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Aries Baby

The Aries child is strong, vigorous, vital, outgoing and very affectionate. Starting from the time he is born, he will try to get everybody's attention and he usually cries till he gets what he wants. His body is strong, as well as his voice. The great energy he is born with propels him into action, and he starts walking and talking at an early age. He shocks people with his physical strength, moving chairs and other heavy objects. This applies to both boys and girls. He will always be attracted to what is forbidden to him. You need to keep an eye on him because he is so curious and restless that he may be prone to occasional burns or bruises. He does not learn quickly by experience, but always intends to do better.

Due to his vitality, he recovers from illness quite rapidly. He is very loving and at the same time he needs effusive demonstrations of love. He is a day- dreamer and sentimental and he will have a bright imagination. He is proud of himself and he seeks admiration. He sometimes loses his temper with explosions that can be frightening, but these explosions disappear as fast as they come. He is not spiteful and he is always willing to forgive and forget. He is trusting and sincere, so his parents should be frank with him, in order to strengthen his self-confidence and ability to be discerning.

Aries Baby may have a problem with being lazy about his school work, but neither scolding nor comparing him with his brothers and sisters is a good policy. Instead of making him feel ashamed, challenging him is a good tactic. He will be a leader among his friends. He will make up new games and will always try to win. The Aries child must learn to obey at an early age in order to avoid big problems in the future. His heart is soft; he is overly trusting and he is tenacious and persistent. His pride is also weak and he can easily get hurt.

Birthday presents must be kept well hidden because he is very impatient and he cannot wait for the proper time. He is very generous and a spendthrift, so money will never stay in his pocket. If he receives bad treatment as a child, he will probably be very aggressive in the future. It is better to ask with a smile rather than to order him, so he will try even harder to please his parents. He needs to keep busy, participating in sports or developing creative interests. It is very important to remember that you have to praise Aries children to make them grow up with a feeling of well-being.



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