, or because he feels his brothers and sisters receive much more attention than he does. Girls of this sign may not seem very feminine, but as time goes by, their vanity makes them change.

Teachers could count on these children to replace them! They know how to handle others effectively, but because they like to have fun, the class could be transformed into a party. There is no sense in compelling a Leo child to do something. The only way to make him be good at school is to challenge his pride and vanity, making him want to be better than the rest. He needs praise for his achievements and effusive demonstrations of love just for being himself. He does not want just anything, he wants it all. He may need more money than the rest of his brothers and sisters, not only because he is a spendthrift, but he also loves expensive things. He will show deep and turbulent emotions at an early age. He lives with passion and sometimes he will enjoy play-acting. Friends and lovers (and he will have many) will experience dramatic emotions, with moments of ecstasy and then broken hearts. He is very sociable and he loves parties. He needs freedom to move and to express himself. If he does not have it, he will take it anyway.

In order to develop the power and strength necessary to ensure a successful future, he should be given opportunities to make decisions. Receiving approval for successful results will be very stimulating for him. The child of Leo was born to act, to lead, to conduct, to be president! It is not easy to tame a little lion; sometimes it seems to be impossible. To make it possible, it is important to use gentle and constant discipline. Love and tenderness are the magic keys to open his heart. Parents must remember that although he seems to be strong, his inner fear is that he is not as strong as he seems. That is why you have to hug him every night and love him with intensity.



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