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Gemini Baby

The Gemini child is very curious. All facets of life fascinate him, and he loves to explore nature. Gemini Baby quickly learns how to talk and walk. His parents must watch him carefully because he often strays from view. He needs to wander, to walk, to know, to communicate. He gets bored quite easily, and needs to develop multiple interests. He is the kind of person who can do many things at the same time. Any kind of repression or obstruction of his freedom could provoke an emotional depression which could be very difficult for him to overcome. If he needs to be confined to a small space, he should have many toys, books, a TV and someone to talk to.

He is the kind of child who makes people nervous, because he is in constant motion and nothing stops him from talking. It is not a good idea to tell him that it would be much better if he tried to behave as other children who react slower and not as imaginatively. The challenge is to make him reduce the speed of his life without frustrating his basic nature.

He is very sociable, bright, precocious, and always asking questions. He is very clever, and he excels in intellectual activities: mathematics, literature, languages, etc. He does not have trouble learning unless the subject becomes boring for him. His hands are expressive and agile and he can easily mimic. It would be a good idea to give him a magic game as a present, in order to develop the natural talent he possesses. Sometimes he exaggerates, lies, and makes fun of people. He has a very good imagination, often embellishes the truth, and even believes his own fantasies. The Gemini child must be taught to tell the truth and to develop his fantasies in writing. If Gemini Baby does not learn how to express himself without inhibitions, he could become very introverted when grown-up, as a way of self-protection. He is never satisfied with one activity at a time and is able to do homework while listening to the radio.

His main problems are: lack of patience, lack of perseverance to get deeper into detail, and being too easily influenced by others. As this child grows, parents should get to know their child's friends. As a youngster, he will be always talking on the phone, going out with different friends every week and changing his mind about his future career. His parents should not be worried about this, because their child is one of the smartest persons in the zodiac, and he will surely impress everyone with his many facets, brightness, and eloquence. He will be always naive and childish; for this reason, he must learn the importance of responsible behaviour.



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