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Capricorn Baby

The Capricorn child's maturity is always surprising. As an infant, he shows definite preferences and is quite wilful, but he is not very noisy about expressing it. He is decisive, and when he wants something he will never hesitate. It seems as if he had everything planned ahead in his tiny mind. He is so stubborn that he will definitely get what he wants. He is patient and knows when the right moment is at hand. Also, he is well organized and adaptable to routine. He will have a special place for his toys, and if his mother changes that place he will be very disturbed. As he has a fixed timetable where meals are concerned, feeding him will not be a problem.

He loves his place, and he will be there all the time; he will probably not be interested in having friends outside his home. He will only have a few friends or maybe only one, with whom he will share his secrets. Parents must not get confused, even though he seems to be an adult while still a child. His heart is very noble and sensitive, and he needs a lot of affection. Otherwise, as an adult, he could be cold and reserved. Deep inside, he is sweet and romantic; he just has to learn how to express those feelings. He is very clever and independent, and he has a sense of authority.

He usually does not have problems at school. He will always have his homework done on time; his mind works like a computer, and will allow him to study and learn quickly. His concentration is amazing and he will have very good marks. He is a bit shy and he should not be forced to talk or do other things when many people are around. Sometimes he seems slower than other children, and not comfortable around people, but he will end up being a leader. The little child of Capricorn loves to play "Grown-up" with his pets and toys, and he will take it seriously. He also likes to play teacher, doctor, vice-president or member of a board of a big corporation. He has a systematic mind, and he will easily learn everything relating to the sciences. He is usually wondering and looking for logical answers. A chemistry set, chess, math games, microscope, etc. could be very helpful in developing his mental capacity. He is very attracted to the world of adults, and sometimes tries to imitate his parents in the way they dress, or even using his parents' clothes. Once he learns how to dress, he will never ask for help again. He wants to do everything on his own. In adolescence, he she usually shows independence through his stubbornness. He could become bossy to his weaker friends or siblings (if he has not done it yet!). His way of complaining is through indifference, coldness or being depressed.

Childhood is the time for his parents to give him all the support he needs to help him learn to make up his mind. Remember that he usually does what he wants to; but if he receives the affection and love he needs, he will be a winner. He is very attached to his home, and if he feels that his family is close to him, he will never leave it, and as an adult he will always be concerned about the needs of all the members of his family. He will act as parent with his own parents if he has to.



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