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Aquarius Baby

Aquarius Baby Zodiac Traits

The child of Aquarius is original, rebellious and very special. It is not easy to describe him because he has so many facets. He is jumpy, and always in motion. He will be a rebel from infancy.

He is very clever and learns quickly how things work. He is very curious as well as sociable. He is attracted to the unusual, objects in motion, vivid colours, and anything animated. That is why you have to keep an eye on him when he starts to walk. He is attracted to electronic components - like TVs, computers and audio equipment - and he is always placing his little fingers on the controls, driving everybody crazy! It might be better to show him how to use it, than to forbid him to touch it.

When something is interesting for him, he learns with incredible rapidity. Sometimes he is a kind of genius. But he can become bored easily and is always looking for something new. His moods are not very constant, and he can feel up and down on the same day. Though he is a bit unpredictable, he is usually charming and outgoing.

He needs to be in touch with modern and futuristic things. His mental vibrations are connected with the future, rather than the past. He is very intelligent but sometimes absent-minded, especially when he is bored at school. His creativity and originality are unbelievable, and it is very important to help him develop these qualities from the beginning. Though he is artistically talented, his creativity is not limited only to this field, and he could also be an inventor. A good gift could be the combination of a set of special pencils and pens and an engineering set, so he can build bridges and towers. He also loves science-fiction, and all things connected with the universe.

Aquarius Baby's personality includes a combination of a firm practical sense and an unbelievable perception, with a sharp and penetrating logic. His answers will be clear and precise, though at first there will be always "no" for an answer to any order or suggestion. After complaining and thinking about the subject, his final reaction will be reasonable and coherent.

He becomes more rebellious and extravagant during adolescence. His parents must be prepared to accept his extravagant hairdos and clothes, his lack of punctuality, as well as his unconventional behaviour. Then he will calm down. Remember that it is not a very good idea to attack or contradict him. Instead, it is best to have fun with him. The same attitude should be taken with his friends, who will be unusual.

His great energy belongs to his mind, so he needs some help in practicing physical activities. It is very important to show him, as a child, how to take responsibility and to be conscientious about his choices. This will help him to be more responsible and will keep him from choosing the easiest way. Parents should always remember that this child is very special, that he will not follow the usual path, and that the world changes thanks to this kind of person.



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